062 – Embracing the Age of AI in Creativity – with Karlo Keet

by | May 15, 2024 | Podcast

Now that we’ve had the opportunity to see just what AI is capable of, many of us are starting to wonder about our futures, our work, our financial lives, and more. So, how concerned should we be? What is the right attitude to have toward AI?

In this episode of Creativity Excitement Emotion, David passes the mic with Karlo Keet, who shares his creative passions, business pursuits, spiritual practices, and why he’s embracing AI in creativity.


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00:17 – Today’s guest, Karlo Keet
00:37 – How did Karlo get into photography?
03:15 – Karlo’s involvement with graphic and web design
04:45 – Aurora conspiracies?
07:22 – Digital marketing for artists, creatives, and creators
08:47 – How has Karlo’s work changed with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence?
11:31 – In the next 10 years, AI will overtake humanity in logical processing
19:46 – How Karlo got into tarot reading, Reiki, and all things spiritual
23:49 – Karlo and David’s comedic collaborations
26:37 – Karlo’s book and course recommendations
28:47 – What Karlo is looking to accomplish next
30:10 – Closing thoughts


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