261 – Finally Revealed… Our Plans for Music Entrepreneur HQ in 2022

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Podcast

So, what exactly is going on with Music Entrepreneur HQ and The New Music Industry Podcast in 2022? Will it be business as usual, or are there changes to come?

That’s what we’re going to be looking at in this episode The New Music Industry Podcast.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:32 – David addresses what’s been going on in his world
  • 02:40 – Improvements that need to be made to Music Entrepreneur HQ
  • 03:40 – Career opportunities at Music Entrepreneur HQ
  • 04:22 – These are tough times
  • 05:24 – But these are still amazing times to be an artist
  • 05:44 – Our plan moving forward
  • 07:54 – Opportunity for innovation

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Hey, it’s David Andrew Wiebe.

You may have noticed that we’ve been a little slow to update Music Entrepreneur HQ as of late. So, I wanted to address this.

A lot of this will become clearer as we go, but in general, this has a lot to do with the renewed efforts I’m putting into my music career, as well as my new guitar course, the Chord King Course program at ChordKingCourse.com.

In terms of music, I’m working on my album, Back on Solid Ground. This has been the big, unfinished, “Duke Nukem Forever” project in my life that dates to 2008 / 2009 that I have yet to complete.

I realized there’s not going to be a perfect time or space to complete it in. It’s now or never. That’s why I’ve been working on it this quarter, and I will continue to work on it next quarter, as I’ve realized it’s a little ambitious to try to get it all done in three months.

My yearlong leadership program is part of what has me engaging in these projects to begin with, but the leadership program in and of itself, as I’ve said before, is also expansive in its scope, velocity, and intensity.

So, while I am using it as a vehicle to finish the things, I’ve chosen for myself, it’s true that there are certain requirements and demands in terms of training, meetings, calls, and tasks. Either way, I’m going to continue to share what I’ve been discovering in the program so you can benefit from it.

But it’s come to the point where picking up more clients, working on music, and everything else I’m up to right now isn’t entirely sustainable. I get it done, but at the expense of life – and to an extent, health, because I’m exhausted.

It has come to my attention too, that while Music Entrepreneur HQ’s SEO needs to be improved, constantly publishing new content doesn’t give us a lot of space to do the overhauls we need to do.

As it stands, there’s still a good amount of traffic coming to the site, but a lot of it is deadweight, and people who bounce off. Maybe this is just the curse of having a site that’s so big with content that needs to be updated, but we’re noticing that this doesn’t drive results.

I’m acknowledging that, while I could be the point person for SEO, it would be a very slow-going process because of what I’ve already taken on.

And, to that end, we’re looking for solutions. There is a new Careers page on the website, and we’re currently looking for an interim Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) – this is not a full-time position, but rather a medium-term revenue share opportunity where the CMO will be paid a percentage of the business based on performance.

It would be their responsibility to improve the site’s SEO and copy, so if you happen to know anyone that’s skilled in those areas that’s looking for five- to 10-hour per week type commitment and would like to work with me over the course of the next two to three years, do let me know.

But I’ve also heard from some of you that this is just a tough time and you’re trying to figure out your finances, and you may not have discretionary income to spend on courses and other programs right now.

And I can appreciate that, but there is an impact. Look, in the last few months, I’ve had to tighten the belt a bit, cut some expenses, look for additional writing work I could take on, and generally begin to seek out opportunities that are a little less reliant on client purchases, and are more predicated on engagement, views, time invested, and so forth.

But whether it’s Medium, YouTube, BitClout, Odysee, or otherwise, it takes time and effort. Short-term, there isn’t much in it.

And while I still think this is an excellent time to be an artist, and there are more opportunities than ever, it’s basically brought me to this point of having to switch things up a bit.

And the decision isn’t to stop everything, give up, or otherwise walk away from what we’ve built up with The New Music Industry Podcast or Music Entrepreneur HQ… Like I said, we’re looking for solutions.

The plan is to slow things down a bit, to get our messaging right, optimize our website, and to fine-tune what’s clearly not working for us right now.

So, I wanted to give you a sense of what to expect moving forward:

With the podcast, I will be moving to a monthly format for a while, probably for the rest of the year, but it all depends on participation, engagement, shares, and monetization.

And there are some surprises coming with the new format. I have a new co-host that’ll be joining me for each episode, so in that sense, I expect it to be a lot more interactive and fun, and an easy space for everyone to get into the conversation.

The blog is going to be a little sporadic in the immediate future, but I do have multiple pieces to share with you, so I’m looking to set up at least one new post every two weeks.

As for the YouTube channel, I think you can still expect weekly updates.

Overall, I believe these will all be positive changes, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of them and know where to follow us.

Stick with the podcast. Don’t unsubscribe. Wait on bated breath for every episode. Consume it the moment it’s published. Soak in the content and listen to every word. That’s how you’re going to get the most value out of it.

One of our goals is to make Music Entrepreneur HQ easier to follow. Personally, I’ll still be experimenting a lot and posting everywhere, but with Music Entrepreneur HQ, we want to make sure you aren’t confused, and you can easily find what you’re looking for in the format you want it.

So, keep an eye on the blog, on the podcast, and our YouTube channel. You can also check out our social media destinations for updates.

And I want to leave you with this. This is the best time to innovate. Historically, the best time for businesses, entrepreneurs, and even artists, is when things are tough. This is the best time to innovate and create something new.

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