Your Outer World Reflects Your Inner World

Your Outer World Reflects Your Inner World

Consider for a moment that this is true.

Is it crazy to think that everything you’ve experienced, everything you’re experiencing, and everything you’re going to experience is a result of what you’ve been thinking and feeling?

The thought gives me pause.

It would mean that everything I like reflects some part of me.

Likewise, it would mean everything I don’t like reflects some part of me also.

Everything I experience is a feedback mechanism, reflecting to me what I’ve been thinking and feeling.

And that reminds me to look closely at what I’ve been thinking and feeling. Because my view of the outer world is often limited. It often doesn’t look how I want it to look either.

Change is possible. But I can’t force change on the outer world. It doesn’t work that way.

What I can do is engage in inner work. Be in the discovery of what is having me see the world as I see it now. Declare completion over past events. Seek out opportunities to heal.

Trying to change others is a waste of time – they are reflecting you. You are meant to observe and be in the discovery of what part of you they are reflecting.

Forcing a change in yourself is also a waste of time. There is always an impact, and you end up adding to the baggage you’re already carrying. The question is what you’re going to do with that baggage.

You can lovingly and gently engage in inner work. This will change the outer world. But not by force. It will change because you’ve changed.

Neville Goddard Law of Assumption

Neville Goddard Law of Assumption

Welcome, fellow seeker…

You may have noticed Neville Goddard and his “Law of Assumption” rising in the zeitgeist right now.

There’s a reason for everything, including the increasing attraction to the topic at this very moment.

The Law of Assumption is a powerful Neville Goddard Law of Attraction technique, but without setting the right foundation, it will not work.

So, read on, and discover the power of Goddard’s Law of Assumption…

Article Highlights

  • Most Neville Goddard interpreters have mistaken assumptions about the Law of Assumption that make it not work.
  • True positive thinking isn’t about selecting only positive events to the exclusion of negative ones. It’s about acknowledging what’s here right now.
  • The Law of Assumption and the Law of Attraction are not in conflict. The Law of Assumption can be thought of as a Law of Attraction technique.
  • Most people only focus on their feelings, but they must also focus on their identity to get what they want.

Neville Goddard Law of Assumption: What is it?

Neville Goddard wealthMany will simply state that Goddard’s Law of Assumption is for attracting good things into your life. This is mistaken already…

It’s not about attracting “good” things specifically. It’s about attracting what you want by assuming its existence and manifestation.

It may seem like a small distinction, but if you don’t know that we, as human beings, are the ones assigning the labels of “good” or “bad” to every event or situation in life then your efforts to make the Law of Assumption work for you will be greatly diminished and impacted.

Many interpreters will also say the Law of Assumption is about assuming that what you want is within your grasp. This is also mistaken…

It’s not about assuming it’s within your grasp. It’s about assuming it has no other choice but to show up.

You will take a completely different attitude to the manifestation process if you assume it will show up because there will be no effort exerted in trying or forcing its creation. Things rarely work, or simply take a very long time to manifest in the familiar “trying and forcing cycle” we apply to almost everything, especially if we’re coming from a space of need.

Things rarely work, or simply take a very long time to manifest in the familiar “trying and forcing cycle” we apply to almost everything, especially if we’re coming from a space of need. Click To Tweet

According to Goddard himself, for assumption to work in the manifesting process, you must see your wishes as already being fulfilled. You must be able to imagine what you want vividly and feel as though you already have it. The feeling is what matters most because it crowds out all unproductive thoughts.

How to Use the Law of Assumption

Remember, there are no positive or negative outcomes. We are the ones labeling the outcomes as such.

When you understand this, your perception of people, circumstances, and events will change:

  • How do you know that when you’ve lost your job, you’re not being given the freedom to start your own business, which you’ve always wanted?
  • How do you know that when you’ve failed to attract Cindy into your life, Jessica wouldn’t be a better match for you?
  • Are you sure that going broke isn’t the first step to becoming wealthy?

Assuming you’re always on the right path makes it so.

Famous rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur Jay-Z said:

Things in life happen for you, not to you.

Life is always happening for you, not to you. Assume this to be true, and you will begin to see that potentially challenging, difficult, and devastating situations may only be leading you to your ultimate destiny and fulfillment in life.

You don’t need more positive thinking to make the Law of Assumption work. Rather, it’s first about seeing things as they are.

But we do need to touch on this idea of “positive thinking,” so let’s get to it…

Are There Benefits to Positive Thinking?

Yes. Daylite has compiled an array of studies and research showing the positive effects of positive thinking in an article titled 6 Ways Positive Thinking Can Increase Productivity.

Some even believe that the Law of Assumption is nothing more than positive thinking and a mental reframing technique. Certainly, it can be beneficial in that regard.

But positive thinking – at least the way most people think about it – is not the same as the Law of Assumption. Many people think positive thinking is bottling up feelings, trying to make things work, and forcing themselves into thinking everything is working out for them.

Remember what I said earlier about trying and forcing? It has a way of making things that work not work.

That is not true positive thinking. True positive thinking isn’t about discarding what you don’t like. It’s about acknowledging everything that’s already here.

True positive thinking isn’t about discarding what you don’t like. It’s about acknowledging everything that’s already here. Click To Tweet

Neville Goddard Law of Attraction vs. Law of Assumption

Is there a difference between the Law of Attraction and the Law of Assumption?

Goddard surely knew the ins and outs of the Law of Attraction, an idea, a truth, that has been passed down through the centuries, if not millennia, if only in different forms.

While the Law of Attraction is always at work, inevitably certain techniques work better for different people.

The Law of Assumption is a technique, not a replacement for the Law of Attraction. And the technique is that by assuming that something will happen, you can call it into existence.

Assuming means, because you know it will happen, you don’t need to obsess over the lack of it. It will come into existence because you’re feeling as though it’s already there.

Assuming means, because you know it will happen, you don’t need to obsess over the lack of it. It will come into existence because you’re feeling as though it’s already there. Click To Tweet

But there is still one problem to address, especially if we are to make this Neville Goddard manifesting technique work.

Chicken or the Egg: Identity or Feelings First?

The Law of Attraction is about tapping into the power of your imagination and feelings. And so is the Law of Assumption.

But if all we do is feel as though we have what we want and do nothing to prepare for the manifestation, we are mostly kidding ourselves.

In manifestation, identity comes first. Who would you be, and what would you do if you were the kind of person that had X…

X could be a Lamborghini, financial freedom, or a soulmate.

Shifting your identity and taking congruent actions sets the stage for the manifestation to occur.

For instance, if you were looking to manifest money or wealth, you would take steps in that direction – pick up a penny off the ground, set up a blog, offer to help your neighbor mow their lawn… and so on. If you follow your feelings, you will know when the actions are in alignment with your desires, because the actions will be pleasurable.

Neville Goddard Law of Assumption Books & Resources

Neville Goddard money

Neville Lancelot Goddard was a prolific author, and most of his works are great if not exceptional. Many third parties have summarized, philosophized, and excerpted his work, but I recommend going straight to the source for the full meal deal. Here are several Neville Goddard books that pack a punch:

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You may also find the following videos helpful:

Final Thoughts

Thank you, traveler, for coming on this journey with me.

Reflect on what you’ve discovered today. It may not all sink in immediately, but if you study it, think about it, and journal about it, breakthroughs will be on their way.

I will see you again soon.

Today’s Insights Were Not a Waste

Today’s Insights Were Not a Waste

Today’s insights will quickly disappear into a thousand tomorrows.

Even the insights that had been hoped and prayed for, for a decade or more, will fade with time. You may remember them, but they won’t have the same power a week from now as they did today.

But that doesn’t make them irrelevant. That does not mean they were a waste.

The Universe is so generous with us that it will happily give us something that speaks to us today, and then tomorrow, and then the day after. Sure, there may be seasons of drought, but on balance, the insights will keep coming.

What we so often forget is that we don’t necessarily need a better interpretation of the past. We need a better understanding of today. Because a better understanding of today can lead to a breakthrough over the past.

What’s much harder to do is to remain grateful for all of it. To keep thanking the Universe for the insights that are coming now, and now, and now. Because they keep coming if we make space for them. That’s how patient and generous the Universe is.

What’s Required is Your Presence

What’s Required is Your Presence

If you aren’t present to where you are, you will miss out on what’s in front of you.

So often we’re much too busy trying to get somewhere that we don’t appreciate the stations along the way.

Maybe the stations are the juice. Maybe if we focus too much on where we think we’re supposed to be, we’ll miss out on what life is trying to show us, give us, and bless us with now.

Learn to love where you are, who you are, and what you’re doing. Become present to it. Life isn’t happening later. It’s happening now.

You’re Here to Heal

You’re Here to Heal

In life, you will find yourself in places you never expected to find yourself – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Others may look in from the outside and feel entitled to criticize or make fun of you.

Sometimes you’re stuck because of your own constraints. That can happen.

But sometimes you’re stuck because God or the Universe needs you exactly where you are.

Why? To heal.

It seems preposterous that the Universe would want such a thing for you. It can seem so cruel sometimes.

But if you freefall into the embracing arms of the Universe, you may find that you are exactly where you need to be right now.

Why You Aren’t Getting What You Want in Life

Why You Aren’t Getting What You Want in Life

What do you feel like is missing in your life?

What are you trying to get right now?

What is something that keeps you up at night?

It’s all right there for you, isn’t it? You probably don’t even need to think about it.

It’s only human nature, but we tend to give these areas of our lives undue attention. And sadly, focusing on them tends not to make the situation any better.

Whether you want to lose weight, get into a relationship, or succeed in business, your excessive focus on getting what you want only seems to push it further away.

Focusing on what you don’t have only attracts more of not having.

Does that mean we should not be in action?

No, but it would be wise to focus on the action itself – not on the results you’re trying to produce.

It means releasing, letting go, and surrendering outcomes and instead being in the present moment.

I’ve seen results in my life when I’ve stopped obsessing over something that I’ve put a lot of effort and time into, without much headway.

What could you release?

Where could you let go?

How would it feel to surrender?

What you desire could be on the other side of full acceptance.