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I’ve curated some of my best articles for you, and they are all organized by category. But don’t forget – you can find more of my work on Medium, Music Entrepreneur HQ, and Music Industry How To. I also publish daily right here on the blog.

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Book Notes

Killing Marketing by Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose Book Notes

Book Writing

The Story Behind The New Music Industry

The Story Behind 170 Music Career Tips


How to Create Systems as a Creative

5 Simple Habits to Support Your Creativity

How to Boost Your Creativity with a Journal

How to Overcome Procrastination in Creativity


Closing the Gap Between Vision and Reality

Arrival Fallacy

Stop Reinventing the Past

What’s the Best Funnel Builder?

Taking a Vision First Approach to Entrepreneurship

How to Get Your Side Hustle off the Ground

How to Create an Irresistible Offer

You Are in the Business of Marketing

5 Books I Read in 2020 That Made a Difference


Why You’re Not Achieving Your Goals

Idea Generation

How to Generate More and Better Ideas


How to 4X Your Medium Traffic in 80 Days or Less

I’m Worried About Posting Too Often

How Content Marketing Works for Creatives

Music Career

Productivity in Music – Does it Matter?

Setting Goals for Your Music Career

Should I Start with a Single, EP, or Album for My First Release?

4 Myths That Stop Musicians from Building Their Team

What’s the Best Way to Get My Music Videos on Vevo?

How to Make it in Music

SoundCloud vs. Bandcamp

How to Grow a Band

How to make your music stand out in the Music Industry

Music Entrepreneurship

4 Insidious Music Entrepreneurship Myths Debunked

The Shiny Object is Often Just a Distraction in Music Entrepreneurship

The Paradigm Shift from Musician to Music Entrepreneur

How to Start a Record Label with No Money

Making Money in Music

Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Musicians

Alternative to Bandcamp, Nimbit & Gumroad?

How to Make Six-Figures & Beyond as a Musician

A Guide to Making Money as an Artist

How to Sell Music Online Successfully

Music Marketing

First Step to Building Excitement for Your Music Release – Issuing the Release

How to Make Viral TikTok Videos to Build Your Music Career

How to Get Your Live Streaming Concert Game Down Pat

Do Musicians Still Need a WordPress Site?

YouTube Marketing for Musicians: An Up-to-Date Guide

Music Industry Resources to Help You Grow & Advance Your Music Career

Getting Your Music Featured on Spotify Playlists

Personal Development

You Were Only Ever Meant to be You

The Critical Piece is Always Mindset

The Magic of Listening

Making Future-Based Decisions

I’m Too Old

How Dare You Call Me “Unlimited”

7 Recommended Books for Self-Improvement

Always be Watching for What Could Benefit Others

Choose Your Association Wisely


How I Accidentally Weaned Myself off Social Media

Priority vs. Productivity – Which is More Important?

How to Stay Organized with Your LifeSheet

Team Building

How to Get a Booking Agent

Time Management

Valuing Your Time


Your Programming Runs Deep

There Are No Secrets

Making it to the Next Level

Going Backwards Sometimes Means Going Forwards

Meditation – What Works for Me

The Mirror Principle


The 4 Pillars of Success


The Myth of the 8-Hour Workday

Why I’ll Take Self-Employment Over Employment Any Day


5 Simple Tips to Tighten Up Your Writing

How Much of My True Self Should I Let Out?

Why Blog? Here Are My 31 Reasons