Putting Yourself First

Putting Yourself First

Many opportunities will come your way.

But saying “yes” to everything isn’t a strategy, and it isn’t likely to work out over the long haul.

Somehow, someway, you’ve got to remember to put yourself first.

If you don’t, you could burn out. And you aren’t much good to yourself or anyone else if you burn out.

Your health and wellbeing are a macro consideration because they affect everything.

Many things people consider “macro” aren’t, whether it’s traveling, taking a new job, entering a relationship, or buying a house.

These opportunities need to fit within your ecosystem. If they don’t, they will take away from it. That makes them “micro” considerations.

So long as your heart is beating, there will always be more opportunities.

I don’t know how we’ve gotten away from this, but we have. We are putting other people and other priorities above our own wellbeing. And we are suffering the consequences.

What’s workable is putting yourself first – ensuring that you’re ready for opportunities that come your way and having enough space in your life to say “yes” to the ones that fire you up.

I Acknowledge & Celebrate My Team

I Acknowledge & Celebrate My Team

And everything we’ve accomplished to this point.

Only two months ago, there was no team. Only connections and relationships that were at the beginning stages of forming, or collaborations that had yet to develop.

Now we have a small community of amazing people that chip in and pitch in as they’re able. And the community is growing.

Only two months ago, I didn’t have many collaborators.

Now I have a team that writes press releases and articles, designs banners, shares my content on their blogs, interviews me for their blogs, promotes our projects on social media, and more.

And when I look at all we’ve accomplished to this point, and all we can accomplish together, I couldn’t be more grateful. Results be damned. I can’t control them anyway. I acknowledge and celebrate my team, regardless of results. Because the team is amazing.

In a time when I’ve felt exhausted, anxious, even panicked at times (and the darkness can so easily set in) – I’ve had to remind myself, “I get to work with these amazing people!” And the level of support I’ve received and felt has been nothing short of touching and inspiring (and now I know what it means to receive).

I see how far we’ve come, and how much further we can go.

I’ve also gotten to see just how far I am from perfect, though it’s an arbitrary concept to begin with. And I get to admit it anyway, which is more freeing and liberating than one might be inclined to think.

I get to learn and to discover. To open myself and my projects to criticism and feedback. To assess different ideas. To see what works, and what doesn’t. It’s a playground. It’s a game. And I get to play.

I forget that sometimes. Some days it feels too much like work. And collaborating with my team is the furthest thing from work. It’s play.

As with any other game, we get to strategize, to try different approaches, and evaluate our score against our promised outcomes. It’s fun.

So, I acknowledge and celebrate my team. And I acknowledge myself for taking a chance to build it.

With Freedom and Ease

With Freedom and Ease

“To this point, nothing has come with freedom and ease!” I exclaimed after a deep sigh.

In that moment, a connection was forged with my new friend over the phone. Because he could see himself in that conversation.

But… isn’t it supposed to come with freedom and ease?

The ideal body you want to create, that perfect person you want to meet, that business you want to build… On some level, shouldn’t it be easy? And if it isn’t, isn’t that a clear sign you should move on? Or try something different? Or go about it another way?

The answer is… I don’t know. In my own assessment, there hasn’t been much freedom and ease in creating what I want, and it appears to me as though this “freedom and ease” thing has a mind of its own.

So, where is freedom and ease, and what is it? How can I get it?

I want it desperately. It sounds amazing. I desire to create the life I want with freedom with ease.

I have no idea what that looks like or where to start.

I only have the faintest of notions that it has something to do with being authentic. And this blog post is my attempt at being authentic. But even authenticity seems elusive. What does it mean? What does it look like? How do others perceive authenticity? Does that even matter?

Questions lead to more questions.

I don’t know.

Having the Hard Conversations

Having the Hard Conversations

Is necessary.

When you’re feeling stuck, when you don’t know what to do, when you’re not seeing the type of progress you want to see in life… it’s time to have a hard conversation.

I had just such a conversation with my team today. And it felt a little awkward. But a lot of great ideas were generated as result of the conversation. I’m so grateful for my team.

You can deal in hypotheticals, or you can make an honest assessment of the truth, and plan next steps based on what you now see. I choose the latter.

Put My Email on Permanent Vacation Status?

Put My Email on Permanent Vacation Status?

It’s the craziest idea.

And I’m not considering it because I don’t intend to answer my email. That’s not it.

You know how marketers say to update your email signature when you have something new to promote?

Well, when you set your email to vacation mode, your vacation message ends up going out to anyone that sends you an email.

Meaning – more people see your offer.

Is this a marketing tactic? Well, maybe. But only if you don’t abuse it.