What Does ClickUp Brain Make Possible?

What Does ClickUp Brain Make Possible?

A few short months ago, I covered the launch of ClickUp AI. It turned out to be a godsend for helping me plan my event (I think we ended up booking the venue that the AI suggested) and brainstorming ideas for my new comedic video series.

Not content to stop there, though, ClickUp has introduced another upgrade that could revolutionize you, your team, or your company’s productivity – ClickUp Brain.

What is ClickUp Brain?

ClickUp Brain

ClickUp Brain is the first of its kind – an AI neural network that has its finger on the pulse of your team’s productivity.

The thing about productivity software is that no matter how well-acquainted you become with it, you can still easily end up losing track of specific tasks or documents. Digging for the information you need can be frustrating and can even result in efficiency losses.

That’s where ClickUp Brain has got your back. Let’s say you’re wondering what James was working on last week. ClickUp AI can tell you – all you need to do is ask!

Whether it’s what project to work on next, policy-related questions, or who belongs to what team, ClickUp Brain can offer contextual answers to your pressing project management questions.

If you’d like to see ClickUp Brain in action, click here.

What Are the Advantages of ClickUp AI?

With the addition of ClickUp Brain, which truly is like the brains of the operation, it makes leveraging ClickUp AI in pre-existing and new ways even more efficient. Here is what you can do with the AI:


One of the coolest things about ClickUp Brain is that you can access it from anywhere within your Workspace. You can ask the AI whatever you want, and it will offer relevant information based on your role (and even location) in the company.

Writing Assistant

This should be a familiar function to anyone who has been experimenting with ClickUp AI. The write function lets you leverage custom prompts to generate relevant content, and of course you have the option of editing the output yourself or try again by offering the AI a tweaked prompt.

AI Tools

I feel like we need a better name for this – maybe “role-specific prompts?”

Either way, AI Tools is a writing assistant featuring 100+ prompts that have been crafted specifically for different roles in the company. The prompts are arranged by department, so you can’t miss.


It’s not shocking at this point, but it’s nice to know that you can ask AI to edit your content – whether personally generated or AI generated. You can ask it to improve the writing, fix spelling and grammar, make the content longer or shorter, or simplify your writing.

AI Standup

The AI can provide you with a list of tasks that have been worked on by your team at a frequency and in a format that makes sense for you.

Create Automations

If it wasn’t enough that you can find what you’re looking for with greater ease, ClickUp now allows you to automate certain tasks. All you need to do is set the Actions, Triggers, and Conditions, and the rest will take care of itself.

Create Subtasks

We all know that a task usually encompasses multiple steps. That means you usually end up having to lay out the steps specific team members are to take.

But now you can have AI generate subtasks for you, and it can figure it out for you with little more than the task name.

Create Tasks and Docs

There is no need to create Tasks and Docs manually anymore. You can have AI create them for you, and you can do it all from the ClickUp 3.0 toolbar.

Summarize Content

Whether it’s Tasks, Docs, updates, or even Inbox comments, you can have AI summarize key content for you.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are handy for tracking specific things related to your company’s activities. The fun thing about ClickUp AI is you can have the AI generate task summaries and updates without ever having to open a task.

Task Comment Replies

Don’t want to reply to updates? This one is a little “out there,” though maybe it won’t be once we get our head wrapped around it. You can have AI help you create a reply by supplying a custom prompt to AI.

Email Replies

ClickUp AI can help you create replies to emails based on Tasks within your Workspace. Again, it’s simply a matter of supplying a prompt.

Transcribe Voice Clips

This is something you don’t even need to ask AI to do. It will automatically transcribe Voice Clips. The transcription is displayed underneath the comment.


Does your team require translations? No problem – ClickUp AI can handle that too!

And based on my own experience, it does a bang-up job, and it will probably only get better.

Privacy and Security

Worried about data leaks? Naturally, you’ll want to ensure that everyone on your team is trustworthy and has set themselves up with strong passwords, ClickUp AI adheres to certain privacy and security standards, which means you should never find your intellectual property splayed all over the internet for everyone to see.

Closing Thoughts, ClickUp Brain

Everything covered here is but the starting point. There is so much more you can do with ClickUp AI. And with the addition of ClickUp Brain, which might just know more about how everyone on your team is doing than you do (wild), it’s sure to make mincemeat out of tedious, menial administrative tasks.

If you’d like to learn more about ClickUp Brain and what it can do to help you, your team, or your company be more efficient, click here to explore further.

Clean Slate Victoria: The Definitive Guide

Clean Slate Victoria: The Definitive Guide

Have you heard the buzz about Clean Slate Victoria? That’s because word travels fast.

This exciting event is coming up fast. So, we’ve pulled together all the relevant information so you’re well-prepared for an occasion you won’t want to miss!

You may also enjoy our downloadable PDF.

What is Clean Slate?

Clean Slate is an electrifying celebration of live music and multimedia weaved with a dose of inspiration.

Most people wait until the New Year to get their fresh start. But you can have a clean slate any time you want. It’s simply a matter of deciding.

Join us in Victoria, BC to craft the version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be.

At its core, Clean Slate is a community event featuring community musicians, performing at a community venue. Your support makes all the difference!

At its core, Clean Slate is a community event featuring community musicians, performing at a community venue. Your support makes all the difference! Share on X

When is Clean Slate Victoria Happening?

Clean Slate Victoria is happening on Friday, February 16, 2024 (Family Day long weekend). The doors open at 8:00 PM and the show begins at 8:30 PM.

Where is Clean Slate Happening?

Clean Slate is happening at the community-oriented non-profit multipurpose venue designed for arts, community, and celebration, Victoria Event Centre.

Victoria Event Centre is located at 1415 Broad St, Victoria, BC, V8W 2B2.

Who Will be Performing at Clean Slate?

Four amazing artists (who currently call Vancouver Island their home) will be performing at Clean Slate Victoria.

The Deadly Hiyas

The Deadly Hiyas and its members have achieved near omnipresence in the Victoria music scene. This psych-rock outfit is known for its lively performance and is sure to leave a strong impression on attendees.


Jody Lubin

From pop to alternative to indie rock. Jody Lubin draws from a wide range of influences while weaving deeply personal narratives and lyrical themes into his music.

Jody and his band are going to get you up and dancing at Clean Slate!


Brandon Phillips


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Brandon Phillips (@branphillipsmusic)

Brandon Phillips has been a band performer for many years, and he is just now coming into his own as a solo artist.


David Andrew Wiebe

That’s me!

I’m an award-winning composer, best-selling author, and professional podcaster of over a decade.

For this occasion, I’ve prepared:

  • New music, which I will be performing
  • A new book, from which I will be reading
  • New comedic videos (with the help of my friends)

I can’t wait to share these new works with you.


What Else Can I Expect from Clean Slate?

Besides live music, there will also be a book reading and several comedic videos to keep the night fun, light, and inspiring.

Will You be Supporting Any Charities?


For every piece of Clean Slate and David Andrew Wiebe merchandise (book, CD, T-shirt, etc.), we’ll be donating $2 to Sahakarini.

This charity, which supports the education of underprivileged children in South America, is near and dear to me, as my family, specifically my deceased father, contributed greatly to the cause and even has a school named after him in Brazil.

Where Can I Get Tickets?

You can buy tickets on Showpass and enter for the chance to win tickets (along with a T-shirt and a mug) here.

Is There Clean Slate Merchandise?

Clean Slate T-shirt

Yes, and it’s already available for sale.

Is There a Clean Slate Facebook Event?

Yes! Please join and invite your friends. It makes a HUGE difference.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The event is slated to attract 100 to 200 Vancouver Island locals as well as visitors from Greater Vancouver.

We are very pleased to announce sponsor packages, which come with enticing (mostly digital marketing-based) benefits. There is a Silver, Gold, and Platinum package. Refer to the image below to see how you can contribute and be contributed to.

We can also make sponsors affiliates for the event, with the opportunity to earn commissions on ticket sales. Contact me for more details.

Clean Slate sponsor packages

How Can I Support Clean Slate?

Promotional Materials

Our promotional materials and logo were developed by Karlo Keet. Hit him up if you’re requiring amazing-looking graphics or photos of your own.

You’re welcome to take advantage of the following materials to help us share the event.

Facebook Post

Clean Slate Facebook post

Facebook Cover

Facebook Clean Slate cover

Instagram Post

Clean Slate Instagram post

Instagram Story

Clean Slate Instagram story

X Post

Clean Slate X post

X Cover

Clean Slate X cover

YouTube Thumbnail

Clean Slate YouTube thumbnail


We would not be able to do this without the help of:

  • Victoria Event Centre
  • Jody
  • Karlo
  • Lena
  • Patrikus
  • Mabel
  • Maria
  • Hugh
  • Suzanna
  • George
  • Vasilina
  • The artists and bands

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

When Strange Things Happen

When Strange Things Happen

I’m once again aboard the Queen of Cowichan, this time sailing back to my temporary home in Nanaimo. For the most part, the ferry is sparsely populated, but there are more strange animals lurking about on the 10:10 than there would be on an earlier sailing. I suppose that’s to be expected.

But how much could there be to tell after an overnight stay in Vancouver? Certainly, more than I would have thought. Some details I dare not tell for they may be more pressing and private than would allow me to share freely. Even without touching on those sensitive matters, there are some rather strange incidents to reflect on.

First and foremost, spending an evening with like-minded artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs in Maple Ridge was nothing short of a metaphorical electrical surge. It was everything I’d hoped for and considerably more.

I handed out all but one Clean Slate postcard in my possession, for the most part attempting to make personal, articulate, moving invitations. As the night wore on and everyone was starting to notice the time, it got to “You guys into live music?” but I managed to avoid such dribble for the most part.

Post-event, after dropping off a friend in Vancouver, I drove to my Airbnb in Burnaby. Finding said home, in the rain, in the dark, was the first obstacle to overcome. Once I found it, I followed the directions to the rear entrances.

I was supposed to be able to enter the premises (door A) using the code provided, but I tried about 10 times without any success. After each rep of five unsuccessful tries, the keypad would lock up for a couple of minutes. I must have tried another 10 times, making no headway with the lock or with reaching the host. My friend encouraged me to capture a video of me attempting to enter the suite before leaving, which turned out to be wisdom.

In the meantime, I was left with no other option but to book a night at a nearby hotel, at double the cost of the Airbnb. Though not entirely unpleasant, it was unexpected.

The following morning (today), I got a message from the owner of the Airbnb with a video showing them using the code, and successfully opening the door. It was at this point that I shared my video of me using the same code to try to get in, and the owner suggested I contact Airbnb support immediately to secure a full refund. They also offered me 30% off on my next stay (will there be a next stay after these shenanigans?).

Airbnb thinks all Canadians speak French, however, and I got connected to the “We’ll talk at you without knowing your language preferences” department. They could not help me – surprise, surprise. Fortunately, they understood me well enough to hand the matter off to someone who could do something about it. The matter ultimately got resolved in the background as I was packing up the room.

I got myself a smoothie and later visited Winners to find a tighter belt. I happened across Park & Tilford Gardens adjacent to the shopping center (pictured), which if you didn’t know was there, you’d almost entirely miss out on. The only reason I found it was because I had some time to spare and decided to walk around for a bit.

Park & Tilford gardens Strange occurrences Universe getting your attention

I spent the afternoon with a friend, before dropping them off at about 4:30. It was fun and relaxing, without drama.

Knowing I would be taking the 10:10 to Nanaimo, I decided to set up “coffice” in Starbucks. At 7:00, I had to transfer over to a 24/7 Tim Hortons to continue my work.

As I arrived in the parking lot and found a spot opposite the entrance, the man in the car next to me kept honking and glaring at me without saying anything. I had no idea what I could have possibly done to upset him, but I shook my head and moved my car. Parking next to him was the problem.

In retrospect, he may have been an undercover cop. I know because I’ve had one such run-in one night involving a small, ornery dog. But that’s another story for another time.

As I was working away at Tim Horton’s, a light fixture suddenly came loose and landed on my right hand. For a moment, I thought someone was trying to start a fight, or at least trying to get my attention. Listening to the mumblings of the staff, it sounded as though this was not the first time something like this had happened (was I pranked?).

They were nice enough to offer me some ice to put on my hand, which I did not require, though it felt like maybe they should have given me a gift card or something. They didn’t. Funny, because this is the type of situation that often leads to lawsuits costing the company millions.

The cherry on top was the drive to the ferry. I gave myself enough time to arrive early but missed my turn (in the rain and the dark), which of course cost me a good 10 to 15 minutes. Now I wasn’t sure whether I was going to make it on time. In the end, I came in under the wire, but that scenario could have played out very differently.

Chiefly, we don’t always know what these strange occurrences and delays are about. It could be that we’re craving variety, drama, or suspense, and we’re being given what we’re subconsciously craving. It could be that we’re avoiding misfortune by being guided to different locations, circumstances, or solutions. It could be mischief or hostility from forces unseen.

Usually, it’s the Universe trying to get your attention. Why is something only you can know, and it’s for you to put the puzzle pieces together.

How to Promote a Show or Event in 2024

How to Promote a Show or Event in 2024

I’m sitting aboard the Queen of Cowichan bound for Horseshoe Bay, ostensibly to share about Clean Slate with members of a club I’m a part of. From Horseshoe Bay, I’ll drive another hour or so to reach Maple Ridge where the gathering will be held.

Even if temporarily, I’ve convinced myself that success has a price, and if the price is a couple of ferry rides and a night in a shared Airbnb in exchange for 10, 20, maybe 30 ticket sales, it will have been worth the excursion. If nothing else, it makes me realize that the journey itself – even if it is with definite intentions (not underlying motive) – is a luxury I can revel in.

When it comes to events, though, I believe “share” is the right word, as the idea of “promotion” is either as outdated as the Jurassic period, or it is as far-fetched as monkeys flying out of your butt.

Promotion suggests that you can broadcast your intentions, post a bulletin, or throw your book at a stranger and have them spontaneously commit an upcoming Friday night to your show. A Friday night they would probably much rather spend cozying up by a fire and a flat-screen TV.

Oh, throwing a book at someone will get a reaction. But probably not the reaction you were hoping for.

There is simply too much noise, and everybody is trying to make a go of some permutation of “entrepreneurship,” the gig economy, the creator economy, some spinoff, or a combination thereof.

Sure, it’s relatively obvious when someone with superficial intentions enters the arena and promptly gets clobbered by the nearest metaphorical 250 lbs. muscle-bound linebacker, but even then, we’ve come to a point where people can’t tell shills and charlatans from their elbow.

Not to mention – we’re essentially sharing the same pie. Did anyone stop to think… if it’s a false economy anyway, shouldn’t we all go to each other’s events and buy each other’s stuff? (Like two logging trucks passing each other on opposite sides of the highway – did anyone stop to think about the logistics?) If nothing else, we’d all break even.

Nah, I guess that would be a little too weird-headed.

Anyway, what my community history has shown, time and again, is that personal invitations must be made if you’re to have any hope of installing a core audience for your event. Maybe not so if your name has a draw, but that’s a rare thing at the community level.

In your content creation, social media carpet bombing, and advertising efforts will you attract a small contingent of thrill-seekers, boredom killers, or oddballs who find your marketing “neat?” Possibly. But “small” is the operative word here. Without a core audience, there are no bandwagons to jump on.

You can make those invitations any way you want, but it would be preferable to leave your invitees touched, moved, and inspired in some way, shape, or form because that’s going to increase the chances that they’re going to respond favorably to your invitation.

With a core audience established, your show or event should have a leg to stand on.


I am also convinced of something else, that energy lives in conversation.

When left to our own devices, we very naturally tend toward our blanket of dark thoughts. Even if they appear justified in some way, they rarely are.

We’re all very capable of turning on a dime. You’ve done it. I’ve done it. One moment you’re down in the dumps, the next moment you receive a compliment from a stranger, and suddenly you’re flying high.

You may see your current endeavor or project as some hopeless cause, but what’s going to turn it all around is a well-placed phone call. Getting on the horn and asking others for their best thinking will help you see everything from a different perspective.

It took me a long time to figure this out, so I’m going to shortcut years of learning for you right here.

Those who are actively and consistently having conversations about what they’re out to create in the world are the ones making their dreams a reality. This is one of the reasons I have no choice but to call B.S. on not sharing your goals with anyone. Try it. Let me know how it goes.

Those who are actively and consistently having conversations about what they’re out to create in the world are the ones making their dreams a reality. Share on X

In pursuing conversation, quality matters, but quantity is just as imperative if not more so. You need many perspectives, not just one. You need the help of many people to make your dreams a reality, not just one. One is the most dangerous number in business.

You need the help of many people to make your dreams a reality, not just one. Share on X

It’s impossible to manage such a large rolodex perfectly, so don’t try. Simply categorize the people you meet (musician, manager, executive, etc.) and make notes on those you have the best conversations with. But keep having more conversations. That’s the key.

And if you’re still wondering how this is going to make any difference, here’s the rub:

As you engage in conversation, what inevitably happens is you’re presented with opportunities. So-and-so offers you free coaching sessions. What’s his face lets you stay at his house for a month. What’s-her-name agrees to mention your music in her newsletter.

These conversations end up forming the critical turning points on your way to the success you desire.

My Productivity Tool Stack for 2024

My Productivity Tool Stack for 2024

Last year, I embraced simplicity in my productivity tool stack, opting for minimalism and efficiency.

But we’re living in increasingly complex times, and complicated work requires a sophisticated array of tools to manage.

Here I will share the expansive set of tools that empower me to do what I do.


I primarily leverage these tools for podcasting.


For speedy audio sweetening. Auphonic uses adaptive leveling, filtering, loudness normalization, noise reduction, and automatic cutting techniques to make you sound amazing.

I don’t know why more creators don’t know about this and aren’t using this. Do us all a favor and sweeten up your podcast or video’s audio using Auphonic.

Rode Procaster

My favorite dynamic broadcast mic. Perfect for podcasting, great for music production too (but you’ve got to remember to crank that gain up!).

You can get yours here (it’s great):

Waveform Free

Waveform is one of the best music production software applications in existence. The workflow matches up with how my brain works.

I use it for podcast editing and music production.


I may need to replace these machines soon (especially the Mac), but for the time being, they are my mainstays.

ASUS ZenBook UX462DA

My ASUS ZenBook

The screen cracked and the webcam doesn’t work anymore. The fan is dying a horrible, loud, vibratory death. It has become more prone to overheating. And speaking of which, I’m not sure the built-in microphone works anymore either.

But for now, it’s the best laptop I’ve got.

Get a new ASUS:

Apple MacBook Pro

The 2015 Apple MacBook Pro has seen better days. Like the ASUS, it has a cracked screen, but the situation is far worse (see for yourself).

My 2015 MacBook Pro

I mainly keep it around for video conferences, seeing as how the webcam on my ASUS doesn’t work anymore.

If you’re looking to get rid of an old MacBook that’s in better condition, drop me a line.

Get a new MacBook Pro:

HP2011x 20-inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor

Having a second monitor is a good thing. Though not thoroughly practical, I haul this baby with me wherever I go. Fortunately, it’s quite lightweight.


I am producing more PDFs than ever, and it helps to have the right tools for the job.


I bought it on a pandemic special in 2020 and haven’t regretted the purchase. Designrr is a great tool for creating attractive, interactive eBooks without having to hire a designer.


Typeset was created to handle the speedy creation of presentations. But so far as I’m concerned, that is not even what it does best.

For creating beautiful eBooks and PDFs quickly and easily, it is practically unmatched. It would be nice to see more fonts though.

File Storage & Organization

I am essentially using the same tools I’ve used for ages.

Amazon S3

I store my podcast files and course content inside Amazon S3. It’s cheap, it’s quick, and it’s (almost) easy.


Every book I’m writing gets backed up in Dropbox. When working with assistants, I generally create shared Dropbox folders too.

Google Drive

More than mere storage. I have a personal Google Workspace account, so I’m also using Gmail and Google Calendar.

I create my LifeSheets, tracking sheets, and a myriad of other documents and presentations inside Google Drive.

Some of my collaborative projects also use Google Drive for file management.


The occasional graphical work (blog headers and the like) is par for the course in my profession.

Adobe Photoshop

I can do what I need to do in Photoshop, and if I can’t, I hire a designer!

Music Production

I could go super in-depth here, talking about all my guitars, amps, and accessories. I’ll save that for another time.

Here I’ll look at the audio interface I use.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

My audio interface. It allows me to connect microphones and instruments to my computer. I use it for podcasting as well.

Get the latest Scarlett:


I am constantly writing things down, and I am using both paper-based and electronic solutions.

iPad & Apple Pencil

Besides note-taking, I also read my Kindles on my iPad (same devices from 2019), though if I’m out and about I sometimes read on my iPhone too.

I’ve thought of making videos with the iPad and Apple Pencil. This hasn’t happened yet.

Should you require your own Apple productivity utensils:


White paper, blue pen. This is where my mind lives.

I log my income, draw graphs, strategize events, capture song ideas, scribble to-dos, and more.

The wealthy make a mess of handwritten notes. The average type everything into a computer.

If you want to use what I’m using:

Project Management

I am now using a mix of paper- and digital-based solutions to manage all the moving pieces of my projects.

Calendar Pad

I’m bringing the calendar pad back! It is a little impractical for travel, but I can’t deny the benefits of physically writing down all my commitments, as well as my income.

If you want the same thing I’m using:


ClickUp is an all-in-one online productivity tool for individuals and teams. And it’s getting better all the time.

Yellow Legal Pad

For daily to-do lists. This is unlikely to change.

Social Media

I’ve got quite the tool stack going for social media, though I do hope to pare this down.


For scheduling posts on Instagram and TikTok.


I use Descript for my podcast and video transcripts as well as for creating audiograms I share on social media.

Creator Studio

For scheduling posts on Facebook and Instagram.


For spreading posts across 20 social networks, especially new YouTube videos.


Here’s how I capture and edit my videos.


I capture most of my videos using my iPhone.


The ideal solution for screen recording.

Microsoft Clipchamp

A reasonably good video editor. For now, the free version does the trick. I don’t wish to get so good at video editing that I can’t hand it off to someone else, so this works for me.

Web Hosting

I use the following solutions for my websites.


KLEQ is the best solution for creating websites, campaigns, sales funnels, courses, and membership sites.

Find my review here: KLEQ Review – Funnel Builder, Online Courses, Membership Site Solution


My WordPress sites are all hosted on SiteGround. It’s the same host I recommend to friends.


We could go super in-depth here and talk about all the plugins I’m using. But that seems excessive.

Here I will simply talk about the tools that I feel increase my performance.

Elegant Themes

I still love Divi Theme and use it on most new sites I launch. It makes creating custom WordPress designs a walk in the park.

Check out what Elegant Themes has to offer.


In case you haven’t noticed, writing is a key part of my daily activities. I use these tools to make my processes efficient.


I don’t get AI to generate content for me. I generate content myself and then ask AI to tweak and improve.

I never do this for blog posts, however, and I’ve stopped doing it for emails as well.

The content that I produce in this manner is paywalled, and it’s still double- and triple-checked before it goes live.

I will sometimes have ChatGPT create tweets, outlines, taglines, and headlines for me, which helps with ideation.


I honestly never thought I would use Grammarly, but one of the teams I was working with last year uses it, so it ended up sticking in my ecosystem too.

I don’t like all its suggestions, but many are helpful.

Microsoft Word

If you’ve ever wondered where most of my words are stored, including my books, it’s inside Microsoft Word. This seems unlikely to change.

Final Thoughts

Ready to make a mess in 2024? I know I am!

I hope this guide helps unlock your most productive year yet. Let me know how it goes.

Custom Stage Plots

Custom Stage Plots

Fed up with most stage plot builders I could find online, I decided to design a custom stage plot in Photoshop.

The result is as follows:

Stage plot example

How about that for easy on the eyes?

Best of all, this took me less time to create than it would have fiddling around with stage plot templates.

The Problem with Most Stage Plot Builders

  • They’re visually gross, making it hard for you and the venue to figure out what the h-e double hockey sticks is going on. This makes you look amateur.
  • They force you into their workflow.
  • Most stage plot generators cost too much.
  • Creating a single stage plot takes far too much time and effort.
  • Most plans cut you off after one free stage plot.
  • Most tools aren’t flexible enough to let you copy, paste, and modify your plot with ease (e.g., for the same show, but for a different artist or band).

Would You Like Me to Make Your Custom Stage Plot Online?

I’ll make you up to three custom stage plots for $25. How does that sound?

Place your order here and I will get in touch with you as fast as I humanly can!