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In general, you are more worried about doing things wrong than doing things right.

So, automatically, anything that’s not “right” suddenly becomes “wrong.”

With that kind of hard demarcation, it’s no wonder we’re so hard on ourselves. We rarely if ever give ourselves the opportunity to try new things!

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But there can be great joy in experimentation. It can sometimes go against better judgment, but it has a way of producing breakthroughs for that very reason!

When we’re trying to figure out how to make progress in our projects, we tend to make small, incremental changes and rarely allow ourselves to make wild concoctions out of new ingredients.

This morning, instead of starting this blog post (because I didn’t even know what I was going to be writing about yet), I read an email. And then I felt compelled to make Instagram posts.

I have not been overly committed to growing my Instagram following lately, but I was beginning to see some fresh possibilities.

Instead of waiting around, I got into action. I was excited, and to my surprise, I was able to create and schedule 24 posts in under an hour. It was fast and easy.

Now, if I had doubted any part of this…

If I had thought to myself “I have better things to do…”

If I had allowed myself to become too regimented in my thinking and my routine

I would not have given myself the space to experiment. And that may have closed off any connection I had to spirit.

There are no promises, of course. I may not see my Instagram following grow as result of the actions I’ve taken.

But I had an auspicious feeling. And to not act on that feeling would be to doubt myself. And if I doubted myself, it would gradually erode my self-confidence. If my confidence were low, I would not take chances.

How many things are you not trying because you doubt yourself?

Maybe your intuition is trying to get your attention. Maybe the guidance system you’ve been looking for cannot be found externally. Just maybe, it was inside you all along.

You know what to do. But like a clogged drain, there’s debris that needs to be cleared out before you can tune into your intuition and hear clearly.

Pay attention to spirit. And act as the spirit moves you.

You may be prompted to act in ways you’d never thought of before. But that has a way of producing surprising breakthroughs.

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