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Tell Me If Any Of This Sounds Familiar:


Do you often find yourself lost, don’t know where to start, or aren’t clear on what to do next in your music career?


Do you suffer from lack of focus, shiny object syndrome, or project overload?


Have you ever felt like achieving success in music on your own terms is difficult, challenging, and / or too hard?


Have you ever hit a brick wall in your career and found yourself at an impasse, unable to grow beyond your current level of success no matter what tactics or strategies you try?


Have you struggled with making music your full-time gig, even though you can’t imagine doing anything else with your life?


Do you often compare yourself to other, more successful artists, wondering why you’re not where they are, or how they got there?


Do you find marketing your music difficult, boring, unfulfilling, or otherwise ineffective?

It’s not your fault, and you’re not alone…

Music school can only take you so far (if you even went to music school in the first place).

Welcome to the new music industry, where digital marketing mastery and an entrepreneurial mindset is critical to your success.

Music Entrepreneur HQ and Content Marketing Musician exist to help independent and DIY artists just like you make a living from their passion, enjoy greater success and fulfillment in their careers, and achieve their desired level of success, no matter where they might be starting from.

David Andrew Wiebe, musician coach

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Professional musician coach. Award-winning composer. Best-selling author. Long time podcaster. Community builder.