4 Tips for Designing and Organizing Your Home Studio

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Uncategorized

Are you ready to embark on your music business? Well, the first step to any successful career is to find a place to work. This place should inspire you, keep you focused, and provide all the functionalities you require to complete your job.

Whether you’re looking to become the next big thing, or looking to find the next big recording artist, here are some tips to organizing the perfect home music studio.

1. Set Up Your Room

Many people like to organize their gear in a circular format; however, this hinders the spread of sound. Instead, you could opt for a hybrid recording setup. Your desk will be at the front of the room, with two layers of equipment in front of it.

In the second layer, you should have some kind of remote that allows you to record or hit play/pause from anywhere in the room. This remote can even be your iPad, installed with an app that controls all your gear.

2. Tune Your Room

You need to make sure your room is equipped to produce good playback. It is important that what you’re hearing from the speakers is what the rest of the world will ultimately hear.

So, you need to minimize any echoes in your room. It might require some investment, but it will be good for your career in the long run. You can hang some Auralex panels, bass traps, and a ceiling diffusor in the room to reduce any echo and vibrations.

3. Organize Your Desk

The most important rule to follow when setting up your room is to make sure your desk is distraction-free. You should only keep what you need on your desk, and put everything within an arm’s distance of your chair.

Another tip is to place a big desk calendar right in front of your chair. This will keep you organized, and with it right in front of you, you’ll never miss a task or appointment.

4. Label Your Cables

Your studio will no doubt have loads of cables, and at times it can get confusing. A simple solution is to label them. You can use a label maker, or a cheaper solution is to color code the tips with fingernail polish. This simple solution will help keep your cable mess contained.


Starting a music career is both hard and scary. There are many unknowns, but the first step is to design and organize your office. At least you’ll have one unknown solved, and you’ll be able to tackle everything else, one step at a time.