Arrival Fallacy

Arrival Fallacy

In life, we can only go as far as we see. But once we get there, we see further.

Most of the time, we don’t even acknowledge when we’ve reached “there” though. And because we already see further, we’re onto the next thing before we even take a moment to recognize our progress and celebrate.

You probably are living your dream life right now. It might be the dream life you imagined five or 10 years ago. But if you were to stop and look at everything you’ve got now, at one point or another, it was just a dream.

I talked about closing the gap between vision and reality yesterday.

This is something that happens on autopilot. It’s our resistance that hinders flow.

We ask for what we want. Place our order with the universe if you will.

Assuming we’re clear on what we want, the universe will take us there.

The universe wants to take us on the shortest and most direct path to what we want. Only, the universe doesn’t promise that the path will be easy, safe, or comfortable.

So, when we get scared, uncomfortable, frustrated, or otherwise, we back off. This is what brings our progress to a crawl. Resistance.

We focus on the hardships and not on the journey. We focus on the action and not on the destination.

Because if we were honest with ourselves, we’d see that there is no destination.

Life is about setting goals that are aligned with your soul. Goals that actively excite you.

Because you can have everything you want. All you need to do is keep moving in the direction the universe is leading you in.

But don’t forget to stop. Acknowledge your accomplishments. Recognize yourself for your efforts. Celebrate your victories.

Many people don’t. And they just keep on because they don’t stop long enough to see where they are. They don’t stop long enough to see they’re living their dream already.

It may have been a dream from 10 years ago, but there’s always a time delay between when you set the intention and reach your destination. That’s just how it works.

What dream are you living today you never thought possible only five or 10 years ago?

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Closing the Gap Between Vision and Reality

Closing the Gap Between Vision and Reality

Have you ever felt like the time and effort you’ve put into something isn’t reflected in the results you’ve been getting?

I imagine this is not an uncommon conversation among entrepreneurs. In a way, it’s been the story of my life too.

To say that this is something that needs to be addressed at the mindset or psychology level is an understatement. Some reprogramming might even be par for the course.

Because we need to see beyond the next seven days. We need clarity on where we want to end up and remind ourselves daily where that is. We can only reach that destination by seeing in our mind’s eye where we’re trying to get to (while holding no attachment to it).

Still, something always comes up on your way to reaching your goals. Usually it’s fear. You can move forward or shrink back when you feel scared, but the human tendency is to run from pain. And that makes it difficult to get over that hurdle. Especially if you don’t notice it.

And when you set an intention and make a renewed commitment to your success, the universe always tests that belief. Whether it’s an accident, illness, or breakup, there’s always some event that tries to yank you right out of the game. Again, you can’t overcome that challenge without being present to it.

In my experience, these things tend to play out like clockwork, but we often miss them. And it’s entirely too easy to miss them when we’re swallowed up in notifications, text messages, and emails.

What matters most is what we do when these challenges arise. And we can face them, or we can avoid them.

Both choices are human. Only one leads to the results you desire.

To get to where we want to go, our full attention is required. We need to know what to expect, how to deal with it, and hold onto the belief that everything is working out in our favor even when it doesn’t appear to be.

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Shh… Don’t tell anyone. Only the cool kids are talking about it.

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I Feel Intensely Sad

I Feel Intensely Sad

Having spent a couple days away from work (mostly) and with people I care about, I woke up today feeling the best I have in a while.

I still felt like I needed more sleep, and felt a little sad, but aside from that, I sensed that I was well on my way to recovering from exhaustion.

Then I began to feel intensely sad as the day wore on (not depressed – just sad). So intensely sad, in fact, that I also started to feel restless – something I haven’t felt since 2017.

I assume this is all part of the process. My intuitive friend said I was “recalibrating” the other day. That seems to fit the bill.

But when I dug a little deeper into this sadness (not that I was under any obligation to), this is what came up for me:


As I shared yesterday, I’ve basically spent the last nine years chasing growth and achievement. That has resulted in some cool things. I can’t deny that.

But now that I’m on the other end of it, it all strikes me as being very empty. And I can certainly acknowledge myself for what I’ve accomplished, but I’m not even close to having gotten what I set out to get!

And it’s altogether too easy to put some desires and pursuits in the “later” pile when you’re busy chasing other dreams.

But how do you KNOW those things on the backburner aren’t just as important to you achieving your dreams as the dream itself? As I’ve been discovering, they probably are just as crucial to the process!

I don’t think any of my desires can go in the later pile anymore. They all need to find their expression.

And that certainly plays a part in…


Amid recovery, I didn’t have much of a desire to get together with anyone. The thought was causing me some anxiety, so I didn’t want to show my face until I felt ready.

But as I’ve been finding in the last couple of days, connecting with others has set me on a course of healing much faster than if I had attempted to navigate and sort this all out of my own!

Self-reliance and self-dependence have taken their toll. I’ve relied much too heavily on myself over the last nine years.

Even coaches need coaches. Mentors need mentors. Friends need friends. And lovers need lovers.

I think my mentors were right – human beings are made for connection. We need each other, no matter how dysfunctional we are together at times.

This goes hand in hand with…


Life was easy to take for granted only six or seven months ago, before the so-called “pandemic” lockdown.

Back then, we were all able to live and travel freely. Do what we wanted when we wanted. That’s all gone now, and it may not come back until the higher powers say it’s back. Even then, there are no guarantees.

I moved from Calgary, AB to Abbotsford, BC a little over a year ago. Back then, I was beginning to embark on what I thought would be an exciting journey of living a nomadic life, traveling the world, and connecting with my extended network. And I started by exploring western Canada and U.S.

But now that I’m unable to travel, much to my surprise, my context for my basement suite has shifted from an exciting first step on a grand adventure, to a dark, sad, and lonely place where I live alone. Partly because this is not what I had in mind.

Then the thing that takes the cake…


I had to make some difficult decisions last year and they were made under duress.

First, I endured the hardest breakup of my life. Then I had to figure out what to do next.

There was an opportunity staring back at me – and that was to live the nomadic life – something I had been contemplating for a few years. Maybe if I could travel the world, some things “back home” would begin to sort themselves out too.

That is what I settled on. But first, I decided to move to Abbotsford, BC near Vancouver. I spent some time in Vancouver last year and ended up liking it. And I also had a few friends out this way (some who I hadn’t seen in a long time, others who I hadn’t even met).

Just before I moved, though, our family poodle, Kenji passed.

And the move itself – well, that was kind of a catastrophe too. My car broke down less than an hour from my destination. And, I had to make a lot of last-minute decisions concerning my furniture and other stuff I knew I would need to leave behind.

Now I find myself 10 hours away from where I had set down my roots for over 20 years.

Maybe, for the first time in a while, I have the space and time to mourn all that didn’t go right. And all that self-reliance and self-dependency is coming crashing down.

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Shh… Don’t tell anyone. Only the cool kids are talking about it.

The Music Entrepreneur Code is my latest best-selling book, and it’s available here as well as on Amazon.

Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing

The last couple of days have been unexpected. But in a good way.

Yesterday, a friend invited me to spend the day in the city with her.

Today, I spent the day with my parents, who are only in town for a few days.

I didn’t know that I needed to spend time with these exact people at this exact time.

I was recently on the fast track to Burnoutville, and I’ve been spending more time resting and recovering (while working) since.

I was somewhat dreading getting back out to spend time with friends and family. Until I found out it was precisely what I needed to find more sanity and grounding.

Even in these crazy, messed up times, it’s comforting to know some unseen higher power cares enough about this guy to do something to lift his spirits and help him on this road to betterment.

I found the tools, the relationships, the connection I so desperately needed and didn’t even know I was missing. And I can’t deny the healing power of nature and exploration either.

From here on out, things are going to be different. I don’t think I can go back to the way things were.

It’s strange to say, but in this moment, I care less about growth and accomplishment than ever (and this is about ALL I’ve cared about in the last nine years or so – where exactly has that gotten me to?). I care less and less about striving. I’m getting the sense that striving isn’t how achievement occurs.

Because I’ve experienced most shades of burnout, and all of them are a different kind of unpleasant, some of them a taste of hell.

And even though they all ultimately led to something beautiful, be it a collection of songs, or a trip to reunite with friends I hadn’t seen in nearly two decades, I can’t look back and say those burnout experiences were worth it.

I will NEVER discount the lessons that came from them. I have always learned something. Every single time. Usually something immeasurably more powerful than I would have ever conceived.

But do I want to go through this again, knowing how drastically it changes my experience of life? No.

Again, I have no doubt something beautiful will yield from this experience also. But it’s still too fresh to know what that is. All I want right now is more sleep. More rest. More comfort and connection.

From here on out, I see myself putting limits on my work. Prioritizing projects. Avoiding the high-pressure, fast-paced race to finishing one thing and then the next. I’ve been remembering to ask “why?” but maybe not enough.

Pushing hard to meet deadlines? I don’t think that’s in the cards right now.

On that note, if you’re reading this right now, I doubt there will be a new podcast episode tomorrow. I don’t think there’s any sense in rushing something out that I haven’t been able to dedicate time, attention, or energy to. And let’s face it – it would just be more of the same – putting myself under the gun to get something done. My body doesn’t want it. I don’t want it.

It’s time for more trust. And a little less striving. A little more divine. And a little less self.

I’ve been working a little less over the last couple of days for obvious reasons. And it has been transformational for me. Much needed.

Two days has felt more like two weeks. Because I did something out of the ordinary. Took the time to notice my state and my surroundings.

Tomorrow I get back to work in a more intentional way. But in a less anxious, fast-paced, under-the-gun kind of way. Work and rest.

And I will be publishing again tomorrow for sure. It will probably be something along these lines.

I just know that something different is emerging. A world where I focus on enjoyment and fulfillment. Not just on growth and achievement. Or even the money. A world where I get swept up in the joy of creation. Putting more living into life. Because without that, I honestly think it’s empty. I’ve found the bottom of that well, and it’s a slice of death.

The Music Entrepreneur Code paperback

Shh… Don’t tell anyone. Only the cool kids are talking about it.

The Music Entrepreneur Code is my latest best-selling book, and it’s available here as well as on Amazon.

The Value of Experiments

The Value of Experiments

While I was busy sorting out my next steps for Music Entrepreneur HQ, I was also a busy bee publishing right here on my personal blog.

I felt that, until I had a solid plan for how to move forward with Music Entrepreneur HQ strategically, I didn’t want to publish ANYTHING that might be remotely off-base.

I felt a greater sense of responsibility since I started publishing EVERY DAY at the end of July (and, by the way, the posts have been spread out across Medium, Music Entrepreneur HQ, and my personal blog, which you’re looking at right now).

Now that I’m surer about myself and my strategic direction, I’ve started publishing more aggressively on Music Entrepreneur HQ.

But I may, from time to time, as I’m doing today, publish some of my thoughts here. Thoughts that may have some merit but would be “off-topic” on Music Entrepreneur HQ.

Providentially, I’ve also had some interesting discoveries publishing here, and that’s what I would like to share now.

Call to Actions Still Work

The main call to action on this site is to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

While publishing more aggressively here on, I’ve seen my subscriber count go up, even though I’m not generating massive traffic.

Simple is Indeed Better

The layout of this site is simple and that has worked in my favor.

People that come to this site tend to check out more than one article because they see compelling looking titles in the sidebar and at the bottom of posts.

Also, I haven’t added any custom elements to the theme, something I did with Music Entrepreneur HQ. Unfortunately, this resulted in a bunch of SEO errors I now have to fix at the HQ. Despite the HUGE discrepancy in traffic, sometimes it feels like I’m driving more qualified traffic here than on Music Entrepreneur HQ.

I’m going to take these findings and apply them to Music Entrepreneur HQ.

Publishing Regularly does Increase Traffic

Not to say I had any doubt. But if I kept publishing here for a full year, I’m sure I could get to a minimum of 200 highly targeted and engaged visits per day.

And for my money, with all the podcasting I’ve done and videos I’ve uploaded, I’ve got to say the greatest driver of qualified traffic is STILL blog posts.

The Music Entrepreneur Code paperback

Shh… Don’t tell anyone. Only the cool kids are talking about it.

The Music Entrepreneur Code is my latest best-selling book, and it’s available here as well as on Amazon.