A Time for Change

A Time for Change

I recently shared about how I’ve been experiencing more flow in life.

But intuitively, I knew things were about to change in a major way.

No sooner did my weekend training session begin (for the yearlong leadership program I’m in) when my landlord texted me to announce that they would be selling the house.

After I shared the news with my mom, she said:

Always a challenge but there seems to be a right time for everything.

True, finding a new place to live and carrying through with a move isn’t my idea of fun.

But I immediately saw this as an opportunity.

An opportunity to be in conversation. To share with my friends what’s going on. To begin the search for a new place to call home, even if it is temporary.

I am a digital nomad, and I am set up to live a nomadic life. Sure, I’ve gotten a little fat in the last couple of years (not literally – I’ve been getting in much better shape in the last few months), but trimming the fat as a nomad is par for the course. Here we go again!

Too much comfort can grow stale, even the good kind of comfort. And when there’s no change in life, not only do I get bored, but I can also feel quite sad. I’m not inspired by that kind of life.

Ready or not, change is coming.

But it’s always what you make of it.

Journaling the Reality You Want to Create

Journaling the Reality You Want to Create

At different times in my life, I’ve adopted journaling as a daily habit.

And journaling has proven useful, especially with regards to #StrategySunday sessions, speculating on possibilities, dumping emotional baggage, and more.

But only now am I starting to see the creative power of journaling.

Your future can be created in your journal.

You can draw pictures of the things you desire, and they will manifest at unprecedented speeds.

You can complete anything, including trauma, your relationship to people who’ve passed, things you are dissatisfied with (about yourself or with your life), or otherwise.

And completion is especially powerful, as it creates a space for new possibilities.

Bring intention to your journaling practice, and you can begin creating anything you want in life. But don’t doubt the process. Don’t worry about when the things you desire will manifest. Simply create.

Leave a Space

Leave a Space

Take a break or keep pushing forward?

For the entrepreneur, this decision is never an easy one.

Regardless of the circumstance or our general wellbeing, our default state is to keep pushing ahead.

When we do that, though, we’re not present to our state of being.

We don’t get to bring our full self to our work. We don’t get to contribute at the level we know we can contribute, and we don’t get to be contributed to either.

Taking a step back creates a space for others to step in.

And this is also a test of the structures you’ve set into place to this point. If your team isn’t big enough, or your systems are insufficient, others may not show up in the way you expect them to. But whether you’re prepared or not, this is something an entrepreneur should experience.

So, next time you’re faced with the hard choice of taking a break when you feel like you should push through whatever you might be facing, be in discovery of what it’s like to step back. Leave a space for others to step in.

The Stray Cat

The Stray Cat

The stray cat pawed at the door. She wanted inside.

But once inside, she had no intention of behaving.

Before I knew it, she started making a mad dash to… wait, this is a dead end, isn’t it?

She hid behind the bathroom door, with no place to go.

I picked her up, and brought her back outside, at which point she wandered off.

Just 25 Minutes Away

Just 25 Minutes Away

Just 25 minutes away, the skies are clear. The air is fresh. The sights are beautiful.

And even though it’s only 25 minutes away, it’s worth it.

My weekend getaway may not be on a tropical island. It may be close to home. But it feels nice.