Essential Update for Summer 2022

Essential Update for Summer 2022

Hey, music entrepreneur!

With Music Entrepreneur HQ remaining in a holding pattern (for the better part of two months), we’re about due for an update, aren’t we?

On our end, time spent in reflection has been productive and even eye opening. Plus, we’ve been making massive progress with forthcoming developments.

We hope you haven’t missed us too much in the meantime. 😉

There are a few items to cover, so let’s go point by point:

Essential Updates Completed

As result of redesigning the site and changing color schemes earlier this year, content on certain pages became unreadable. We have updated the following pages to ensure a better experience onsite:

Content Archiving to Begin Soon

I’ve addressed this in another blog post, and there isn’t really anything to add, but I will recap the main points here.

The crux of it is that we aren’t going to remain a content farm for long.

Many of our older posts are going to be archived. Some will become available in the PDF Vault or inside Elite Players: All Access Pass. Many more will be going into a future book (although I’m planning the launch of four other books before we even get to that one).

We recognize this has implications for readers as well as guest contributors.

For our readers, it could mean some of your favorite content will be going away.

Be encouraged that there will always be a sizable body of work you can access for free. Just know that archiving content bloat is going to be a regular part of our workflow moving forward.

Again, if you have access to the PDF Vault, or you’re a member of Elite: Players All Access Pass, you’re not about to run out of content to consume any time soon.

For our guest contributors, unfortunately, it means your backlinks will be going away.

For the sake of our own time and enjoyment, we won’t be providing guest posting or link insertion services moving forward. It doesn’t help our SEO or content creation efforts.

We acknowledge whatever inconvenience this may cause. In an ideal world, we’d have the time and resources to transfer everything over to our new site, but not only is this impractical, it’s not going to do us any favors in search rankings.

Music Entrepreneur HQ & Content Marketing Musician Will be Merging

You may have heard through the grapevine already…

We have multiple sites serving the same purpose, and it’s unnecessary.

Our best and most expansive products are on Content Marketing Musician, and all things being equal, we’d rather be sending traffic there than here.

It’s become obvious, though, that it doesn’t need to be one or the other. We can merge the sites and turn them into a cohesive whole.

I don’t want to make it sound like this is an easy task, though, because it’s one of the reasons we’re faced with the prospect of archiving so much content.

We’ll be moving our entire site over to a new site builder (Music Entrepreneur HQ is on WordPress, Content Marketing Musician is on KLEQ), and that means there will be a period of adapting and working out the kinks.

It would be amazing if moving content was simply a matter of exporting and importing, which is possible with one WordPress installation to another. But in this case, no such options are available. That means rebuilding the archive, one post at a time, by hand.

We’ll be moving over some of our best pieces, but we don’t see it happening on a mass scale because:

  • That time could be better allocated to serving you
  • Even if we hired someone to do it, it could be long-winded and costly
  • It’s not going to help our SEO anyway (even now, some content is hurting rather than helping us)

I’m already growing weary spending time on anything that isn’t connected to serving musicians and creating an impact, so hopefully you can see where my head is at on this.

The other option is starting an entirely new business, which is still a possibility. But I have more to give to the music community, and that being the case, I’m not hanging up the guitars just yet.

What’s Next for The New Music Industry Podcast

Time spent on the podcast is time I’d rather spend developing and improving products (I’ve been making some massive headway behind the scenes) or reaching out to other blogs and podcasts to be featured on them.

So, in my mind, I have come to equate stopping the podcast with giving up the good for great.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the podcast, though I will admit to growing tired of cold pitches, a lack of Apple Podcast ratings and reviews, and low engagement in general.

But I’m having a hard time seeing how it could possibly be the best use of my time anymore, especially since discovering that we can get far better reach with YouTube if we hit the right topical vein.

I’m still looking for a way to make it work, whether it’s to go back to monthly episodes, or to hire someone to handle all the editing, uploading, formatting, and scheduling duties. But as it stands now, it’s little more than a massive time suck.

I will promise, though, at minimum, three more episodes. Beyond that, it all depends on participation and help required to make the car go.

I’ll be talking more about this in future podcast episodes, so stay tuned.