21 Music Marketing Blogs You Should be Reading

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We’ve covered eight music marketing blogs you should be reading.

We’ve covered eight more music marketing blogs you should be reading.

We didn’t necessarily plan on covering more, but things have changed quite a bit since we originally published those posts five years ago. The music industry continues to grow and expand online.

So, here’s what we did – we combined all those posts to create one giant list. Here are 21 music marketing blogs you should be reading.

1. Symphonic Distribution

Symphonic Distribution

Symphonic Distribution is one of the leading independent music distributors and marketing companies. And their blog isn’t too shabby, either.

They cover various aspects of the music business, monetization, and of course, music marketing.

If you’re interested in discovering how to get more from your live streams, how to get your music featured in video gaming channels, remarketing, and other modern, relevant topics, then you’ll enjoy what Symphonic Distribution is publishing.

2. Soundfly’s Flypaper


Flypaper isn’t strictly a music marketing blog, though it does cover plenty of relevant topics, including recording, composition, and royalties.

Plus, we love what Soundfly is up to, and we even had CEO and founder Ian Temple on our podcast (one of our favorite episodes!).

With new articles popping up on a near daily basis, Flypaper is certainly a blog worth keeping an eye on.

3. TuneCore


TuneCore is another popular music distribution service for musicians, and their blog covers every aspect of developing a music career. That does mean, of course, that they do cover marketing as well.

You’ll find articles on ways to market your music video, TikTok marketing, storytelling, and a great deal more.

TuneCore also regularly publishes artist spotlights and industry news.

4. Ditto Music Unsigned Advice

Ditto Music Unsigned Advice

Ditto Music is yet another music distribution service, and we’ve been promoting them for years, as we’re big fans of their Record Label in a Box product.

On Unsigned Advice, you will find articles relating to how to promote your music independently, earning money on Twitch, getting your music featured on Spotify playlists and more.

Although we do wish their archives were a little easier to navigate, they do have some great content relating to music marketing.

5. Sonicbids


Sonicbids is a go-to resource for finding gigs, and it just so happens they’ve got a regularly updated blog as well.

If you’ve wanted to learn about growing your Instagram following, using Facebook groups to grow your network, building a powerful brand, and more, you’ll want to check in here from time to time.

The Sonicbids blog covers plenty of other topics, from songwriting to motivation and inspiration, so if you’re looking for additional resources, you will certainly find them here.

6. Music Consultant

Music Consultant

Music Consultant is a boutique music marketing firm that specializes in developing artistic careers.

Their blog is only updated a couple of times per month, but they do cover some interesting topics. You’ll find articles on the best times to release your music, marketing music on Pandora, YouTube marketing, and more.

They’ve also got a deep archive of intriguing posts.

7. 60 Second Music Marketing

60 Second Music Marketing

60 Second Music Marketing is features both a blog and podcast, and there’s no question they’ve got plenty of great information on music marketing.

Topics covered include making money from live streaming, how to write a good band bio, getting national radio airplay and a great deal more.

For open discussions on music marketing, this one is certainly worth a look.

8. Music Marketing Manifesto

Music Marketing Manifesto

John Oszajca’s Music Marketing Manifesto is seeing more content updates as of late, and there are some doozies – the art and science of playlist promotion, generating income from Twitch, branding for musicians, and more.

Oszajca has been on our podcast before, and we had a great, inspiring conversation with him. It’s worth a listen!

For thorough answers to your pressing music career questions, there’s always Music Marketing Manifesto.

9. Music Entrepreneur HQ (Our Own Music Marketing Blogs)

Music Entrepreneur HQ

We are biased, but so is everyone else making a list like this one!

But as far as we’re concerned, Music Entrepreneur HQ should be on more top music marketing blog lists. We’ve got content dating back to 2009 that details my journey, the journey of other musicians, as well as tips and advice from leading experts, marketers, entrepreneurs, and more.

Bookmark us while you’re here!

10. Music Marketing Guy

Music Marketing Guy

Music Marketing Guy has a huge archive of content and it features some amazing tips that have been tried and tested. I know this because I’ve talked with the owner of the blog, Corey Koehler, and we’ve developed a great friendship over time.

Corey says he had a lot of people asking him how he was able to do different things in his music career, and many of his answers and insights to these questions can be found on Music Marketing Guy.

If you’re trying to make things happen on your own, and you’re looking for ways to improve upon your marketing, this blog should be on your list.

11. Independent Music Promotions

Independent Music Promotions

James Moore (author of Your Band Is A Virus) has an incredible blog over at Independent Music Promotions, which is offers PR to independent artists.

Their content is primarily made up of artist reviews and interviews, but they also discuss music marketing, news, and other tidbits.

They’ve also got multiple authors contributing, which always helps with broadening your perspective as a musician.

12. DIY Musician Blog

DIY Musician Blog

CD Baby’s DIY Musician Blog hardly needs an introduction.

The blog gets updated with new content constantly, and there are a lot of great, well-known guest contributors as well.

They cover practically everything that applies to building a music career, and that means there’s always plenty for you to learn too.

13. Bob Baker’s TheBuzzFactor.com

Bob Baker’s TheBuzzFactor.com

There probably aren’t too many musicians – and for that matter artists – that haven’t heard of Bob Baker. This is because he has – and continues to – establish himself as a notable expert in the field of empowering artists.

He has books, courses, videos, a podcast, a blog, and a great deal more.

On TheBuzzFactor.com, you will find many posts that challenge your thinking, encourage you to open your mind, and look at things a little differently.

14. Bandzoogle Blog

Bandzoogle Blog

I’ve been a fan of the Bandzoogle blog for several years, because they talk about – what else? – building websites!

The Bandzoogle blog features more information on artist websites than you will find anywhere else, and that’s as it should be, as you can create a great website in no time flat with their online builder and hosting platform.

They also cover online ads, niche marketing, selling your music, and a great deal more.

15. Disc Makers Blog

Disc Makers Blog

There are a ton of authors contributing to the Disc Makers blog, and makes it indispensable.

Their blog primarily centers on marketing as well as recording, mastering, and other audio related topics.

Of course, when you start delving into marketing, the sky is the limit, so you’ll find similar content across other popular music marketing blogs.

16. Music Industry How To

Music Industry How To

Music Industry How To is an incredible resource for musicians, and I’m not just saying that because I’ve been a staff writer with them for five years.

They did a great job of covering the business of music in the past, but these days there are more posts relating to instruments, songs, and reviews than anything else.

Still, they’ve got a great archive of helpful content, including posts on music marketing.

17. Hypebot


Much of my music industry education came from Hypebot, and to that extent, they’ve got to be on this list.

This blog is mostly focused on startups, technology, and music streaming, but you will also find the occasional opinion piece or article centered on music marketing related topics too.

They publish way too much for one person to keep up with, but if you want to keep up the industry, I know of no better resource.

18. Michael Brandvold Marketing

Michael Brandvold Marketing

Michael Brandvold is another well-known expert in the music business, and more than anything, he understands fandom like no other.

Recently, he’s been covering sync licensing, self-releasing, Spotify, and more.

Much of his content is video and audio oriented now, but there are more than a few posts that should pique your interest either way.

19. Music Think Tank

Music Think Tank

Music Think Tank is a Hypebot property, but Hypebot was acquired by Bandsintown (we interviewed managing partner Fabrice Sergent on the podcast a while back). Which can make things a little confusing.

Anyway, Music Think Tank is where experts and budding experts go to share their ideas, and it might not even be too much of an exaggeration to say some of your favorite experts got their start there.

Obviously, that means many writers contribute to Music Think Tank, though I think the quality of content can be hit or miss.

20. The Music Biz Academy (Old School Music Marketing Blogs)

The Music Biz Academy

The Music Biz Academy was originally started by solo piano artist and composer David Nevue. Eventually, it was taken over by Christopher Knab of FourFront Media.

I don’t think it’s been updated since 2013, which is kind of unfortunate. But the content lives on, and there are a lot of great articles and how-to guides on the website.

Faded but not forgotten.

21. Sessionville (Rarely Updated Music Marketing Blogs)


Sessionville is a unique resource for musicians. Their blog posts are highly visual and are organized by easy-to-navigate categories. Their homepage is organized in a Pinterest-like layout.

A variety of people contribute to the blog, which provides you with many viewpoints. This is an asset, since one person can’t know everything there is to know about a subject as broad as music marketing.

Sessionville doesn’t get updated as much anymore, but it still stands as a cool resource.

Music Marketing Blogs, Final Thoughts

Bottom line – there isn’t a shortage of resources for musicians and that includes music marketing blogs. If there’s something you want to learn, you can find the answers you’re looking for online.

Be proactive. Be a student. If you’re serious about building your music career, you will separate yourself by engaging in regular, ongoing, diligent study. You will take your career further and faster by being proactive and most importantly, being an action taker.

Did you enjoy our list? Are there any other blogs that should be added? Let us know in the comments below.