Build a Website

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Uncategorized

Do not hesitate in setting up a website using a custom domain name (preferably .com).

Your website isn’t just your electronic press kit, live performance calendar, or blog.

Used correctly, it’s a living, breathing, online organism that grows as you grow, with an array of multimedia content designed to attract, engage, convert, and sell to your target audience 24/7/365.

Remember – it’s supposed to be everything in one place. You should not have a blog with Blogger, a website with Wix, and a landing page with Mailchimp. You should not use social media as your website, either. You end up sacrificing SEO and usability. You need everything under one roof.

You need a self-hosted WordPress installation housing all your content, and barring that, a self-hosted installation of another content management system. There are several out there. The key word is “self-hosted.” You don’t want to build on a proprietary platform that makes it impossible for you to back up your website and move to another host should that website builder ever go out of service (and the need always arises).

Treat your website with the respect it deserves. Add bios and blog posts, high-quality photos and graphics, audio and music samples, podcast episodes and videos, show dates and tour schedules, contact and email signup forms, reviews and testimonials, all the essentials. Add often, add continually, add consistently. Keep up with new media and new technologies. Your website is your online storefront. Create the impression of constant activity and busyness. Never treat your website as a static brochure.