AS Movies & GamesIn this video, Andrew discusses the sudden change that took place on the AS Movies & Games website, why it’s a good thing, and why it’s a bad thing, at least for now. He also talks about how to get an Xbox 360 controller to work on a Windows machine (after trying many different things and getting frustrated unnecessarily). It’s pretty sweet once you’re up and running though.

You can pick up a Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows here. That should make matters simple.

Check out Breath of Death VII here. It’s a fun parody of classic RPGs, and it’s worth playing.

AS Movies & Games

Old Content

Whoa! It may have caught you a little off guard that all of the wonderful old content from Arctic Sunburn is gone! Oh man, this really sucks. You may also be wondering what happened (apparently, Wiebe accidentally leaned against the wrong button, and all data was lost), and if we have any plans of re-posting the beloved old content (all that delicious content).

The short answer is that, yes, we will be posting the old content again (we’d be stupid not to)! However, the team will be taking a little bit of time to re-tool it before re-posting it. We will be updating the links and feeding the content through some super-charges (we’re lying; monkeys do all the work) so when it comes out the other side lightly toasted and buttered, it will be tastier and better than it ever was in the past. Seriously, you’ll be electrified.

Every challenge has the potential to bring a greater victory, and that’s what the team is excited about (because we’re warriors). We’re ready and poised to make some wicked awesome content that will slice through the boredom of your day and entertain you to no end (because we’re awesome that way).

New Content

The AS team is also in the process of formulating new content (the exact formula is x/3.2*a+7), some of which will appear right alongside old content (there’s no logic to the order). With that in mind, it’s important that you, the reader, leave a comment or two as new posts are added. We are always interested to hear what kind of content you’d like us to produce in the future (whether articles, podcasts or videos). So get involved and participate in the discussion. Let’s create an awesome community together!


Yes, you heard right, we’re still going to be talking about games (shocker), but not just retro games. That’s right; we’re going to be delving into new, modern games as well. And you thought that all hope was lost! Never fear, the AS team is here.

Apparently Wiebe didn’t even have a modern gaming console until he was given a red-ringing Xbox 360 in 2011 (there was a fix; but the unit had other problems). That thing didn’t last long, but hey, at least he got to play a little bit of Oblivion (no, he never got around to Skyrim until much later).


Obviously, it wouldn’t be AS Movies & Games without movies. Bad movies, good movies, mediocre movies and everything in between, we’re going to get into it.

AS Movies & Games


During the dark, cold Canadian winter of 2009, ridiculously talented and vastly overlooked guitarist David Andrew Wiebe secretly launched into space. After finding a rift in the space-time continuum, he was instantly transported to Alpha Centauri, where he was granted the ultimate knowledge of time and the universe by the overlords. Unfortunately, the scrolls and transcripts had to be decoded, and that took the better part of 300 bags of Doritos, 100 cases of Fresca and five long years.

When the overlords returned him to earth – much to Wiebe’s dismay – it was still the winter of 2009. Because he was in Canada, and because it was still hibernation season, Wiebe was unable to put his newfound knowledge to use as he had hoped. Disillusioned, he founded Arctic Sunburn – a video game and movie blog focused on retro gaming and 80s movies – while waiting for winter to pass.


In his infinite wisdom, Wiebe blogged randomly and sporadically while working on other important projects and formulating plans for the future of the galaxy. Unfortunately, despite being granted the ultimate knowledge of time and the universe, he wasn’t educated in best SEO and accessibility practices.

The blog needed some work. It needed a facelift, and it needed to take into account modern trends. In the process, the site was re-branded. No longer would the site be called Arctic Sunburn (a term Wiebe used to describe the strange but beautiful creatures on Alpha Centauri). It would be called AS Movies & Games, so mere mortals could comprehend the purpose and intent of the site. This attracted fellow gamers, movie-watchers and writers, AS Andrew and AS Nathan to support the cause.


Effective immediately and henceforth, the site shall be known as AS Movies & Games but it will still be accessible from the domain


Though the overlords are aware of Wiebe’s activities and they support him wholeheartedly, the blog shall be limited to planet earth, where gamers and movie goers can be found in abundance.


  1. Because the board of directors decided it was time to re-brand. The site needed a new look and better functionality.
  2. Because the collective decision was to move the site over to WordPress. Wiebe had been using Movable Type for most of his sites, and while that worked out pretty well for him, the AS team awakened to the possibilities inherent within WordPress. WP had a wider user base, thus more themes, plugins, and supporting documentation.
  3. Because the AS team decided to do something different with the site. A new vision was formed through Pat Flynn interviews.
  4. Because nobody really knew what “Arctic Sunburn” meant. The site obviously would need a title of sorts, but putting “Movies & Games” in the title made it much clearer what the site is actually about. “Arctic Sunburn” doesn’t really work as a keyword either.