057 – How to Build a Community and Monetize Your Passion Organically in 2024 – with Amos Bracewell

by | Apr 23, 2024 | Podcast

It has gotten harder than ever to grow your career or business organically. Dropping your desperate messages onto social media is like a loud fart at a bad party, noticed but annoying.

Are you ready to cut through the stinky cloud of frustration and take a different approach to growth? Would you like to see how YOU can build an audience that will adore you and delight in your content?

In this episode of Creativity Excitement Emotion, David engages in a conversation with longtime friend, collaborator, and entrepreneur Amos Bracewell, who shares his new, amazing program to help you grow your audience and business organically.


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00:17 – A delicious meal in Pemberton
01:15 – Amos’ new program
04:23 – What have Amos’ students been able to accomplish?
09:36 – Amos’ next goal and the “secret sauce” to building a Facebook group
12:26 – Can the Catapult program work for any niche?
15:25 – Are there any other monetization opportunities?
17:33 – Are there different tiers to the Catapult program?
18:32 – Reach, Relationship, and Riches
21:41 – What makes Catapult the right opportunity?
23:26 – Closing thoughts


Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape, and it has gotten harder than ever to attract, engage, and retain an audience on content alone. This has forced many artists and entrepreneurs to turn to advertising as the solution. The only problem is… Advertising has risen in cost, it’s more competitive than ever, and without the help of an expert, creating effective ads can be a crapshoot.

In this episode of Creativity Excitement Emotion, David and Amos discuss the solution.

A Delicious Hamburger

David and Amos briefly bond over their love of food. Amos recently had an incredible burger and fries combo in Pemberton, BC, just north of Whistler, and he says he would recommend the place to anyone.

Amos’ New Program

David shares that for as long as he’s known him, Amos has been great at building communities – especially Facebook groups. Amos recently turned his knack for growing Facebook groups into a program called Catapult.

Amos began building his Facebook group, ENTV Today, in January 2023. In one year, he grew the group from 0 to 5,200 members. By month 11, he’d started to clue in that his group was growing faster than most others out there.

He suggests that growing your Facebook group by 50 to 100 members per week is a good pace. But he noticed that his group was growing by 400, 500, and even 600 members per week, completely organically!

That’s when he decided that he should begin showing others how it is that he was able to accomplish what he accomplished.

One of the keys to creating ongoing engagement, says Amos, is bringing people into your house. If all you’re doing is blasting your message into the void of social media, it’s going to be difficult to get noticed and create a connection with your audience. But if you bring them into your Facebook group, you’re better positioned to interact and connect with your audience continually. This also enhances income opportunities.

His first Catapult student started building their Facebook group on February 19. Most of his students are growing by 200 to 300 members per week.

Amos has found that roughly 1 to 3% of your group members will become your clients. That means if you have 100 members joining per week, you can expect to land one to three new clients per week.

Since his students are growing at 200 to 300 new members weekly, they are landing two to six clients per week. If you have four to 24 clients coming in per week, your sales and marketing challenges should be solved, would you agree?

What Other Results Have Amos’ Students Achieved?

Amos has grown ENTV Today to over 9,300 members in a little over a year. Meanwhile, his students have only been a part of his program for one to two months, and already, some of them have 1,000 members, 1,500 members, 2,000 members, and even 2,500 members.

All students are growing by an average of 200 members per week, with 1 to 3% becoming clients. The goal of Catapult, shares Amos, is to help people attain five years of business growth in three to six months. No wonder some of his students have been getting questions about how they’re growing so fast.

Creating a relationship with your leads and customers is paramount to fast growth, and a niche-based Facebook group is going to outclass random and sporadic posting to social media. Well, let’s face it – it’s going to outclass well-planned, organized strategies too.

After the growth phase, explains Amos, comes the monetization phase. Because your audience has had the opportunity to feed on your “appetizers” for a while, when you roll out your “entrée,” people are predisposed to buying.

The Secret Sauce

The secret sauce to the Catapult program is serving from the bottom up. Being a facilitator rather than the “expert.” Instead of focusing on yourself, and doing all the yapping, you focus on others and how you can empower and uplift them. When you help your audience shine, they will help you grow your group.

What Niches Are Suited to the Catapult Program?

David asks Amos whether the Catapult program could work for artists, musicians, visual artists, creatives, and dancers – people who are passionate about their creative craft.

Amos says if you can answer “Yes” to the following questions, chances are you’re a great fit for the Catapult program:

  • Do you like gathering others?
  • Do you like holding space for others?
  • Do you like helping others shine?

If so, Amos is confident he can help you create a community filled with amazing people.

He points out that one of the reasons Oprah Winfrey is successful is because she focuses on letting others be in the spotlight to shine brightly. And as you focus on helping others shine, you will naturally rise to the top as well.

How Can You Monetize Your Facebook Group?

Amos shares that you will naturally attract clients. This is an organic byproduct of being a servant leader. When you have momentum, you will magnetically attract all types of opportunities you might not even expect.

If you have existing products and services, your audience should be ready and willing to buy. Additionally, Catapult cohorts can become affiliates of the program and promote it to people who are interested in setting up a Facebook community of their own.

Other possibilities include collaborations, joint ventures, contract work… Amos says he doesn’t even know what the upper limit on this might be.

How is the Catapult Program Structured? Are There Different Tiers?

The program is still fresh out of the gate. But Amos says he currently offers three-month, six-month, and one-year options. Each of them comes with different incentives and guarantees, depending on your level of interest and budget.

The Three R’s

Amos says he went from $0 to $30,000 in just five months. As he was getting started, he didn’t even know what he was going to promote. He simply showed up to have empowering conversations.

The three R’s consist of Reach, Relationship, and Riches. Amos says the more reach you have, the more relationships you can ultimately build. As a result, you’ll attain more riches. Even if money isn’t a motivator for you, there are upsides. For example, you can create a positive global impact.

Catapult students have been landing joint ventures and even opportunities to speak across the globe.

Why Choose Catapult?

Amos said he almost took another program to grow his Facebook group from his friend Dan. Before he knew it, Amos’ group was growing faster than Dan’s. Dan ended up hiring Amos for an hour of his time to check out what he was up to!

If you’re interested in growing an audience organically, if you’d like to go at a faster pace than even Amos did (which is exactly what his students are doing), and if you’d like to change and impact lives, the Catapult program is for you.