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I felt that my first Bulma fan art turned out pretty good; I think I just wanted to try drawing her with a different hairstyle. Thus the ponytail. Bulma has certainly had her fair share of hairstyles, but I rather like Bulma with the ponytail to the side.

Though I did adapt her to my own drawing style here, I’m not sure if it totally worked. You can definitely tell from her hair that it’s supposed to be Bulma, but her face doesn’t totally match the Bulma we all know and love.

I guess I can’t be too self-critical, but I think I would like to give Bulma another try. Perhaps I will find reference material that’s a little more exciting too.

In this drawing, you can see that I tried a bit of a “neutral” expression; Bulma looks unimpressed, but generally enthusiastic. I guess you could say it’s a look of expectancy as well. Maybe she’s waiting to answer a question. Maybe she’s listening intently.

By the way, Bulma is wearing a scarf in this drawing. It’s not a Jedi cloak or anything like that; although that might be kind of interesting.

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Bulma Fan Art