221 – Stay Encouraged, Stay Inspired

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Podcast

Things have been kind of interesting as of late. But that doesn’t mean you should feel down and like it’s all coming to an end.

If you’re feeling discouraged or unmotivated right now, have a listen to this episode of The New Music Industry Podcast to get pumped up!

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:17 – David’s purpose
  • 01:57 – Interrupting the current series
  • 02:50 – There has never been a better time to express yourself creatively
  • 03:59 – Don’t be a lone wolf
  • 04:56 – Concluding thoughts


Hey, what’s up. It’s David Andrew Wiebe. Thanks for joining me.

This episode is completely unscripted. I just want to be real with you today that I am feeling exhausted. I’m feeling tired. And as a result, this episode’s going to be going out late. I just haven’t quite gotten the sleep that I’ve needed lately.

Although last night, I had a great sleep and a nice little dream as well. So, let’s hope that continues. But today, I’m just not feeling it. And that’s okay. There are days like that.

When I have days like that, I just go back to my purpose and my mission. The number one thing for me, especially lately, it’s become clear, is to inspire creatives and creators. If I’m not doing that, then it’s kind of all for naught. That’s where everything stems from. That’s the umbrella under which I create. That’s why I do podcasts like this. That’s why I blog every day.

If you didn’t know I did, I’m blogging over at DavidAndrewWiebe.com. You’re welcome to check that out. That’s where some of the action is happening. I’ll probably talk more about where some of the action with the community is happening but I will say this, that there’s been so much support and so much engagement and so many more people that seem to care about what I’m up to, what I’m sharing.

It’s not about me. it is fundamentally about you. And again, that’s why I’m showing up today, because I want you to be encouraged. I want you to be inspired and maybe even empowered. That’s why we talk about tactics and strategies and tools and things like that.

I’m interrupting a series on what to do with your music in 2021. I’m sure we’ll get back to that soon enough. It’s a multi part series. There may even be a few interviews coming up that sort of interrupt the flow of that.

I actually need a little more time to think on part three, though, to be honest. I just wasn’t feeling like I could go ahead and script that entire thing today. After doing episode two or part two, rather, I realized that there were more tools to share about. And then, I promptly forgot them.

This is kind of rare for me. But based on how tired and exhausted I’ve been feeling, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that whatever is in my head and not written down, I forget. I always try to write down everything I can.

The main thing I wanted to share with you to encourage you and to inspire you today is there has never been a better time for you to fully express your thoughts, your feelings, and whatever it is that you want to do musically. I even talked about that in part one of what to do with your music in 2021.

But I’m telling you, no matter how weird things get out there, and I understand, trust me, I know how weird things are getting out there, there’s still has never been a better time for you to be fully expressed in your music and in your own personal expression in your relationships and your life. Because that’s what it means to be a leader. A leader is somebody who is fully self-expressed.

Whatever you’re afraid of is 10 times more afraid of you than you are of it. That’s just the way it is. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. You don’t have to give in to the false evidence.

We could all just sit here and shake in our boots, but I’m telling you, right now is the right time to connect. Stop isolating, trying to be a lone wolf. Instead, come and join the action.

Come and join the action on Twitter. If you haven’t found me yet, I’m twitter.com/DavidAWiebe or @DavidAWiebe, if you will.

And some of the other action’s happening on Medium. I’m also DavidAWiebe on Medium. I believe the address there is DavidAWiebe.medium.com. So, don’t be a lone wolf right now. Come and join the community. Come and join the action. Be a part of the conversation.

It’s okay if we don’t see eye to eye on everything. That’s not what humanity is about. It’s about appreciating the differences that we have and valuing each other regardless of how differently we see things.

Thanks for joining me today. I look forward to sharing more with you on what to do with your music in 2021. This was just a quick recording and a brief message for you, a message of encouragement and inspiration that you can be you authentically and fully. Thanks for joining me.