A Willingness to Adjust

A Willingness to Adjust

Once we feel like we’ve got something figured out, we like to make it a habit. The first time we figure it out, the reward mechanism in our brains triggers a dopamine hit. Sure, the sensation might diminish with time. But it reinforces “good” behavior. Plus, it’s easier to stick with the familiar than to challenge the status quo.

The trouble is that it’s far too easy to get comfortable doing the same things day in and day out without questioning it or looking for other, more efficient ways. You stop looking.

This Sunday, as I was planning for my week, I felt the need to adjust. I saw my life becoming more chaotic, with a higher volume of client work. But I was convinced there was a way to meet the challenge head-on.

I returned to the basics of prioritizing – the parable of the rocks, pebbles, sand, and water. And I put paying projects first. Variable projects second. Growing businesses third.

It’s only Thursday night, and I submit to you that prioritizing made all the difference. The big rocks are largely out of the way. It’s mostly pebbles, sand, and water left.

But it would not have been possible without a willingness to adjust.

Don’t B.S. Yourself

Don’t B.S. Yourself

If you’re not in the game, get out.

Don’t stay holed up in your ivory tower criticizing others. It makes you look foolish because you’re clueless about what’s going on in anyone’s life.

Don’t pretend to know what’s going on when you aren’t in the habit of talking with your people. Assumptions make an ass out of you. Period.

Don’t bark orders at people you aren’t related to, asking them to do things you aren’t willing to do.

If you’re stuck in this cycle, your leadership is superfluous. Get out. Move on. Do something else. Go somewhere where you can make a difference.

Being a Contribution

Being a Contribution

Doesn’t equal self-sacrifice.

Contribution is only in balance when you’re contributing and being contributed to.

If you’re not being contributed to, you may be contributing to the wrong people.

But never fear being contributed to. Most people are just waiting for the call.

Music Industry News for April 24, 2023

Welcome once again to #MusicMonday!

As per usual, there’s way too much to cover and not enough time or space to cover it all, so let’s get right to the key updates for the week.

▶️ Extreme Releases 2 New Singles, “Banshee” and “#Rebel”

Neither the fans nor the band can keep the excitement contained. Unwilling to wait for the official release of their new album on June 9, 2023, Extreme released two new singles, “Banshee” and “#Rebel.”

Intentional or not, where “Rise” ended up playing like a modern rocker, “Banshee” is 100% a callback to the band’s earlier years, which were heavily influenced by Aerosmith, Queen, and of course Van Halen. Guitarist Nuno Bettencourt went for a darker, deeper guitar tone on this one and it sounds great.

The subject matter of the song is juvenile, but did you honestly think there wouldn’t be a testosterone-driven sex tune on Six? Don’t be silly!

As for “#Rebel,” the swung blues-rock riff is very reminiscent of Van Halen. The song even has a bit of a Led Zeppelin vibe to, though I’ve pointed out before how Gary Cherone is a Robert Plant-style singer, so it’s only natural.

I can’t tell you how many riffs like “#Rebel” I’ve written myself, but given that Nuno is one of my major influences, should I even be surprised?

I am loving that all their singles so far are rockers. I’m sure there will be other styles of songs on their album, or it would not be Extreme. I am looking forward to those as well.

▶️ Why You Fail in Music: You Don’t Take Responsibility

291 – This is Why You Fail in Music: You Don’t Take Responsibility

In case you missed it, in episode 291 of the podcast, I shared one of the key reasons a lot of independent artists don’t get to where they want to go in music – taking responsibility. But what exactly does it mean to take responsibility in your music career? Listen to this episode to find out.

▶️ New Landing Pages for Content Marketing Musician

Content Marketing Musician

We’ve been hard at work organizing and updating the courses and offers at Content Marketing Musician. The following offers now all have revised info pages (these pages will be benefiting from additional updates):

Specifically, I want to highlight The Code Breaker Course, because this course was previously unavailable to anyone who hadn’t purchased The Music Entrepreneur Code. Now the book and course are available as a package deal! It’s the ideal pairing for any independent musician looking to master marketing, mindset, and productivity.

▶️ The Productivity, Performance & Profits Breakthroughs Program Enters Week 3

Productivity, Performance & Profits Breakthroughs

Here are the relevant links:

Week 3 content is coming tomorrow! Join in on the fun and have a breakthrough in productivity.

▶️ Best of David Andrew Wiebe

David Andrew Wiebe

I blog daily. Here are my favorite posts from the past week:

Final Thoughts

And that’s what jumped out at us this week, but if there’s anything else you think we should have covered, leave a comment below and let us know!

Buy the Ticket

Buy the Ticket

The trip is not official until you buy the ticket.

You can hold an intention for the trip. You can speculate on what it will be like when you get there. You can share with others that you will be going on a trip.

But until you’ve bought the ticket, there’s no commitment. No need to overcome obstacles, conflicts, or worries. No need to plan for when you’re away.

Even when starting with the end in mind, most people default to behaviors that don’t fulfill the outcome they’ve set out to accomplish. They stall, make excuses, and make themselves look busy. But they won’t buy the ticket.

I’m sure the metaphor isn’t lost on you.

If you’re going to launch a business in 90 days, buy the domain name.

If you’re going to enter a competition in seven months, register your attendance.

If you’re going to host an event in a year, book the venue.

Commit to the outcome. Buy the ticket. It will be easy to align your actions with the outcome when you’ve bought the ticket.