Business Models for Music Entrepreneurs

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Uncategorized

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There are many viable business models for music entrepreneurs.

Besides taking an entrepreneurial approach to your music career, which is basically the baseline minimum, there are so many opportunities you can pursue.

The challenge, of course, is coming up with the right idea.

That’s what this post is for.

What follows are some opportunities I’ve uncovered, and you’re more than welcome to pursue them – really.

This post should not be considered comprehensive at the time of posting, but I will be adding to it as I come across more possibilities.

Website, Content & Social Media Services for Well-Known Music Gear Brands

I’ve come across several well-known manufacturers selling musical equipment that are still stuck in the Stone Age as far as their web presence is concerned.

To be fair, some may not have any intention of updating their websites because what they have right now is working for them just fine.

But a little digging should give you an idea of which sites to target – you could build a bit of a list and contact them one by one.

My inclination would be to call up the marketing department, get a sense of whether they’re satisfied with their current sales, and if they aren’t, offer to help them enter the Information Age in full force and elevate their brand as well as sales.

This would be achieved through an up-to-date WordPress site built on the Divi Theme (it’s so easy to use, even my clients who were mostly tech-illiterate figured it out).

You could maximize your earnings through ongoing maintenance fees, offering social media support and even the continual creation of content, whether it’s blog posts, podcast episodes, videos or even all the above.

This could be a seriously lucrative proposition if handled well.

Perfect for the ambitious millennial.

Skills Required:

  • WordPress (intermediate). You should probably know your way around WordPress if you’re going to offer to build websites on the platform.
  • Web design (intermediate). If you have a good sense of what modern designs look like and how to achieve them, you’re well on your way.
  • Graphic design (advanced). Although I say “advanced”, honestly you could outsource the creation of necessary graphics to a qualified and skilled individual or team, and it doesn’t even need to cost an arm and a leg. You could use 99designs, for example.
  • Content marketing (intermediate). It shouldn’t take a huge amount of effort to help aged domains rank for pertinent long-tail keywords and you could even outsource content creation. This, of course, is contingent on whether you even choose to offer content marketing services.
  • Social media (intermediate). If you know your way around Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, you should be good to go. This, of course, is dependent on whether you even choose to offer social media services.

Final Thoughts

More business models to follow.

Have you come across any viable opportunities?

Let us know in the comments below.