Just Ask

Just Ask

You don’t know what others are willing to do for you.

Or how badly they want to support you.

Or how desperately they’ve been longing for something that adds meaning to their lives.

Don’t hesitate – just ask!

The worst thing that can happen is they say “no,” but most people will still find a way to say “yes,” even when they mean “no.”

I’m not saying to take advantage.

What I am saying is your life is nowhere near as full or rich as it could be without others being meaningfully involved in it. You could have so many more areas of your life working for you that are presently not working or are on the backburner. You could have these areas working by virtue of accepting the contribution of others.

Put yourself into receiving mode and ask. See what happens.

Tee Yourself Up

Tee Yourself Up

Every day, you can tee yourself up for your next accomplishment.

Even if it’s as something as simple as writing a blog post…

If you took the time to plan and outline your work the night before, you’d be able to tee yourself up for success in the day that follows.

You can tackle any area of life, be it work, fitness, relationships, or otherwise.

The tough part is not the preparation required to tee yourself up. Oftentimes, this can be done in 30 minutes or less.

The tough part is in having an expanded view of your work. Not seeing everything as a means to an end, but as a connected whole. Looking ahead in your schedule and considering what’s important to you. Prioritizing.

Every day, there are opportunities to tee yourself up for the next.

With New Eyes

With New Eyes

Having returned to Abbotsford from a two-week trip to Calgary, I am seeing everything with new eyes.

I’m beginning to appreciate my humble basement suite more. And somehow, it looks different to me.

I’ve often stressed the importance of changing your environment and shaking up your routine.

But on this occasion, I’m the one that’s been left pleasantly surprised by the results.

Without context, appreciation can prove a challenge. Sometimes, we need more context. And context can certainly come from a two-week working vacation.



Everything in life is about contrast.

There is big and small, tall and short, light and dark.

Comparison is the less helpful, ugly cousin of contrast. When you see some as better, you also see some as inferior. So, it ends up being all about the ego.

Contrast is about discovering your preferences. It’s about noticing the difference between experiences and which you liked more.

“That’s just semantics,” you might say, but this distinction is critical.

You can’t appreciate happy without sad, love is not as treasured without deep loneliness, and a green, lush mountain is nothing without the flat, dryness of the desert.

But this is about preference, you see. Because there is no right and wrong. It’s just contrast.

And through contrast, we discover what we like. Then, we can begin to choose more of it.

Don’t Run Past it

Don’t Run Past it

Everything you say is significant and nothing is a throwaway.

Yet, we tend to run past important matters all the time.

That’s the nature of most conversations. We jump from one topic to another depending on what another says. A makes us think of B, and X reminds us of Y. A familiar, automatic dialog ensues. So, we end up having the same conversations because every time X comes up, we remember to talk about Y.

“I really don’t like living here…”

Sounds like a throwaway phrase in an ordinary conversation, but it’s anything but. There is something behind that statement. Something you’re not admitting to yourself or anyone else. An opportunity to come clean and discover what you’re really thinking and feeling.

You’re running past critical conversations that need to be had. Staying with these conversations would cause you to see what’s there. It would have you seeing and admitting inauthenticity.

When we run past these conversations, we miss the opportunity to be authentic. And people aren’t touched, moved, or inspired by anything less than authenticity. If you’re missing inspiration in your life, it could be that you haven’t been very authentic lately.