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As a gamer, Cammy is one character I never really learned how to use. Everyone has their favorites (mine were Ryu and Ken), of course, but when the fighters in Street Fighter II were still limited to eight (plus the four “bosses” at the end), I grew decently proficient in fighting with all of them. Each character had a unique ending, and I wanted to see all of them. I can’t imagine investing that much time into a single game these days.

In any case, Cammy first appeared Super Street Fighter II if I remember correctly, and after that point, the number of fighters in the series continued to grow pretty quickly. It became pretty hard to keep track of all of them. Previous to Super Street Fighter II, Chun-Li was the only female character in the game. The addition of Cammy was a welcome one (the game needed more women), and I think she is a pretty cool chick.

As for the drawing, I think it turned out pretty nicely. It’s not quite as neat as some of the other work I’ve done (maybe because I took a brief break from drawing), but I feel the thinner line art complimented this piece fairly well.

Cammy looks positively peppy and alert in this drawing, whether I intended it or not. It’s pretty interesting how art comes to life in its own way sometimes.
Cammy White