052 – You’re More Resilient Than You Know

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Podcast

What are you putting up with? Health challenges? Financial problems? Relationship issues?

The fact that you’re putting up with anything goes to show how resilient you truly are. But are you wasting your precious resiliency on people and things that don’t matter?

In this episode of Creativity Excitement Emotion, David why it’s important to be willing to change.



00:17 – People are better at coping and dealing with things than they realize
01:30 – You are more resilient than you realize
01:52 – You can’t change anything you’re willing to put up with
02:34 – What are you putting up with?
03:09 – Make a new commitment
03:45 – What have you been tolerating?


The human ability to cope and put up with things is a marvel. It’s incredible. I think almost everyone is better at coping and putting up with things than they even realize.

Like, “We have a noisy upstairs neighbor and they’re always partying on Thursday and Friday. But now that we know, we can plan around that and it’s no big deal.”

No big deal. Really? And it could even be an injury. It’s like, “Yeah, I damaged my foot about a month ago and just letting it heal on its own, not going to see the doctor.”

Just think of all the situations, right? “Yeah, I gained 500 pounds and it’s fine. I’m just going to continue eating and enjoying myself and no big deal.”

And that’s not a judgment on anyone. I think we all do this to greater or lesser degrees.

“My financial situation is out of control, and I’ve been going into debt for 24 months. I haven’t been able to pay my credit card bills except for minimum payments.” People just don’t understand how bad of a situation that is, because they haven’t investigated it.

“I put up with it, it’s a fact of life, no big deal.”

So, understand that your ability to cope with change and put up with things is far greater than you realize. You may fear change, and many people do, but at the same time, you are so strong, and you are so good at putting up with it. What is most likely to happen is the event will happen and you’ll figure out a way to put up with it or work around it.

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Here’s the point. We can’t change anything that we’re willing to put up with. If it’s like, “Yeah, it’s okay. No big deal. I’ll figure it out.” If it’s like that, then we can’t go and make a difference in that area in any significant way.

And usually, that’s where we want the biggest breakthrough. And we’re sitting there going, “Yeah, credit card bills, no big deal.” And they’ve got like three credit cards, each maxed to the hilt. And they’re barely making minimum payments. You’re in a much, much worse situation than you even realize right now.

And there are some actions to take. There are some things to do.

So, where are you putting up with things? If you’re putting up with them, it means that you’re not willing to do anything about them.

You must change that to something else. You must change the context. You’ve got to say, “I’m not willing to put up with this anymore. I’m going to get into action. I’m going to do something about this. I’m going to start working out tomorrow,” or “I’m going to start looking at my finances every single day and start cutting expenses that I no longer need.”

Or, “I’m going to start seeing a doctor or a naturopath or someone who can help me with my health.”

These areas where we’re putting up with things are an invitation to make a new commitment, make a new decision, try something else, try something out of the ordinary.

People get easily stuck in their ways, not recognizing that they have. a near-limitless set of options in front of them. Maybe it’s not infinite, but it’s a much bigger pool of decisions and options than they even realize. Even if they don’t have huge financial resources to invest in the areas that they’re thinking about changing.

Sometimes merely cutting expenses from things you no longer need will free up the finances to be able to do the things you want to do.

Understand that sometimes we put up with things because we’re lazy. Sometimes we put up things because we’re scared. Like “Oh, I’m scared of what the doctor’s going to say and what they’re going to have to do to me.”

And sometimes we put up with things that we must put up with. We have no choice and that’s life. And there are things like that too. Don’t get me wrong.

But if you start looking at your music career or your entrepreneurial endeavor and think about what you’ve been tolerating. What are some things that you’ve been tolerating to this point that you no longer want to?

Is it a bad gig that’s not paying you properly? Is it a bad mate that’s driving you crazy? What are some things? What are you putting up with that could be better? Because chances are it could be a lot better.