10 Holiday Reflections to Ring in 2023

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Another year has come to an end.

For many, 2023 could not have come fast enough. Doubtless, the last couple of years have been trying.

Regardless of what might be going on outside, though, I have always made it my mission to go inside to better myself, and that includes plenty of thinking and reflection time, especially during the holiday season.

In this guide, I share 10 fresh holiday reflections to ring in 2023.

Past Reflections

I didn’t share my holiday reflections last year thinking the article would become so popular, but it seems I’ve found a pulse. Moving forward, I will be sharing my holiday reflections annually.

Here are my past reflections:

15 Holiday Reflections to Ring in 2022

1. You’ve Only Got 50 Opportunities Per Year

We all know there are 52 weeks in a year. If you produce weekly content (whether blog posts, podcast episodes, or videos), then you’ll have created 52 new opportunities to show up in front of your audience this year.

For years, I’ve averaged 48 podcast episodes per year (with The New Music Industry Podcast), though some years I’ve come in a little under (like last year).

When I reflected on this, I realized that I basically didn’t publish during the holidays, or if I was especially sick or busy.

This is a good argument for planning your content well in advance of publishing it. If you have metrics to tell you which of your posts or series have resonated with audiences most, take advantage of that data.

Unless you’re publishing more aggressively, you’ve only got about 50 opportunities per year to show up for your audience. Don’t waste them.

Where I got this: Personal reflections

2. Make Everything a Seminar

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s started far too many content and product initiatives. There comes a point where it’s simply not sustainable anymore.

In reflecting on this, I realized that I was reinventing the wheel more than I cared to admit. I was trying to create fresh content for every initiative.

Moving forward, I intend to create everything as though it were a seminar. That way, it can be transformed into other types of content more readily.

A blog post can become a newsletter article. A newsletter article can become a podcast episode. A podcast episode can become a video. A video can become part of a course.

Although you won’t find me publishing the same content across different platforms simultaneously, the result should be greater consistency in frequency, tone, and message.

This will require a high degree of intentionality and planning, but it should prevent me from running around like a headless chicken making new things for so many different channels.

Where I got this: Personal reflections

3. Decide What to Start & What to Stop

What you choose to do is just as important as what you choose not to do.

You may be starting new initiatives in 2023. But what will you be stopping to make room for the new, more critical initiatives?

If your “start” list is longer than your “stop” list, you’ve got a problem. Adding more on top of what you’re already doing is a sure way to end this year feeling overwhelmed and unaccomplished.

Take some time to reflect and make a list of projects you will be starting and stopping this year. Then, return to the list fresh, and keep chipping away at it until you’re left with the activity that excites you most.

We don’t need more stressed and overworked people in the world, we need more people who are on fire for their passion.

This year, I’m looking at blowing up my business so I can focus more on what counts. More on this in another post.

Where I got this: This Old Marketing

4. Become a Local Celebrity

Ever since my business coach suggested that I begin finding a pathway to becoming a celebrity a few years ago, I’ve been reflecting deeply on the topic.

Influence is the new currency, and being influential means becoming a celebrity, even if only to your most diehard fans. Marketing god Dan Kennedy talks extensively on the topic.

But a recent episode of Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing Podcast finally put this into perspective for me. In Mastering Authority Marketing With Adam Witty, Dan and Adam talk about becoming a local celebrity. Aha.

Trying to become a worldwide celebrity, even a national celebrity can be quite difficult. Becoming a local celebrity on the other hand? If you can write a column for a local print newsletter, be interviewed on the radio once per month, and appear on local TV once or twice per month, you can create your local celebrity status relatively quickly.

I’m amazed how long it’s taken me to reach this conclusion, though.

Where I got this: Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing Podcast

5. Use Smart Summaries for Increased Article Engagement

In this video, copywriting expert Jim Edwards explains the concept of “smart summaries” from the book, Smart Brevity.

The idea is that whether it’s a long-form article, podcast episode, or video, you can make your content easier to skim and more engaging by covering off these items before you get into the meat of it:

  • Attention-grabbing headline
  • One sentence summary of the big idea
  • One sentence on why the content matters
  • Three to four bullets with subpoints
  • Call to action

You’ll see me experimenting with this form in 2023!

Where I got this: Jim Edwards

6. You’re About as Old as You Think You Are

“More than ever,” says Jim Edwards, “this idea that you’re about as old as you think you are, is becoming true.”

Most people work for retirement, but entrepreneurs almost never do. They realize how boring and unfulfilling it can be to have nothing to do, to have no purpose and no mission in life.

Age is but a number.

Age is but a number. Share on X

Where I got this: Jim Edwards

7. Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter

If you’re building a business, your opinion doesn’t matter. The only opinion that matters is that of your target customer’s.

In business, the only opinion that matters is that of your target customer’s. Share on X

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in “artist” mode, creating things you want to create instead of listening to what your audience wants and creating that. You end up leaving a ton of income on the table when you don’t focus on the customer’s pain points.

This reality has finally landed with me in a meaningful way. Thanks James!

Where I got this: KLEQ Academy

8. If You’re Going to Think About How Bad it Could be, Also Think About How Good it Could be

It’s human nature to think in terms of what could go wrong. But this is not a balanced approach to thinking.

If you’re going to think about just how bad it could get, you’d need to even the scale by thinking about just how good it could get too. Otherwise, you’re not weighting the scale evenly.

Now that’s wisdom.

Where I got this: KLEQ Academy

9. You’re Bigger Than Everything

The only thing that’s holding you apart from what you want is you see it as something that’s bigger than you.

But it doesn’t matter whether it’s a successful business, incredible relationship, fulfilling spiritual life, or otherwise. The only reason you don’t have what you want is because you have it that it’s at a higher vibration than you are.

But nothing could be bigger than you. You are bigger than everything. And because you’re bigger than everything, you can attract and create whatever you want.

Because you’re bigger than everything, you can attract and create whatever you want. Share on X

Where I got this: Next Level Soul with Alex Ferrari

10. Your Content & Sales Copy Should Have the Same Tone

“Ideally, there should be no difference between the voice of your content and the voice of your sales copy,” says Jim. “If you’re writing changes when you’re selling something, people can be weirded out by it.”

Wow. That makes a lot of sense. One of the reasons our sales copy fails to connect, then, is when we’re being inauthentic – when we’re trying to do something with our copy we don’t usually do with our content!

Where I got this: Jim Edwards

Final Thoughts

What did you discover from my holiday reflections?

Did you have any breakthrough insights of your own?

What changes will you be making in 2023?

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

P.S. If you’re looking for a guide to help you with your holiday reflections, you’ll love Start Your Year the Right Way, which features plenty of prompts to help you unlock powerful insights in your own life. Pick it up now to leap forward in art, business, and life.