These 4 Learning Methods are Disproportionately Better

These 4 Learning Methods are Disproportionately Better

I’ve often said that there’s an abundance of free resources available: Articles, blog posts, eBooks, physical books, events, conferences, trade shows, magazines, newsletters, podcasts, videos. And what I’m starting to discover for myself is that there are some learning methods that are disproportionately better than others.

1. Newsletters

Number one for me is newsletters. Newsletters contain very specific targeted information. The one that I subscribe to is Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Letter. It contains information on marketing and sales and copywriting.

And whenever I read these newsletters, I come away feeling inspired, with great information in hand. Ready to act on a few things I’ve learned in the newsletter and get into action in my business.

2. Books

Number two is books. Books go very deep into a singular subject. It’s like downloading the author’s brain into your own, adopting their mental frameworks, their methodologies, their thought processes. You get to try them on for yourself.

And I think there’s really something to sustaining your thinking on a singular subject for a certain amount of time. There’s something magical about it.

Just like reading newsletters, the information is super targeted, but it’s also deep, it’s going very, very deep into a singular subject. And that has a way of getting me into flow and inspiring me because I’m making new connections.

3. Video Courses

Number three is video courses or home study courses or whatever you want to call them. These are excellent sources of information as well.

Typically, they’re even more focused than let’s say a newsletter or a book. You might be learning specific aspects of digital marketing like email, or how to use Facebook or things like that.

And while I have not always found them to be the most inspirational sources, certainly not as inspiring as a newsletter or a book, in some cases, I have come away from courses feeling lit up with the actionable insights I could now take to my own business.

4. Audiobooks

And then number four for me is audiobooks.

Now in a way this goes hand in hand with books. The difference I suppose is that you can listen to podcasts or audio programs or audiobooks in your car as you’re driving about.

Over the years, that’s really been the number one place for me to listen to these. But at one point, I was so obsessed that I even listened to them in the bathroom.

But compared to something like a podcast, which I don’t always find inspiring. I don’t always find new information to act on. And the subject matter being covered may not always be relevant to me right now. I can intentionally go out and find audiobooks that are relevant to me and are speaking to my situation and are sure to leave me with insights I can use in my business.


So, while there are a lot of great resources out there, the point is to invest in your education. You’re going to value these resources more. I pay for newsletters, I pay for books, I pay for video courses, I pay for audiobooks. Whichjust goes to show that I am more heavily invested in those than a blog post I read online.

What learning methods inspire you most? I know a lot of people say they like to watch videos. And there are certain visual things like how to tie a tie. That’s better suited to the video medium than say the audio or written word. But with a lot of how-to information, I’ve personally found that video is often unnecessary.

Either way, I would love to hear which sources of information and which learning methods work best for you.

How to Make the Switch from You to Them

How to Make the Switch from You to Them

Is your content focused on you, or is it focused on your audience?

When I first got started in business, my content was more focused on my audience than myself.

But as the years went by, I got too fixated on me. I started talking about my goals, my life, what I was learning.

That’s why I’ve made the switch from me to them, and I’m already seeing a difference in engagement.

Is your content focused on you?

Chances are unless you’re a celebrity or public figure, no one cares.

People watch, listen, or read for themselves, not for you.

If you haven’t already, make the switch.

Don’t focus on you anymore. Focus on them.

And watch as your engagement skyrockets.

Power Outages

Power Outages

It’s amazing how little things can break your routine.

Today, while on a video call with my team, I experienced a power outage. Naturally, the internet doesn’t work without power, so I was dropped from the call.

That happened at about 10:45 AM. Something told me the lights would come back on at 11:30 AM.

In the meantime, I fired off a few texts, at which point one of my friends called me and we had a pleasant conversation for about 15 minutes.

I took a moment or two to lay in bed, and wouldn’t you know it, the power came back on at 11:30.

I thought my team had all but dropped off themselves, but the marathon meeting continued until almost 2 PM. It was productive and encouraging.

It’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t go as expected. When you already have your day planned out, you might even feel like God, or the universe is against you.

But the alternate plan is sometimes better than what you think is your primary plan. So, go with the flow and see what you discover.

Living a Happy, Fulfilled Life Full of Inspiration

Living a Happy, Fulfilled Life Full of Inspiration

There’s something inside of you waiting to come out:

A personal expression of your creativity.

It might sound cheesy. It might sound mercurial.

But whether you fulfill on your soul’s inscription is not a matter of chance. It’s a matter of intention.

The only way to live a creatively fulfilled life is to get into motion now.

Tomorrow is an arbitrary concept. This moment is all there is.

Simultaneously, your actions today shape your future. That’s the paradox.

When you envision your future, what do you see? Do you see yourself creatively fulfilled?

There’s only one way to get there, to begin with the end in mind, and to take steps towards that end daily.

A Time for Change

A Time for Change

I recently shared about how I’ve been experiencing more flow in life.

But intuitively, I knew things were about to change in a major way.

No sooner did my weekend training session begin (for the yearlong leadership program I’m in) when my landlord texted me to announce that they would be selling the house.

After I shared the news with my mom, she said:

Always a challenge but there seems to be a right time for everything.

True, finding a new place to live and carrying through with a move isn’t my idea of fun.

But I immediately saw this as an opportunity.

An opportunity to be in conversation. To share with my friends what’s going on. To begin the search for a new place to call home, even if it is temporary.

I am a digital nomad, and I am set up to live a nomadic life. Sure, I’ve gotten a little fat in the last couple of years (not literally – I’ve been getting in much better shape in the last few months), but trimming the fat as a nomad is par for the course. Here we go again!

Too much comfort can grow stale, even the good kind of comfort. And when there’s no change in life, not only do I get bored, but I can also feel quite sad. I’m not inspired by that kind of life.

Ready or not, change is coming.

But it’s always what you make of it.

Journaling the Reality You Want to Create

Journaling the Reality You Want to Create

At different times in my life, I’ve adopted journaling as a daily habit.

And journaling has proven useful, especially with regards to #StrategySunday sessions, speculating on possibilities, dumping emotional baggage, and more.

But only now am I starting to see the creative power of journaling.

Your future can be created in your journal.

You can draw pictures of the things you desire, and they will manifest at unprecedented speeds.

You can complete anything, including trauma, your relationship to people who’ve passed, things you are dissatisfied with (about yourself or with your life), or otherwise.

And completion is especially powerful, as it creates a space for new possibilities.

Bring intention to your journaling practice, and you can begin creating anything you want in life. But don’t doubt the process. Don’t worry about when the things you desire will manifest. Simply create.