2017What do you intend to achieve in 2017? What books will you read, and what podcasts will you listen to? Who will you interact with, and how will you stretch and challenge yourself?

On this page, I’ll be sharing my journey through 2017 with you.

  • My Goals for 2017: I’m working on living in 90-day capsules, so this year I’m only setting one to three goals per quarter. These should still stretch me, but not be impossible to reach.
  • My 3 Theme Words for 2017: each year, Chris Brogan picks three new theme words for the year. I’ve been doing the same thing since 2015. I think it’s a good way to set your intentions for the year. Don’t underestimate the power of intention.
  • Books I’m Reading in 2017: the average CEO reads a book per week – that means 52 books in a year. Well, I’m not certain I will have read 52 by the end of this year, like I did last year, but I will have read the equivalent thereof. This is because I’m planning to read a lot more music industry news and content in 2017. This page will be updated on an ongoing basis.