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99 Days to Amassing Your Personal WealthI’ve talked about a couple of job related things (take on overtime hours, take a second job) in this series already, but this tip isn’t merely about employment. Let me explain.

Most of us are pretty consistently in the habit of undervaluing ourselves. Whether we’re employed or freelancing, there’s something about human nature that tends to get in the way of us asking for what we’re actually worth.

Be forewarned: you will probably never get what you’re worth in a job. The reason it makes sense for your boss to keep you on staff is because they make money off of you. In fact, they usually make quite a bit more off of you than they pay you.

Now this isn’t to paint all employers as being evil or cruel. After all, they got into business to build their dream. But we have to remember that they aren’t going to build our dream. That’s our responsibility.

More than likely, there is room for advancement in your job. If you’re a diligent worker (and if you read this blog I assume you are), there are no rules stating that you can’t ask for a raise. More than likely, the worst case scenario is that your boss will tell you “no”. You probably won’t be fired for asking.

Ask for a RaiseYou have to remember that taking actions like these is going to grow your self-confidence. When you consistently go and ask for what you’re worth, you’re going to continue to re-program your mind. Pretty soon, your mind will also accept that you are worth more. But don’t get frustrated if this doesn’t happen instantly; it may take some time.

If you have the desire to amass your personal wealth, you will have to increase your self-esteem; this is practically a given. Not only should you ask for what you’re worth, you’ll have to charge what you’re worth too. Don’t give any leeway; only work with people that you would love working with.

We often see this as alienating the world. This is partially true. What you’re actually doing is alienating a large portion of the world. You don’t need seven billion clients do you? Neither do I. Most of us solopreneurs probably only need one to twenty clients before we’re maxed out. After that, we can think of expanding and growing a company.

Ultimately, you’re not going to ask someone else for a raise. You have to ask yourself for the raise. You will determine what you’re worth. First, you have to realize that your time is the most valuable thing that you have, and you won’t trade it for just anything.