2 Secrets to Booking High-Quality Gigs

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Video

Hard to believe it was 18 years ago that David originally sat down with Christian artist Riley Armstrong for an interview at the local Starbucks. One could argue that the flower Music Entrepreneur HQ has blossomed into has a lot to do with the seeds planted in this conversation.

In this video, David reflects on two key pieces of advice Armstrong shared with him on booking gigs.


18 years ago, I got to sit down with Christian artist Riley Armstrong at a local Starbucks for an impromptu interview. Some of you will recognize his name, some of you won’t. But I got to ask him about booking gigs, which we all know is kind of tricky business. And he had a piece of advice that I think still very much applies today.

And that is that you’ve got to believe in what you’re booking. And you’ve got to make sure that it’s something people want, that it’s something unique and something that stands out. So if you’re out there trying to book your act or trying to book your band, it doesn’t seem like things are going well. First and foremost, ask yourself.

Is this something that I really believe in that I can stand behind no matter what? And second of all, ask yourself, are you doing something even just a little bit different than what anybody else is offering? And that’s going to make you stand out.