5 Social Media Techniques You Need to Stop Using ASAP

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Uncategorized

Social media is a lot of fun, and there are many ways to use it to market your music. In this post, via Maria, you will discover five techniques you should stop using now.

2022 is nearly over, and it seems to be the perfect time to let go of the old and embrace the new. When it comes to social media, letting go of the old tactics can be vital to your brand’s presence online.

Digital marketing quickly becomes more and more competitive and, in order to stay ahead of the game, especially in the fast-paced music industry, you need to keep an eye on the newest social media practices. So, for a start, stop using these five completely outdated social media techniques.

1. Mass Tagging on Instagram & Twitter

In this case, quantity does not equal quality. You are achieving absolutely nothing by tagging a bunch of random people on your Instagram and Twitter photos.

Tweeting at people by copy-pasting the same generic message falls under the same category. You are more likely to be reported by the annoyed social media users than gain a single follower from this activity.

In today’s social media environment, real followers are your best friends. People do not like to be treated as a crowd, which has recently led to the increased interest in personalized content online.

Your best shot is to do some research and individually approach those that you think might be interested in your music. Even more so, it is important to approach some social media influencers in the music industry who might be happy to endorse you on their blogs, websites, magazines, and so on.

2. Relying on Text Too Much

Another outdated social media marketing tactic is paying too much attention to the text while ignoring other forms of content. These days, people tend to read less, but pay more attention to visuals. Take advantage of a competent photo editor to create your own visual media. It’s easy!

For example, a post with a good quality image will attract more views and likes than the one without any visuals. In turn, videos gain the most engagement on any social network.

So, don’t underestimate the importance of visual content! Try to add an image or a short video to every one of your posts, and make it eye-catching.

If you have a professional photographer at one of your events, don’t hesitate to use their photos for social. If you don’t have access to a great photographer, Instagram filters and editing apps will still be at your disposal.

3. Sending “Thanks for Following” Messages

Once again, we go back to the question of personalized content. Social media has become so advanced that users are now exceptionally selective about the content they want to consume. An automated message on Twitter is impersonal and, it is more than likely that no one will read it.

Twitter DMs (Direct Messages) are not effective communication tools after all. If you want to connect with one of your followers, try to get straight to the point, so they do not mistake your message for another piece of promotional content.

4. Too Many Hashtags

It is the end of 2017, and people still use millions of hashtags under their Instagram posts. The world of Instagram is invaded with different hashtags dedicated to every place, object, and emotional state possible. Be very selective when it comes to choosing hashtags, and don’t put down whatever comes to mind.

Instagram hashtags can be very helpful in finding your niche audiences, so the less generic they are, the more people who might be interested in your music can find you. And don’t forget to use locations – these can help Instagram users find you in the venues they like, which will give you some extra credit.

5. Promoting Yourself Too Much

Social media users are very aware of brands that focus on selling themselves too much, and it is never a good thing. When every piece of content is dedicated to your business exclusively, your followers will get bored pretty quickly. Consider your social media not as a temple of your greatness, but as the world in which people can get to know you.

Consider your social media not as a temple of your greatness, but as the world in which people can get to know you. Share on X

Today, nothing is more important than being honest with your followers. Your social media pages should tell them not only how good you are at what you do, but introduce them to your interests, collaborations, and creative processes.

The best way to make your followers stay with you is to keep telling a story of your life and career on social media. Human beings have always loved fairy-tales, so why not use your social media to tell your story?


So, here are some simple conclusions we can draw from these social media anti-trends. First, don’t be lazy. Keep up with social media trends, and spend time developing your online accounts. Don’t be dishonest, and don’t be afraid of sharing your stories with the people who follow you online. And, finally, do not underestimate the power of social media marketing. It will help you go a long way if you put in the effort. Good luck!