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In life, we can only go as far as we see. But once we get there, we see further.

Most of the time, we don’t even acknowledge when we’ve reached “there” though. And because we already see further, we’re onto the next thing before we even take a moment to recognize our progress and celebrate.

You probably are living your dream life right now. It might be the dream life you imagined five or 10 years ago. But if you were to stop and look at everything you’ve got now, at one point or another, it was just a dream.

I talked about closing the gap between vision and reality yesterday.

This is something that happens on autopilot. It’s our resistance that hinders flow.

We ask for what we want. Place our order with the universe if you will.

Assuming we’re clear on what we want, the universe will take us there.

The universe wants to take us on the shortest and most direct path to what we want. Only, the universe doesn’t promise that the path will be easy, safe, or comfortable.

So, when we get scared, uncomfortable, frustrated, or otherwise, we back off. This is what brings our progress to a crawl. Resistance.

We focus on the hardships and not on the journey. We focus on the action and not on the destination.

Because if we were honest with ourselves, we’d see that there is no destination.

Life is about setting goals that are aligned with your soul. Goals that actively excite you.

Because you can have everything you want. All you need to do is keep moving in the direction the universe is leading you in.

But don’t forget to stop. Acknowledge your accomplishments. Recognize yourself for your efforts. Celebrate your victories.

Many people don’t. And they just keep on because they don’t stop long enough to see where they are. They don’t stop long enough to see they’re living their dream already.

It may have been a dream from 10 years ago, but there’s always a time delay between when you set the intention and reach your destination. That’s just how it works.

What dream are you living today you never thought possible only five or 10 years ago?

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