The Best Time to do Business

The Best Time to do Business

For me, I’ve found that the best time to do business is when I’ve gone to Starbucks, I’ve sat there reading for an hour – could be a little less, could be a little more – I’ve gotten into flow, and I’m inspired with new ideas. That, for me, is a formula for inspired action.

I can’t necessarily explain why that works for me. I do remember that when I was a kid in Japan, after church, I would go to the bookstore. It was one of my favorite places to go to. And I would stand around looking at magazines and manga. I’d learn about the latest video games, and I’d check out to see if there was a new volume of my favorite manga series.

And in that process, I would phase out everything around me. I’d be so engrossed in what I was discovering and what I was looking at and what I was reading, that the surroundings started to fade into the background.

I’ve been finding that, even in adulthood, the written word can captivate and engross me. And it probably has something to do with the brain making new connections. Because when you learn something new, a new connection is formed.

When I start to see those connections happen, new ideas show up in my space. And because I’m in flow, I start to feel excited about those ideas. And then I get to act on those ideas.

We often think about doing business in a regimented way. We have our schedule, and we have certain time blocks allocated to certain tasks. Now, if that works for you, if that gets you into flow, if that gives you inspired ideas and moves you to inspired action, then what you’re doing is perfect. But if it’s not stimulating inspired action, there might be a better time for you to do business.

So, what is the best time to do business for you? The secret may be hidden in your childhood. What did you get engrossed in? What were you doing when things faded into the background?

And if you can identify what that activity is, could you spend 30 to 90 minutes doing it before you get into action with your business? Because inspired action is going to produce far greater results than actions that are tired or uninspired.

I think you’ll agree that the best time to do business is when you’re in flow and when you’re feeling good, and when the gears are turning in your mind. Begin to find that in your routine because that’s where you’re going to see breakthrough results.

The New Music Industry Podcast Ep 271 – 5 eCommerce Solutions for Musicians

The New Music Industry Podcast Ep 271 – 5 eCommerce Solutions for Musicians

So, you’re interested in starting your own online store to sell your music. Or, maybe you’re looking for ways to monetize your music besides streaming (which is honestly more of a promotional tool than anything). What can you do?

In this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast, I share five powerful eCommerce solutions you can use to sell your music at a price that makes sense to you!

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This is How You Can Grow a Facebook Page to Over 1,500 Likes

This is How You Can Grow a Facebook Page to Over 1,500 Likes

My general lack of faith in Facebook (especially Facebook pages) is public knowledge.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any opportunities left to grow your Facebook page.

You will need to approach the matter strategically, but if you have the right pieces in place, you can still grow rapidly.

Watch this video to find out how you can grow your page to 1,500 likes and more:

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This Coinbase Wallet Mining Pool Scam Must be Avoided

This Coinbase Wallet Mining Pool Scam Must be Avoided

Did you recently have someone approach you on WhatsApp telling you about their unbelievable 1 to 1.6% daily earnings on their Coinbase Wallet?

Did they ask you to download it onto your smartphone and send you a link to join a mining pool (they may not have used those exact words when getting you to sign up)?

Then there’s a 99% chance you’re being scammed, and you should get out as soon as you can, before you lose your life savings (don’t try to get your friends signed up either).

Here’s the Tether-Ethereum mining scam I recently fell for, and what we can learn from it:

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You’re Not Too Good to Invest

You’re Not Too Good to Invest

I don’t want to win my first million. I want to earn my first million.

I wholeheartedly agree. I have the same mindset as well.

But just because you’re smart, talented, experienced, have all the right connections, and have access to resources abundant, doesn’t mean success is guaranteed.

I don’t care how hardworking you are. Failure is never off the table.

Even in entrepreneurship, which is all about playing the “long game,” it’s possible to succumb to shortsightedness.

The reality is, there are only a few possible scenarios. Best case, you will sell your business for a small fortune. Worst case, it will collapse (most do). Of course, there are shades of grey in between.

But most entrepreneurs haven’t even stopped to consider that revenue is not wealth. And to retire and live on your own terms, what you need is wealth. Revenue won’t be there forever – it’s more of an insurance policy than anything.

Project yourself 20 years into the future and consider a reality where your financial situation is the same as it is today. We’re usually prompted to envision the opposite but trust me when I say it’s not a remote possibility that you will be in the same financial situation 20 years from now. I have hardworking, ambitious friends who are. So, imagine that future.

The sad part is that if you didn’t invest, you missed a huge opportunity. You could have started saving up 20 years earlier, earning compound interest on your investment vehicles. You would not have been considered any less smart, self-made, or entrepreneurial for doing so – quite the opposite!

Instead, you’re 20 years older, can’t retire or live on your own terms, and still need to keep up an impossible work ethic to sustain your income. Your health is suffering, and so are your tired relationships.

Again, I know you’ve probably read all the personal development books that told you to envision and create your desired future, but you’re not thinking accurately if you’re not planning for worst case scenarios. A little stoicism doesn’t hurt when it comes to setting and working towards big goals.

After all, we’re often told:

Dig your well before your thirsty.

But this doesn’t just apply to expanding your network. It applies to expanding your wealth too.

Even if you are playing the long game, don’t be shortsighted. Don’t attribute superhuman qualities to yourself you don’t possess. You’re not too good to fail. And you’re also not too good to start investing either.

Time will pass anyway. Use this to your advantage. Bet on yourself, yes, but also plan for worst case scenarios. Your worst case scenarios can end up being best case scenarios if you’re shrewd with your income.