054 – Podcast Update for April 1, 2024

by | Apr 1, 2024 | Podcast

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you an important update. There are several great announcements in this episode, and you won’t want to miss out!

In this episode of Creativity Excitement Emotion, David shares essential updates concerning his business as well as the podcast.



00:17 – Podcast update
01:17 – David’s grandfather passed away
02:18 – How DavidAndrewWiebe.com is transforming
03:54 – The launch of MusicHackers.org
06:23 – The launch of Better Ways to Survive
07:28 – The future of the Creativity Excitement Emotion podcast
08:29 – Closing thoughts


Welcome to Creativity Excitement Emotion.

I know this is one of the few times I’ve even given an intro like that, and there is a reason for it.

I began recording episodes for Creativity Excitement Emotion in July 2024, so aside from the interview with Jody in episode 9, as well as episode 30, in which I talked about why I deleted Music Entrepreneur HQ, you’ve been hearing episodes I recorded months ago

The last few episodes, specifically, were captured around October of last year.

But today’s episode is more current, meaning I’m capturing it at the end of March 2024, to give you a timely update.

And I know it’s April 1, but I’m letting you know at the outset that what’s covered in this episode is not an April Fool’s joke – we truly are moving forward with the things talked about here.

Either way, there is much to talk about today, so let’s go item by item.

The Passing of David’s Grandfather

Last weekend, I got the news that my grandfather had passed away.

So, I decided to honor him with a week of silence – you may have noticed that I didn’t post any new podcast episodes last week.

I know that may sound kind of convenient, but they say everyone mourns differently, and the main way it’s been showing up for me is exhaustion, so I’ve been resting a lot and taking things slow.

There has been no reason to overexert myself, and in fact, I’ve kind of been enjoying more of a relaxed pace lately. I’m discovering more and more that I don’t need dozens of projects in my life to sustain or fulfill me.

Anyway, I plan to honor my grandfather in the written word, and I’m going to write something for the man who never taught me anything but showed me several things, like how to fish, how to drive a lawn tractor, or how to drive a truck.

And yes, I will be sharing that piece publicly, so keep an eye open for it on DavidAndrewWiebe.com.

DavidAndrewWiebe.com’s New Look and New Focus

Speaking of DavidAndrewWiebe.com, I needed to make some decisions concerning how I wanted to continue to build my brand.

There were a couple of big considerations, with the first being that I hadn’t brought the styling of the website fully up to date. I got some great photos done in February, and I hadn’t gotten around to using them across the entire website yet.

So, it was time to get on top of that.

We also chose the specific fonts and colors I’m to be using on the website.

If you go to the website now, while it’s still somewhat of a work in progress, you’ll find that we’ve largely implemented the new style.

The second consideration was deciding on a specific direction for my site.

It was far too general to appeal to anyone, and that put me in a position of having to work for attention and business instead of attracting and earning it.

So, I now have a very simple sentence explaining exactly the purpose the site serves:

Here I document my journey of music, starting businesses, and personal growth.

It took some time to land on that one, but that’s almost exactly what the site already is, so I’m very happy we were able to condense it into that.

Additionally, I’ve warned in the past, but let me say it again – we’ve already archived dozens if not hundreds of posts, and that trend is going to continue.

So, if you’re not already subscribed to my email list, go to DavidAndrewWiebe.com and sign up now to stay informed of all the ways you can still gain access to the content you want.

Introducing… MusicHackers.org

For all those artists out there who’ve been watching what I’m up to, wondering whether I had any plans of continuing to serve artists… Well, you’ll be glad to know that today I’m announcing the launch of MusicHackers.org.

Music Entrepreneur HQ, Content Marketing Musician, and Productivity for Musicians now all redirect there. I happen to own another domain, which is IndieCareerFormula.com – that domain now redirects to MusicHackers.org as well.

The concept of the site is simple – we either dissect the strategies of successful independent artists or crash-test the strategies of expert marketers.

For example, I’ve heard both Peng Joon and Myron Golden say that if they were a musician today, they would post covers of Top 40 songs to YouTube all day long.

That will be a very good thing for us to test!

But one of our first experiments will be based on a strategy Peng Joon uses to produce content. Expect to see more on that.

In terms of content for MusicHackers.org, while we will have a few free things out there, it won’t be like before. There won’t be any content-feeding frenzies. I’m letting go of that model.

We’re going to be sticking to the theme of music hacking, and that’s it. It will be very cut and dry – you either subscribe to the print newsletter, or you don’t. You either buy the book, or you don’t.

The good news is, that way, we can better serve you and provide the best quality content possible.

We’ve got a bit of work to do to bring the branding of the site up to date, but for now, everything available at Content Marketing Musician is now available at MusicHackers.org.

Guaranteed we will be reworking and representing the offers in a way that makes more logical, sequential sense though.

Introducing… Better Ways to Survive

I am also launching a site called Better Ways to Survive at BetterWaysToSurvive.com.

The concept is kind of similar to MusicHackers.org, except that I’m going to be crash-testing different ways to make an income online and reporting on the results.

I know that many people are starting to struggle financially out there, and the cost of living in Canada especially is sky-high.

You’ve probably heard about making an income from writing reviews, answering surveys, app testing, and so on.

Most of these are legit but they’re usually only good for earning a few bucks on the side, and it’s very difficult if not impossible to earn anything resembling minimum wage, even if you work at it for eight hours per day.

So, my mission with Better Ways to Survive is to point people in the direction of better opportunities.

If you have any sites or methods, you’d like me to check out, I’m all ears – please let me know!

What’s Coming for Creativity Excitement Emotion

As for the podcast, the only thing that’s changing is the publishing schedule. In the immediate, I will still be publishing five days per week. But this is likely to go down to one to three times per week.

I’m looking to land our first sponsor for the show – and I think we’re getting closer to finding a viable partner – and the moment that happens I can reinvest in helpers to publish five times per week again.

But since I am taking on a couple of other projects, I am choosing to lighten my load for now.

I’ve discovered that a podcast plays a very important role in the life of a digital marketer’s portfolio, and I can’t see myself stopping any time soon.

Podcasts play a very important role in the life of a digital marketer’s portfolio. Click To Tweet

But I do need to continue to ensure that it’s aligned with everything else I’m up to. So, if we go down to fewer weekly episodes, you’ll know why.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for tuning in – this has been Creativity Excitement Emotion.

There are more great episodes on the way, including some interviews, so stay tuned and stay subscribed.

I’ll see you in episode 55.