KLEQ Review – Funnel Builder, Online Courses, Membership Site Solution

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Maybe you’ve heard me talk about KLEQ (formerly 10XPro). Perhaps you heard about it on a podcast somewhere. Or maybe you’re just curious as to what all the hype is about.

KLEQ is a comprehensive funnel builder, online course platform, and membership site solution with an extensive integrated feature set (requiring no other plugins), efficiency, and value-adds that sometimes seem too good to be true (but rest assured, they are true!).

KLEQ was created by serial entrepreneur John Lint who is in partnership with none other than James Schramko. That might explain why it has been so successful to date.

In this review of KLEQ, you will discover whether this is the solution you need to build your own fan club, set up your guitar course, replace Patreon, and / or level up your music career earnings.

KLEQ Features

It seems strange to say, but there is really nothing KLEQ doesn’t already have or isn’t adding to their incredible platform. They even listen to feature requests!

(The reason I say that’s “strange” is because as a reviewer I have unkind things to say about just about every product!)

Here’s an overview of what’s available (but this should not be considered more than a summary):

Product Creation

  • Build forums, courses, and membership sites in minutes (put any content you want behind a paywall)
  • Drip feed course content (e.g., 30-day course where one lesson is dropped daily)
  • Offer private coaching to your students
  • Coach your audience ongoingly with the live streaming option
  • Create social walls by integrating a commenting system
  • Take advantage of gamification to keep learning fun

Promotion & Sales

  • Set up sales funnels and campaigns of any kind (product launches, webinars, list building, and much, much more) with the click of a button (just replace the default copy with your own)
  • Set up your website with the powerful and efficient page builder
  • Accept online payments (PayPal and Stripe)
  • Integrate with your email service provider and / or payment system (audience segmentation built in)
  • Add a blog to your website for more traffic
  • Leadpage style opt-in boxes to grow your list
  • Built-in affiliate system
  • Viral share campaigns to boost engagement

Built-In Tools to Customize User Experience

  • Behavior tagging – anytime, anywhere
  • Dynamic redirects based on tagged behavior
  • Automated countdown timer that adjusts to the user
  • Automated product launch deployed with the click of a button
  • Automated webinars without the need for extra tools


  • Web hosting is included – simply provide a domain name
  • Daily backup and security
  • Live customer support for all those times you can’t figure out something yourself and need help

Example Campaign – Chord King Course

I recently launched my beginner guitar program, Chord King Course. I have more complex sales funnels than this, but I wanted to demonstrate just how easy and powerful KLEQ is, so I thought it would be best to keep this section succinct.

To build this funnel, first, I went to the “Campaigns” section in KLEQ.

10XPro campaigns

I clicked on the + button to create a new campaign.

Add a campaign

From here, you can choose any campaign type you want and have the pages auto-populated (blank campaign, list builder, quick sale, auto launch, virtual summit, whatever you like – then all you must do is customize the content on each page to suit the offer).

I used the “blank campaign” option in this case because I knew I wanted to create a simple three-step sales funnel (lead magnet, sales page, order page).

10XPro campaign type

If you used any of the other campaign types, the relevant pages would be automatically created for you.

With “blank campaign,” you need to create your own pages. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad. All you need to do is click on +Add New Page and choose from the templates, all organized by category (launch pages, optin pages, thank you pages, etc.).

Add new page

My Chord King Course campaign has an optin page, sales, page, and order page, as seen below:

Chord King Course pages

This is the opt-in “squeeze” page (the only action the user can do is enter their name and email to download the free eBook).

The Chord King System eBook

This is the sales page. The entire page was deployed in advance. All I needed to do was add my own copy, insert my video, add relevant graphics and testimonials, and everything was set up and ready to go.

Sales page

Now for the order page, where I added an order bump:

Order page

Notice the order bump… that was EASY to set up!

Remember. Everything within KLEQ can be customized. If there’s something you don’t like about the template you’re using, you can modify it, and it’s incredibly easy.

How to Build with KLEQ

You’ve already seen how you can deploy new sales funnels / campaign with the click of a button. Here I want to show you how the page builder works.

If you’ve ever used Divi Theme (a great page builder for WordPress) or ClickFunnels (a great sales funnel builder), then you probably have a good idea how this works already.

That said, I do find KLEQ’s builder to be easier and more efficient overall.

Here I will show you the homepage of the Content Marketing Musician website:

Website campaign

Inside the page builder, it looks like this:


Blocks are how you build in KLEQ.

Blue is the outer block, green is the middle block where you can specify columns (many options to choose from), and the grey inner blocks are for adding content (text, title, image, video, audio, button, etc.). Pictured here is just the outer blue block, but it should give you an idea:

Blue block

Just for fun, let’s add a new content block under the “Get Your Free Video Training” button:

Content block

Like I said, you can choose from a variety of options…

Insert new block

I added a “social share” block just for fun.

Social share

The amount of customization is insane… You can even specify which page is going to be shared from the dropdown…

Share page

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to replace the logo, create a new menu, or change a background. It’s all quite straightforward in KLEQ.

Yes, it will take a while to grow accustomed to it, but that’s true of any software you can name.

Customer Experience – Fully Customizable

One of the things I always look for in an all-in-one builder like this is the ability to customize the user experience.

A lot of other funnel builders have great templates and look shiny and attractive on the outside, but for whatever reason, don’t look like much on the backend.

That means a lot of builders are great for the creator, but not so great for her poor customers taking the courses.

I’ll show you inside one of my courses, the Entrepreneurial Essentials for Musicians Masterclass so you can see just how awesome it is with minimal customization.

Here’s the frontpage of the course.

Online course

If you scroll down, you can find individual lessons.


Clicking on any of them opens the full lesson along with the video and transcript.

Course module

There are plenty of course platforms out there that look far less elegant, and aren’t anywhere near as smooth.

What I Like Most About KLEQ

  • Deploy new campaigns with the click of a mouse
  • Built-in copy for all templates (customize to suit your offer)
  • Easy to use and build pages of all kinds
  • Awesome support when you need it (built right into the backend)
  • Online knowledgebase with articles and videos for additional help
  • No hosting requirements, simply bring your own domain name
  • Payment processor that’s easy to set up and just works
  • Great overall experience for creators and their customers alike

What I Like Least About KLEQ

  • Price point (but I cover how to problem-solve this issue quickly and easily later – honestly, I don’t regret the investment one bit)
  • There’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’s still easier than most campaign builders you can name

Example of a Successful KLEQ User Who’s a Musician

Robin Nolan of Gypsy Rhythm Domination runs his course on KLEQ and earns six-figures on what many would consider a subset of a niche.

Gypsy Rhythm Domination

What could you create? Could you start a fan club? Create your own course on piano, drums, or songwriting? Offer subscription only video and audio content? There are plenty of options, and it’s all easy to set up inside KLEQ.

What Others Are Saying About KLEQ

I’ve compiled several video case studies, reviews, and testimonials for your perusal:

Who is KLEQ for?

  • If you’ve ever faced the trauma of trying to piece together several standalone applications that don’t play well with each other
  • If you’re spending way too much money on said software
  • If you’d like to break away from the clutches of fan engagement platforms that keep a percentage for themselves and don’t give you complete freedom over your content (and could even pull the plug on you at any moment)
  • If you’re tired of earning a pittance on streaming royalties, can’t build a big enough following on YouTube to earn on advertising, don’t have a big enough reach to make your micro-crowdfunding projects work…

Then it’s time for you to discover what KLEQ can do for you.

Why Promote KLEQ / Someone Else’s Product?

There are many funnel builders, online course platforms, website, and membership site solutions out there.

Out of all of them, I love KLEQ most. It’s the easiest to use, and in my opinion, offers the best experience for the user and their customers.

I am an affiliate of KLEQ, and I do earn commissions on those who purchase through my affiliate link (at no additional cost to you).

But honestly, I’m mostly interested in sharing great software solutions that save you the trouble and headache of having to cobble together a bunch of complicated tech applications that don’t sync. There are some all-in-one builders that may come close, but still aren’t as user friendly, powerful, or robust as KLEQ.

Do You Personally Use & Endorse KLEQ?


While Music Entrepreneur HQ runs on WordPress (I set up the website way back in 2016), Content Marketing Musician and all related products run on KLEQ.

I have been a client since 2020.

It’s Just Too Expensive… How Can I Justify the Purchase?

I’ve gotten emails from musicians saying KLEQ is simply too expensive for them to be able to justify the purchase.

Look, I totally get it. I’m an artist myself, and there was also a time when I bristled at the idea of software subscriptions costing what KLEQ does.

Let’s speculate on some possibilities here…

  • Could you play one or two paying gigs per month to offset the expense? (For me, the answer would be an emphatic “yes!”)
  • Could you sell one course per month costing more than $200? (That’s all you need to cover the costs of the solution.)
  • Could you start a membership costing $20 per month and get 10 subscribers? (Or sell a $10 membership to 20 fans?)

Those are just a few ways you could make this work.

But if KLEQ just isn’t for you, then you might be interested in Sellfy. It’s not as powerful as KLEQ to be sure, but it is more affordable, and it does allow you to set up a store where you can sell digital goods and subscriptions, as well as physical products.

Final Thoughts

Premium solutions come with a premium price tag. Sure, in isolation, you can find apps that do opt-in pages, or sales funnels, or courses, or memberships well. But solutions that do it all well while offering an excellent experience for the creator and customer? Now that’s a rare breed. And that’s what KLEQ is!

Try KLEQ for 30 days and see whether it’s right for you.