238 – Happy, Healthy, and Successful in Music – with Ariane Paras of Olympia Coaching

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Podcast

Are you wondering how you can be happy, healthy, and successful in the fast-paced, high-stress, non-stop nature of the music industry?

That’s what we’re going to be looking at in this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:22 – Ariane Paras from Olympia Coaching
  • 00:34 – What led Ariane to the point of starting Olympia Coaching?
  • 04:45 – Spiritual awakening
  • 05:30 – Personal development in the music industry
  • 07:58 – Where does one start if they’re looking to enjoy their music careers more?
  • 14:13 – How would you describe pivoting and how should one go about the process?
  • 18:38 – Are there early signs that you should pivot?
  • 20:56 – What does self-actualization and contribution mean and what does it look like?
  • 26:33 – What are the main mindset blocks that get in the way of artistic success?
  • 33:05 – Getting over perfectionism
  • 39:00 – Movement will undo karma
  • 41:03 – What is the last YouTube video Ariane watched?
  • 42:24 – What’s Ariane’s daily routine like?
  • 43:36 – Are there any books that have helped Ariane on your journey?
  • 45:38 – Transforming your relationship to money
  • 47:09 – Final thoughts
  • 49:17 – First-Time Coaching Special


Coming soon.

Closing Segment

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This has been episode 238 of The New Music Industry Podcast. I’m David Andrew Wiebe, and I look forward to seeing you on the stages of the world.