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Today, I spent some time in Vancouver and Richmond with a friend.

Once I arrived in Vancouver, we were both hungry, so I suggested we head over to Kozak Ukrainian Eatery in Vancouver. We’d originally noticed it across the street on a separate outing to a Vietnamese place, and made sure to add it to our list of places to try.

(I’m not joking about the list – it’s in my smartphone memos.)

Kozak Ukrainian food

I had the potatoes, pork cutlets, and beet salad, which were all part of a lunch combo. But come on, you can’t eat at a Ukrainian restaurant without testing out the perogies too, right? I got the meat and onion perogies and my friend got the potato ones. In retrospect, I maybe should have gone with the potato ones too.

Either way, it was decent comfort food, but my friend and I both felt Kalinka in Calgary had better food overall.

The best part of Kozak for me was the pork cutlets.

From there, we made our way down to Richmond, and ended up at Aberdeen Centre, with no real plans of going there. But their food court is near legendary (at least in my mind), and it’s not a bad place to hang out either. So, I can’t complain.

We went and got ourselves fruit juices at the food court. I had guava juice.

Still satiated from our earlier trip to Kozak, we proceeded to walk around Aberdeen Centre until we both started feeling a little exhausted.

We went back to the car and talked about where to go next for food. We settled on Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant (which was the original plan), particularly because they have skewers.

So, we slowly made our way over to Tsukiji, and opted to sit in a room (shoes off please) instead of at a table. Tsukiji has got a nice Japanese restaurant vibe, with the notable difference that their place of business is significantly bigger than just about any izakaya you’ll find in Japan.

I ordered the Galbi (short ribs) and chicken Tsukune (meatball).


My friend asked why I hadn’t ordered rice, at which point I promptly did. You’ve got to have rice with Galbi and Tsukune!

So, the Tsukune was delicious. For all I know, it wasn’t a complicated recipe, and the sauce could have very well have been teriyaki. But I can’t say I’ve had a meatball like that in Calgary!

The Gabli was also good. The lemon complemented the flavoring. But I can honestly say I’ve had better Galbi elsewhere.

As I’ve said before, though, the fun part about being a foodie is you win some and you lose some.

For me, it’s hardly a night out Richmond if I don’t come home with bubble tea, so our last stop of the night was Yi-Fang where I ordered a mango passion fruit tea. It was great.

I’ve been addicted to passion fruit for a while and have gradually been trying all its iterations.

That was my day.

And days like these are good for our mental health in these uncertain times. Stay safe.

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