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I can’t say that I am, or that I have ever been in the habit of creating fan art. I have certainly done character studies in the past, but as an artist I’ve always been more about developing my own style and characters and worlds than trying to emulate someone else’s work. Having said that, finding your own style is often a process of amalgamating a variety of different styles.

Moreover, sketching and drawing is something that helps me to decompress and collect my thoughts. It’s something that I’ve been doing a lot more lately, especially if I get stuck on a problem or if I’m just not sure how to proceed with a project. It also stops me from engaging in other time-wasting activities. Drawing just feels a lot more productive.

Truthfully, it has been a while since I’ve just drawn for the heck of it. I tend to create projects intentionally and deliberately, which means that I often equate them with real work. I think it’s probably healthy to have a side hobby that I’m not depending upon to help me move my career forward.

For some reason, the first thing I decided to draw was Dragon Ball’s Bulma. I guess that makes sense, because I grew up having a lot of respect for Toriyama’s work.

Since Bulma is in plenty of games and movies, I thought this would make for some relevant and interesting content for the site.

Let me know if you enjoyed this piece; perhaps I will post more in the future.

Bulma from Dragon Ball