My Goals for 2016

The Music Entrepreneur

Music Career

  • Set up a new email list
  • Create an online guitar lesson section here on
  • Record a track that can be downloaded for free
  • Record a new solo album


  • Take a two-week vacation in July
  • Eliminate consumer debt
  • Finish commission drawing
  • Go on at least 12 dates
  • Streamline work life for September
  • Learn to make okonomiyaki

Secondary/Abandoned Goals

These are goals that were deemed less important, and I may or may not come back to them. I know that might seem like cheating, but I’m constantly revising and tweaking based on new discoveries. I know that I’ve found something worthwhile when I’m prompted to act, and I’m finding a lot of information that’s inspiring me to change right now – very similar to some of the decisions I made at the beginning of the year.

Anyway, these are the goals that I’ve put on the back-burner: