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As I continue to engage with my Dream 100 and learn (I never thought there would be so much more to learn – it’s unending!), it’s come to my attention that I’ve been making some mistakes.

I’ve been doing a couple of things that have been actively working against me.

And it’s time for me to make some adjustments if I want to maximize my results.

Here’s what I discovered just the other day…

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1. I’ve Been Treating My Podcast as My Main Channel

Because of what I’ve been learning from Noah Kagan, it has come to my attention that your audience generally doesn’t find you through your podcast. They’re more likely to find you on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

When someone finds you and likes your content, then they become podcast listeners and even binge listen, but it often doesn’t work the other way around.

I’ve been treating my podcast as my main channel for years, maybe even over a decade.


So, that has meant that a lot of my energy has been going towards the wrong type of content (especially since I’m still a way off from critical mass).

My podcast hasn’t grown much at all from month to month. Some months have been better than others, but listenership always seems to default to 1,000.

And, to add insult to injury, I’ve been treating my podcast listeners like they’re top of funnel leads…

When I should have been treating them like they’re my biggest fans (because they are!).

Someone who listens to your podcast is already warm to you. No wonder they represent a good opportunity!

Someone who listens to your podcast is already warm to you. No wonder they represent a good opportunity! Click To Tweet

Additionally, when I took a closer look at what my business coach was doing in the early days, he was making videos, stripping out the audio, and making that into podcast episodes.

Okay… I think that’s what I should be doing too.

What I’m Going to do About it

It’s time to take video content more seriously.

I’ve got some decent gear (although I will probably take advantage of my smartphone for the most part), a decent filming environment (but nothing fancy), and some basic editing skills. My on-camera presence could probably use some work, though I’ve honestly had both good and bad days.

I think the main thing will be being okay with sucking for a while. Because I probably will.

Either way, I’m going to put this to the test – see if video content helps me get discovered by more people and allows me to grow my YouTube channel.

I will then strip the audio and make it my podcast.

Oh yeah, and I’m moving call to actions to the beginning of the episode too (as I’ve done with this post).

2. I Haven’t Been Researching & Refining

So, I was watching my coach’s old course on YouTube last night…

And he says to identify five pain points your ideal customer has and turn those into your core blog categories (this requires a little research).

This was a HUGE breakthrough for me when I first heard it. It just made so much sense!

And it’s a huge part of what took me from100 visits per day on Music Entrepreneur HQ to as many as 800 per day!

There are reasons why that didn’t exactly pay off the way I hoped it would, and that’s maybe another blog post for another time.

But another thing he talked about was refining your process.

So, based on the paint points you’re addressing, you’d want to publish. Then, you’d want to keep an eye on what’s working and what isn’t based on feedback, traffic, where people drop off in your YouTube videos, and so forth.

This process of refinement allows you to narrow in on what your audience wants and needs from you versus what you assume they want and need from you.

So, if you action your lessons, you end up creating better and better content.

What I’m Going to do About it

I’m just going to admit I have no idea what my target audience wants.

And instead of merely sharing what I’m going through, I’m going to look at what’s already working in this industry.

I’m going to find content that is connecting with people and address those topics in my videos. I’ll put my own spin on them and maybe add some tips that haven’t been covered elsewhere.

Content isn’t merely idea generation. I’ve never had an issue with idea generation, and I could talk endlessly about things my audience might not even be interested in.

Content is ultimately about having fun and what’s going to drive business results.

Conclusion, Mistakes

You don’t know what you don’t know.

And ultimately, mistakes aren’t mistakes. They’re just learning experiences.

I’m sure there will be many more discoveries on this path, mistakes or not.

But I’m committed to the process. Because I know what’s possible. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says.

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