All the Results You’ve Ever Gotten

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Personal Development

Can be traced back to a conversation you’ve had.

Your relationships. Your financial situation. Your business, your fitness level, your well-being.

It all lives in conversation.

This may not be immediately apparent, because we think of conversations as things to be had with others. But it’s crucial to realize we also have conversations with ourselves.

As human beings, our thoughts are predominantly negative, so we’ve perpetuated conversations like “I’m not attractive,” “I’m broke,” “I’m fat and unhealthy,” and so on.

This is what’s familiar. But if you never challenge the familiar, you will always live in it. Conversations won’t change, and therefore, outcomes won’t change either.

What would it look like to transform your speaking? What conversations would you have instead of the ones you’re already having? What would you create if you were unlimited?

I’m not talking about positive affirmations. Those have their place but are limited in their usefulness. I used to speak out positive affirmations for months and years without divine intervention.

A good way to start a new conversation is, “What I’m creating is…” followed by whatever it is you’re creating – better health, more abundance, spiritual connection, or otherwise. And don’t be afraid to be specific. The more specific, the better.

You aren’t required to participate in all the conversations being had by others. You can choose the conversations you want to have, based on the world you want to create. And if there’s something you want to create, it would be prudent to adopt this new practice immediately.

Make it your goal to pay attention to your conversations for a full day. Don’t resist. Simply observe. Then note any changes you would make to your conversations based on what you’ve decided you want to create newly.

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