170 Music Career Tips to Help You Grow Your Following, Promote Your Music & Increase Your Income

The best tips from a musician who’s been there, done that, tried it all…


Grow your following

Build your brand, increase your social media following, attract your target audience, engage and connect with your fans.


Promote your music

Strategies, tips and techniques for promoting your music, including social media, email, live streams and more.


Increase your income

Sell more without friction. No more boring marketing, nervous sales calls, or scattered call to actions that just don’t work.


Get inspired

Discover new possibilities you’ve never been present to before. Cause breakthrough in your career.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Really? 170 tips?

Don’t worry. It’s not as long as you might think. We always make sure our resources are no B.S., no fluff. You can digest the eBook in small chunks and get immense value from it.

Are you sure it’s not boring?

The eBook is colorful, nicely designed and professionally laid out. Content is broken up into small, engaging, easily digestible chunks. There are pictures, images and links to add flavor to the text and keep your interest.

Okay, but the content is still useful?

The content was originally released to an exclusive group of musicians, one week at a time. And, I got plenty of “thank you” notes along the way. That’s how you know you’re doing an extraordinary job. If you’re just doing a competent job, you don’t get feedback.

Where did you get this from, anyway?

There’s a lot I’ve learned through trial and error. And, when I say a lot, I mean it.

But this eBook also features tips from the likes of Derek Sivers, Tommy Tallarico, Gene Simmons, Jordan Gates and Cheryl B. Engelhardt, most of whom I’ve personally interviewed.

I’ve also learned a great deal from notable business people, including James Schramko, Dan Kennedy, Joe Pulizzi and others.

Been there, done that?

I’m the DIY author, David Andrew Wiebe, founder and CEO of Music Entrepreneur HQ. I’ve been involved in the music business in a variety of capacities (artist, producer, marketer, investor, etc.) for over 23 years. I’ve made some epic stumbles on that journey, admittedly, but today I work entirely from home and choose which projects I want to work on.

What else do I get?

You don’t just get 170 tips. You also get recommendations for books and other resources connected to the topics covered in the eBook. I’m an avid curator of websites, apps, and platforms, and I’ve been connecting musicians with useful tools for over 11 years.

Your expertise?

I’ve written five highly-praised books about music and creative entrepreneurship and three became best-sellers. I’ve been podcasting about the music business for over 10 years. I’ve run successful crowdfunding, radio and social media campaigns. I’ve done well for myself as a solo and session musician. That’s the Reader’s Digest version.

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