8 Useful Songwriting Recording Tools for Beginners

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

Writing songs can be tough, especially for beginners. Sometimes you don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin, and in other moments you’re completely stuck. But writing songs doesn’t need to be depressing. There are more powerful tools to aid in songwriting than at any time in recent memory.

Inspiration can strike someone when they least expect it. That is the reason it’s essential to have proper songwriting applications ready to save your melodies and thoughts. Otherwise, numerous precious ideas might get lost, and innumerable incredible songs won’t be recorded.

Fortunately, these days, technology has dramatically advanced and with your mobile gadgets, you can have a recording studio wherever you go. For more helpful tips, check out WriteZillas. Here is the rundown of 8 best songwriting tools to assist in recording your ideas and to store them safely.


Let’s begin with the basics. Evernote is a great tool for on-the-go musicians. Full-time content writers and part-time contributors emphasize the significance of writing down your ideas as they enter your thoughts.

Evernote is a free mobile app that allows you to store audio, text, and photograph notes in one organized place. More importantly, the user enjoys an automatic syncing with every device that you have. Evernote is an ideal spot to keep your hummed or lyric melodies.

Recording app

At times, the simplest idea provides the best solution. Thus, utilize your smartphone, to record a melody as soon as you feel the creative inspiration. These days, most mobile phones come with free recording applications.

Android users can as well utilize the Smart Voice Recorder or Easy Voice Recorder, while iPhone users may leverage Audio Memos. But in case these fall short for your needs, you can generally search via the Play Store or App Store to discover various types.


GarageBand is an iOS application that permits you to record your melody in a hurry by using your iPhone as a melodic instrument. It empowers you to form a song without any preparation. Later, you enrich it with guitars, synths, drum packs, and basses as you find it convenient.  GarageBand is ideal for songwriters who are often on the move.

Besides, the app offers you with free Artists Lessons for piano and guitar with three difficulty levels, making it a stunning place to practice instruments for newbies.


HumOn is an iOS and Android application that helps you to form music anywhere. Hum your melody whenever a new song idea comes to mind. Likewise, there is an edit option to change the pitch or duration of melodic notation, just as other helpful choices.

As the specialists at WriteZillas would put it, HumOn permits you to finish your masterpieces with suitable instrumental accompaniments, such as shake, ballad, R&B, etc. Additionally, you may share your music over social media and let other music enthusiasts listen to your fabulous task.

Simple Songwriter

This is another ideal Apple application that you can use for recording your song ideas safely. Not only does the touchscreen offer a friendly environment to rapidly and efficiently generate song concepts, but you can also record it and practice it later on your selected device.

Similarly, Simple Songwriter allows you to play with tempos, create modulations for subtle adaptations, and create smooth inversions. You can also search for harmonies that are cohesive with each other. This is definitely not a free application, but you can get it for $4.99.

Pro Tools

Mike Solomon, who’s a specialist on music themes, suggests Pro Tools. He explains that it as among the widest variety of tools that you may need to record music. Today, it’s essential that every music lover is familiar with the DAW music software. The tool empowers you to record your melodies in a digital format, and you can share it with others. Moreover, your song can become a hit in the studio world with industry standards. Therefore, it’s helpful to realize how to operate Pro Tools and benefit from a different aptitude that’s appreciated in the music industry.


BandLab is an entirely free online digital sound workstation. The tool provides 200 professionally established instruments from drum units to pianos, as well as some extra features, for example, time-stretching, automation, guitar/bass amp recreation, etc.

Additionally, BandLab has excellent joint effort devices that transform how you build music. The portable studio in your pocket is ready for whenever the motivation strikes. It’s ideal for blending your next masterpiece, rapping over beats, or catching a guitar riff.


This tool is the final suggestion from Catherine Cole, a content writer and music teacher. According to Catherine, Audiotool is an engaging music production studio right in your browser.

It is mainly used by those in electronic or hip-hop music, but it’s a great alternative to form your music if you have adequate time and a PC access.