AI Takeover?! Y’all Need to Chill Out

by | May 6, 2024 | Video

One of David’s recent live streams on productivity and AI pushed some buttons, leading some viewers to leave some aggressive (and mostly irrelevant) comments about his stream.

In this video, David shares why everyone needs to take a chill pill.


00:00 – The book is about productivity
00:18 – Should I talk about Artificial Intelligence in my book?
00:40 – 18 ways artists and creatives can use AI to increase their productivity
00:59 – Sensationalist headlines
01:20 – Facts, stats, and figures concerning AI and productivity
02:40 – Programming?
02:54 – Assassination of character


Seriously. Y’all need to chill. I recently went live to read a chapter from my latest book, the Productivity, Performance & Profits Blackbook.

Let’s keep in mind. The first word in the title is “productivity.” I don’t know how you could have possibly missed this. The book is about productivity.

As I was beginning work on the book, I realized pretty quickly, “Hey, AI is kind of popping up and it’s becoming a big thing right now. It would be pretty silly of me not to cover productivity and AI in a book about productivity.” Wouldn’t you think?

I could turn a blind eye and not mention it, or I could write badly about a brand-new topic. Which would you have chosen?

Looking at the chapter in question, it’s primarily about 18 ways creatives can increase their productivity using AI. It’s theoretical. I asked ChatGPT what it thought, and it gave me 18 points. I expanded on those 18 points in the book. It was an experiment.

Now, I get it. My video totally had a sensationalist headline. But you try being a YouTuber for five to 10 years, pumping out hundreds of videos and only getting a few likes, a few views, a few comments. No one cares about what you’re doing. You try that. See if you can get any views on your videos without being sensationalist.

So, we had some questions about facts, stats, and figures. And it’s not that interesting yet. That’s not surprising, because we haven’t seen the full extent of how AI is going to be implemented as well as the specific ways in which it’s going to be applied towards creating a more productive workforce.

But the thing is… I was able to find a bunch of stats in short order with a five-second Google search. Look, I’m a consultant man. If you’re going to hire me for $150 an hour, don’t make me do Google searches. I would advise you to make better use of my time.

But let me share with you what I found, just in case.

64% of businesses expect AI to increase productivity.

“Expect to.” That doesn’t mean it will.

A quarter of companies are adopting AI because of labor shortages.

Hmm… interesting. It seems like maybe if people were willing to work, so many companies wouldn’t have to turn to AI.

Chinese companies have had the highest adoption rate of AI.

77% of people are convinced that AI will cause job less in the next year.

77% of people are convinced of a lot of things that don’t necessarily come true all the time.

15% of the global workforce could be displaced because of AI.

“Could be” is the operative term here.

Over 60% of business owners believe AI will increase productivity.

Again, “Believe.” “Believe” doesn’t mean it will, but that’s the way people are looking at it. People are entitled to their opinions.

Another thing that came up in the comments was something about LLM and programming.

Look, I don’t claim to know anything about this. My work will require that I learn about it, so I’m going to be learning about it. But I never mentioned anything about programming. It does not come up in my book.

Lastly, the whole point about the assassination of character…

Look, man, we’re all doing the best we can. If you’ve got something to say about the topic, why not leave me alone? Stop watching my stuff and go make your own video, bro. Seriously.

Okay, thanks for watching my rant. Have a great day.