Elevate Your Music Career with Music Career Omnibus: A Comprehensive Breakdown

Elevate Your Music Career with Music Career Omnibus: A Comprehensive Breakdown

The latest addition to our growing repository of training programs is Music Career Omnibus.

This online course varies from our other offerings in a few ways and is quite possibly one of the most extensive programs we’ve offered to date.

So, let’s explore together this new course and how it can transform your music career.

What is Music Career Omnibus?

Music Career Omnibus will stretch you like no other independent musician program you’ve ever been exposed to.

Most music career courses are content to offer a few quick tips in a series of videos only to leave you to figure out the rest. These have been created to keep you engaged, not to help you get real, tangible, applied results on your musical journey.

Music Career Omnibus goes beyond and will engage you in various forms of learning and prompt you to think, journal, and take action. At times, prompts or steps may feel challenging or uncomfortable, but if you embrace discomfort and do the course as designed, you will achieve transformational results.

What does Music Career Omnibus Cover?

This expansive, unparalleled training covers all the essentials to building a successful music career and more:

  • Getting it together: Mindset and psychology, developing the right habits, establishing consistency, leveling up your people skills, overcoming rejection and discouragement, and more.
    • For example: Lesson 1 prompts you to read two books about the “slight edge,” reflect and journal about them, and create new consistency habits to produce breakthroughs in your career.
  • Getting it done: Overcoming excuses, facing discomfort, taking action, turning content into opportunity, booking shows, pitching, building industry connections, developing an online presence, and more.
    • For example: Lesson 4 prompts you to pitch to one of the biggest players in music reviews.
  • Getting it out there: How to get more exposure for your music, grow your fan base, and earn an income from your passion.
    • For example: Later lessons cover the digital marketing essentials every musician should master to create a magnetic brand and strong online presence – setting up a website, growing a social media following, affiliate marketing, and more.

What Results Can I Expect from Taking Music Career Omnibus?

Best music business courses

Results are personalized and will vary from one artist to another. Assuming you engage in the course as designed and do the work, you will grow your self-confidence, attain more of your goals, and acquire valuable skills.

In addition, you will:

  • Grow your self-confidence and belief in your ability to succeed.
  • Gamify the actions you need to take to build consistency in reaching your goals.
  • Finally get into motion to fulfill your music career goals and dreams.
  • Learn how to craft effective pitches (the “Perfect Pitch”) that get noticed.
  • Increase your capacity to spot more opportunities and get more done.
  • Develop a robust online presence that attracts listeners and fans.
  • Discover how to tap into more revenue streams that help you earn from your creativity.
  • And more.

Who is Music Career Omnibus for?

Music Career Omnibus is for you if you are:

  • A serious independent musician: If you are willing to let go of limitations, embrace change, and give it your all, this course is for you.
  • Lover of 30-day challenges: 30-day challenges are amazing. The only problem? It’s usually impossible to keep up with them, and once the 30 days are up, you no longer have the support and accountability you need to complete what you originally set out to do. Music Career Omnibus extends well beyond 30 days, and it offers extensive support. Completing the program could take six to 12 months or longer.
  • Someone who wants to be steeped in my coaching methodology: If you complete this course as designed, you are virtually pre-qualified to be hired by me! The training covers all the fundamentals you’d need to become a versatile music business consultant or coach.

Isn’t Music Career Omnibus Still in Development?

Yes. But we are adding several lessons each week, and many lessons are expected to take the student about a month to complete as designed.

So, it’s unlikely that you’ll catch up with development. When you’re done with one lesson, the next one will await you.

Where Can I Purchase Music Career Omnibus?

Music Career Omnibus is a one-of-a-kind growth experience for independent musicians who are looking to expand to transform.

You can learn more about, and purchase Music Career Omnibus at this link to unlock your full potential in the music industry.

What’s New in ClickUp 3.0?

What’s New in ClickUp 3.0?

Many companies balk over massive changes and are slow to implement new features. Being careful and measured isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is find the right note and keep hitting it until you’re blue in the face and the audience is amped with tension!

But some companies like to bust through the glass ceiling as rapidly as possible, proving their stamina and agility. And ClickUp is one such innovator. I favor that approach myself.

Case in point. In October, I looked at ClickUp Dashboards, and in September, I shared about ClickUp AI. And here we are again in December, talking about ClickUp 3.0, the latest innovation in all-in-one productivity.

So, what’s the hoopla about? Read on.

New Design

ClickUp 3.0 Design

ClickUp 3.0 has received a significant design overhaul, and I think it’s a step in the right direction. Its appearance is more streamlined, and a little easier to understand compared to before, especially the new and improved sidebar.

But in my opinion, we are still a way off from nailing it. I feel navigation could be simpler, and visually, ClickUp could be bigger, bolder, more colorful, and more fun.

Here’s a suggestion – less workspace cubicle claustrophobia, more “I feel like I’m celebrating my behemoth-sized accomplishments in streamlined big-screen bright-colored flat vector heaven.” Is that possible? Because we can get the former with a litany of other apps.

Less workspace cubicle claustrophobia, more “I feel like I’m celebrating my behemoth-sized accomplishments in streamlined big-screen bright-colored flat vector heaven.” Share on X


ClickUp 3.0 Home

What do you see upon logging in to most productivity apps? Usually, a linear list of tasks to be completed, sometimes with urgent notifications for tasks whose due date is coming up fast. Maybe just a big list of notes or documents screaming at you from the sidebar.

With ClickUp’s new Home screen, you can personalize and customize what to display, and it will always surface your highest priorities first. Handy!

Universal Search

Universal Search makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for (and I do mean exactly!). Whether it’s stored inside ClickUp, your local hard drive, a third-party app, or elsewhere, the new search function can help you locate what you’re looking for faster.

Custom Task Types

Now you aren’t limited to the default set of task types. Whatever you need, you can now create it – SKUs, contacts, accounts, cases, and so on. Got to love the added flexibility!


The challenge with most productivity solutions and how they handle notifications lies in the fact that context is often missing.

You assign a new task to be completed by Joe by the end of the week. And as a project manager, you’d assume this would be enough to nudge Joe to finish his work.

Only Joe is sitting at his desk going, “Great – new task! What was it that we talked about at the team meeting again…?” He checks his email, and while he finds the meeting minutes, they don’t describe what he’s meant to do in detail. He checks the notes he took himself… Nope, still not clear.

So, of course, Joe must seek you out to ask questions. He feels awkward because he doesn’t remember what he was asked to do, and you feel irritated because you just want people to do their work already, gawd.

The ClickUp 3.0 Inbox allows users to see work and notifications side by side, which helps them understand how the project is progressing, as well as what their role in all of it is.

This upgrade should help you streamline project- and task-related conversations and support your team completing their work with greater efficiency too. Phew, now that’s a relief.


Use the Overviews function to see what’s happening across your organization, regardless of whether it’s a List, Folder, or Space. See what documents or files have recently been viewed or updated. (Secretly check up on people and see if they’re getting their work done… You know you want to.)


Now you can easily organize all your content using Hubs, whether your documents, whiteboards, dashboards, or otherwise. Make it easy for you and your team to find what you’re looking for when you need it.

Other Great Features

The above is but the tip of the iceberg. ClickUp is hard at work adding a treasure trove of other fantastic stocking stuffer goodies, just in time for Christmas no less!

Here are but a few items you have to look forward to if you sign up for ClickUp today:

  • App Center: Your central space to manage all integrations.
  • Automation: New Automation types available.
  • Collaboration Engine: Work in real-time or asynchronously with your team and avoid chaos.
  • Command Center: For creating custom keyboard shortcuts.
  • Conditional Logic in Forms: Now handling even more complex workflows.
  • Custom Field Manager: Manage all your custom fields from a central place.
  • Global Action Bar: A handy tool for finding what you need exactly when you need it.
  • Mobile App: ClickUp 3.0 is now smartphone compatible. Take it with you in your pocket!
  • Sidebar: Greatly streamlined to offer better utility.
  • Sprints: For planning sprints matched to your team, as well as spring reporting.

Is there more coming…? I wouldn’t doubt it!

Final Thoughts, ClickUp 3.0

As we look to the future of ClickUp, the ones who are most giddy with excitement over the latest additions and innovations are no doubt project managers. ClickUp 3.0 offers the infrastructure necessary for you to be able to manage the projects more and manage the people less.

ClickUp 3.0 offers the infrastructure necessary for you to be able to manage the projects more and manage the people less. Share on X

(We all know that’s a little idealistic, but any improvement in this area is generally a welcome one!)

3.0 addresses many of the concerns users have brought up in recent times, and I suspect even a few that have never been brought up! That’s cool – I like ClickUp’s style. They’re a team after my own heart.

And no doubt as we look to the future, ClickUp will be integrating more space-age technology to wow us and make productivity even more of a walk in the park.

If you’d like to learn more about ClickUp 3.0 and how it can help you manage and organize your project or business and be more efficient, click here to explore further.

Podcast Sponsorship Opportunities 2024

Podcast Sponsorship Opportunities 2024

Are you interested in working with us in 2024?

Do you have room in your budget for podcast sponsorships this year?

Would you like to reach a broader listening audience with your service, product, or event in 2024?

Let’s explore this opportunity together.

Download the PDF version of this article

By the Numbers

The New Music Industry Podcast got its start in June 2016 and has since amassed more than 102,900 downloads spanning over 300 episodes, averaging over 300 downloads per episode (not including YouTube, where we’ve garnered an additional 6,266 views).


Over the years, we’ve shared many products with our audience, including our books and courses as well as third-party music distribution services, email marketing tools, “link in bio” solutions, and more.


Our podcast has found a following with artists, entrepreneurs, executives, and even other musician coaches, usually between 18 and 39, but sometimes older, especially if they are entrepreneurs or executives.

Syndication & Distribution

For every episode published, we typically produce:

  • A summary and media highlights
  • A full transcript
  • A PDF document
  • Multiple unique graphics
  • Multiple quotes to share on social media
  • Multiple clips to share on social media
  • A full-length video to share on YouTube

Podcast episodes may also be turned into blog posts to share on Medium and Tealfeed. Podcast videos are often shared in more than one blog post to give the episodes a second and third life.

Podcasting in 2024

As we look to 2024, we’ll be winding down The New Music Industry Podcast, and launching a new show (very much in the same vein) that will be rolling out with greater frequency – four to five episodes per week versus the traditional weekly format. We already have over 100 episodes recorded, waiting to be published.

We’ll also be unifying our brand to make it easier for artists to find and enjoy the show across an array of platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart, YouTube, and more.


David Andrew Wiebe has a combined 13,971 followers and subscribers spread across many platforms (including Web3 / decentralized networks), with his primary being Tealfeed, Twitter, and Medium.

We also have an email list of over 1,300 subscribers.

Ready to Work with Us?

We are already in talks with one sponsor, and we are interested in entertaining a second and possibly a third.

If you feel there is a good match between the product or service you offer and the audience we are reaching, get in touch so we can discuss further.

I look forward to chatting with you.

BlogLetter: December 18, 2023

BlogLetter: December 18, 2023

“The most glorious moments in your life are not the so-called days of success, but rather those days when out of dejection and despair you feel rise in you a challenge to life, and the promise of future accomplishments.” – Gustave Flaubert

Download the PDF version of the BlogLetter

Impending Consolidation & Rebrand

Well, we’ve made you work for it over the years… That wasn’t the intention, but that’s how things have turned out.

Music Entrepreneur HQ. Content Marketing Musician. David Andrew Wiebe. Not to mention the dozen other sites where you can find me as a contributor. It’s come to the point where no one can tell the difference between the sites or offers. Plus, there is no central space to get access to everything.

Chiefly, we’re working to consolidate and rebrand, and it will happen soon. In the meantime, though, I felt it more than prudent to keep you updated on practical matters, as well as exciting new developments.

Chasing New Horizons… aka My Embarrassing “Hire Me” Letter

I’m not one to place all the blame on singular circumstances, which is to give them power undeserving and significance unwarranted.

But it’s no secret that a rocky client relationship has dominated overblown quantities of my mind space, time, and energy for the better part of the last three to four years, and it has been showing no signs of improvement. If anything, it has been one of the factors behind my repeated burnouts.

I can take responsibility for the fact that I chose to stay in that ugly scenario.

Said client has received my notice to work with him only in a vastly reduced capacity beginning January, and even then, so far as I am concerned, it equates to near zilch in terms of value exchange.

If you see it to have me in your employ, I am never beyond working for big bags of money, assuming no values are violated. I require a flexible schedule and remote working arrangement given my other commitments, but plenty of time will open beginning in January, and I can do more damage in an hour than most.

And I can also do more than just write a few funnily worded sentences. I am versed in virtually every aspect of digital marketing, whether self-publishing, building websites, setting up podcasts, email marketing, creating custom jingles or theme songs, you name it. I’ll even entertain short-term contracts. Current circumstances find me in rare form, but optimistic.

If you’re ready, then, you can contact me to:

Get your project wrestled down to the floor and beaten to submission.

The Haircut

There was some controversy over my hair in recent vlogs. I understand how important it is to present well, and simultaneously I am often taken aback by how little people focus on the message and instead choose to focus on appearances. Look, it’s okay, I will get over it.

Either way, the deed is done. Proof:

David Andrew Wiebe, haircut

The wardrobe will be next, I’m sure.

The Return of Coaching

Artistic Multiplication Session

Back by popular demand. I am now booking coaching sessions for January and February. You should not expect these slots to remain open for long. Perhaps it goes without saying but it should be said anyway that if you book now, some AMAZING bonuses are going to accompany your purchase, and they will hypercharge our coaching session together. This is my Christmas gift to you.

Don’t delay – reserve your spot for January or February – there are limited spots available!

Episode 300

The lamest of Chinese Democracy memes cannot sugarcoat or excuse this tardiness. The thing that we have promised, and have yet to deliver on, is episode 300 of the podcast. I have given a state of affairs update to offer reason enough, though now that I am coming through to the other end of the deep, dark tunnel of burnout, it is time to fulfill on this promise.

It may not happen next week, it may not even happen the week after, but soon…

Of course, there are other important promises to deliver on too, but I am going as fast as I can.

Clean Slate

The much-rumored live event is taking shape, and it is now slated for Friday, February 16, 2023, in Victoria, BC. I will let you know as soon as tickets become available. You may also want to keep an eye on the events page should you be interested in participating in our soon-to-come giveaway.

The BlogLetter

This is my semi-promise to you to deliver weekly updates, that is, of course, until this current phase of consolidation and rebranding is complete. Words are not enough to express these feelings of guilt, humility, and gratitude, so very simply I will say:

Thank you for your patience.

I know for some of you it’s a big ask, but if you’d consider one of my books as stocking stuffers this Holiday Season, I would be beyond overjoyed and more than happy to sign your copy for you should we meet at some glitzy music industry conference afterparty over cigars and whiskey.

As always, I look forward to seeing you on the stages of the world.

– DA

Organic Weekly Reviews – Can They Work?

Organic Weekly Reviews – Can They Work?

Like anyone operationally-minded, I used to feel the need to systemize my weekly reviews.

Make a checklist. Do the steps. Turn it into a habit.

These weekly reviews would evolve, with steps either being added or subtracted based on their importance or utility.

But as I got busier, the weekly reviews would come to a screeching halt. Catching up after a week wasn’t so bad, but after two weeks, three weeks…

There always comes a point of no return. You either feel guilty for not logging stats in your spreadsheets and your self-confidence erodes, or you feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having to catch up on multiple missed weeks.

But maybe the problem isn’t so much that you’re undisciplined. Maybe the problem is that your weekly reviews aren’t the least bit exciting…

Why do we Systemize?

The need to systemize comes from the need to be efficient.

Efficiency is a good thing, right? Entrepreneurs and businesses are always chasing increased productivity. That must mean efficiency is an uncontested virtue in every aspect of business.

But that’s kind of like saying the point of a delicious meal is to get it into your stomach.

Don’t you want to savor that meal? Don’t you want to taste it? Wouldn’t you get more pleasure out of lingering on every mouth-watering bite?

Moments of pleasure seem so brief and elusive compared to longer stretches of ambivalence and even pain. If you want to live at all, you’ve got to drink in those fleeting drops of satisfaction.

If you want to live at all, you’ve got to drink in fleeting drops of satisfaction. Share on X

Efficiencies can sometimes cloud the reasons for doing something in the first place. We can walk through the steps of our checklists without being the slightest bit present with the significance of each task, and that prevents us from tapping into our inner resources.

Efficiencies can sometimes cloud the reasons for doing something. Share on X

What is the Point of a Weekly Review?

There are as many different types of weekly reviews as there are people or businesses. There’s no one right way of conducting a weekly review.

However, most reviews revolve around evaluating the past week’s performance and identifying any changes that need to be made to have a better week the next.

You can skim the numbers and get a sense of what you and your team have accomplished this past week, but skimming alone isn’t going to achieve much.

The value isn’t in skimming the numbers. It’s in thinking about the numbers.

What do the numbers mean? What story are they telling? What trends are you observing? Are there any adjustments to be made?

Probing deeper into your performance is where the juice is. That’s where meaningful insights come from.

Let me offer another example.

You may find logging your income sources akin to watching paint dry. Bookkeeping isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

You may also feel the only reason to track revenue in a spreadsheet is the efficiencies gained around filing taxes.

But what if you were to take out a pen and a piece of paper and write down the exact amount of money that was received, by whom, and when?

What if you did this for each income source? What if you said, “Thank you” and expressed your gratitude for each deposit as you were writing it down? What if this reprogrammed your subconscious mind to become more aware of the abundance you’re already generating, and this attracted more of the same?

How would that change your relationship with bookkeeping? More importantly, how would that change your relationship with money?

Logging numbers in a spreadsheet isn’t the point. The point is to see yourself as the source of what you have created.

See yourself as the source of what you have created. Share on X

Can Organic Weekly Reviews Work?

So, can you ditch the checklist, slow down, tap into the powers of your mind, and allow a weekly review to unfold more organically?

Well, this depends on how much time you have for the review.

If all you have is 30 minutes, and it’s mission-critical that you log and evaluate key metrics, then you can’t dawdle around.

On the other hand, if you have one to three hours for uninterrupted deeper reflection, you can let your mind lead you.

Very naturally, as you get into flow, you’ll be prompted to:

  • Review your calendar
  • Jot down ideas
  • Draw out graphs and charts
  • Do some reading
  • Check your dashboards
  • And so on

The organic aspect of the weekly review makes the process fun and exciting again. You’re still going through (mostly) the same motions, but you’re letting inspiration and intuition guide the way.

Whatever you focus on grows, so if you’re focused on enjoyment, what do you think you will get more of?

If you enjoy your weekly reviews, you’re not likely to miss a week!

Assuming your organic weekly review isn’t about having no structure, but rather about becoming aware of the reasons behind measuring and tracking performance, you’ll tap into the deeper undercurrent of purpose. Organic weekly reviews can work.