5 Tips For Promoting Your Music On Facebook

by | Oct 13, 2015 | Uncategorized

Do you use Facebook to promote your music? If so, good on you!

Even though Facebook keeps on changing, it’s a really good place to create an online presence.

Now don’t get me wrong, you should probably still build yourself a website, but Facebook (and social media in general) is fairly complementary to that.

So here are five tips for promoting your music on Facebook.

1. Advertise

The great thing about Facebook advertising is that you can set your own budget. It’s really easy to target specific demographics too.

There are 10 different types of campaigns you can run, and I think it’s pretty obvious which ones are going to prove most worthwhile for musicians. Just take a look at the screenshot below:

Facebook Ad Campaign

You can choose from 10 different campaign types for your ad.

You can run ongoing campaigns if you want to, or you can do shorter campaigns to promote your album or upcoming show.

You’ve probably heard it said that you’ll be paying for the same amount of exposure you used to get without having to pay for it, but I’m inclined to disagree. You can really boost your presence on Facebook using ads, even if you only spend a couple of dollars per day.

Interested in learning about boosted posts? Check out this video: How to Boost Your Post on Facebook for Musicians

2. Use Facebook As: Your Page

This is pretty basic stuff, but if you didn’t know that you could go around acting on Facebook as your fan page, now you do.

Facebook page

I’m a manager over entirely too many pages (this is just a small sample), but you get the idea.

You can like other pages, like/comment/share their posts, and generally engage on places other than your own fan page.

If you want to increase your page’s visibility on Facebook, this is a good way to do it. Plus, sharing other people’s stuff is a way of adding value to them. You can even build new connections this way.

You don’t have to go too crazy; just take a few minutes out of your day to follow pages you’re interested in and participate in conversations.

3. Tease, Tease, Tease

You know us musicians… we sometimes tend to forget to do the important stuff, like promotion.

But you do know how critical marketing is to your success, right?

So when it comes to teasing, the best time to do it is before you do something big, like before a show or an album release. Stands to reason, yes?

In other words, don’t just go AWOL when you’re in the studio. Start sharing photos, videos, lyric snippets, riffs and other stuff along the way. Fans like that stuff.

4. Start & Join Groups

You’re not stuck in a mold!

What? Well, here’s the thing. We have a tendency of setting up our website, setting up our Facebook page and then we rush into… waiting around for others to engage us.

We need to take a different approach, don’t you think? Don’t forget; there are already people on Facebook that have the same interests as you do! Weird, right?

Facebook Groups

I frequently forget how many groups I’m a part of.

You can target interests either within the music niche, or without, be it fishing, Christianity, or Mustangs (yes, really).

You don’t have to limit yourself; you can experiment with a variety of different categories, start groups, join groups, and build friendships with people that like the same things you do.

5. Cross-Promote

When it comes to cross-promotion, really the sky’s the limit.

For example, you can approach a popular Facebook page with the idea of posting about your music. What’s in it for them? You’ll offer a link to their website, or you’ll pay them $20 to share the post (a pretty small cost if you know you’re going to sell a few albums this way). You’re an entrepreneur, you can figure this out.

You can also acquire popular pages or groups on Facebook and begin to use them as your own. The sale would probably be done privately, and you would want to do your due diligence in making sure you know what you’re paying for.

On a more basic level, you could make a deal with a few of your friends to promote each other’s music at least once per week.

See what I mean? There are so many options!

Final Thoughts: Getting Your Facebook On

So there you have it; five tips for promoting your music on Facebook.

It can be a really powerful tool if you use it right, so experiment, try different things, and see what works for you.

What do you think? Do you use Facebook to market your music?

Feel free to leave a comment below!