Are You Sacrificing Your Vision for That Big Name?

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Entrepreneurship

Most projects begin with the best of intentions.

“Let’s serve independent musicians.”

“Let’s help independent course creators and coaches.”

“I want to help independent filmmakers get the money they need to make their projects a reality.”

Some of us follow through on these intentions, creating products and services that may not reach the mainstream but are valuable to the hundreds and thousands of people looking to get their creative ventures off the ground.

Many entrepreneurs, however, cannot resist the allure of the big name. One big name client, one big name interview, one big name testimonial, whatever it may be.

And it shifts the trajectory of the venture forever.

No longer satisfied with the five views here, 20 views there, the entrepreneur begins catering only to the big names. Some of these big names do not offer superior quality coaching or products, some aren’t even experienced, skilled, credentialed, or legitimate. No matter, they bring more views.

Just because someone has more reach doesn’t mean they are better. Just ask Stevie T.

Just because someone has more reach doesn’t mean they are better at what they do. Share on X

One big name doesn’t have to sacrifice the purity of what you’re doing. I’ve had the likes of James Schramko, Richard “Younglord” Frierson, Andy Seth, and Miles Copeland on my podcast. They may not be A-list celebs, but their names mean something to a lot of people. Make no mistake, though. I could have bigger names on my podcast. I’m just not one to hang my hat on one big name for the rest of my career.

If this sounds judgmental, it’s not. It’s about optics. What do you want to create and for whom is foundational to the structure that goes on top. The occasional, well-timed pivot may be par for the course. But switching from independent to influencer is a seismic shift. It should not be done carelessly. Don’t be surprised if it raises the ire with the people who’ve been following and supporting you.

Before you know it, network marketing structures are being layered in, altering the business beyond recognition.

The pastures may appear greener on the other side, but rest assured there will be problems to solve on either side.

Stand for something. Or you’ll fall for anything.