036 – Where There’s Success, There’s Constant Activity

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Podcast

David formulated a strategy for a tribute band he’s been playing with for a long time. Having launched a new podcast and merch line, the strategy gained immediate traction, helping the band land a lucrative gig.

In this episode of Creativity Excitement Emotion, David shares the concept that changed everything for the band.



00:17 – Starting a new podcast and merch line
00:33 – What the top artists and businesses are doing that others aren’t
01:25 – The different types of content and their advantages and disadvantages
02:05 – Busying yourself with activity attracts customers
03:25 – If you aspire to something greater in your music career, do this
04:18 – Always show that something is going on


One of my projects beginning last year in November [2022] was getting a new podcast and merch line started for the Def Leppard tribute band that I play in called Adrenalize.

One of the reasons that we decided to do anything with that to begin with is to show activity. If you have a website that’s not frequently updated, as much as you might think, like, “Okay, so what are people expecting,” right?

It takes a while to come up with a new release or “We couldn’t take time away from our jobs and our lives to film a video or write a blog post. “So, what do people want?”

As much as you might think that… And I think the people who are doing the best in music and honestly, business and most areas of life are those who make it a point to come out with something, with some regularity.

You can figure out a way to do it every month, but honestly, for most people, it’s a weekly minimum. And if you can do it, do it daily. That would be my suggestion.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a blog post, a podcast episode, or a video. I think video gives people a direct connection to you, but podcasts benefit you too, because that’s one way to get into people’s pockets, and into their lives, right?

You get to interact with them through the audio medium. They’re going to listen to you as they’re jogging, doing the dishes, or going for a walk. Whatever it might be, people are going to give you 30 minutes to an hour of their life to listen to you and get to know you.

But that’s not the point. In terms of content types, choose one, do it, and do it with frequency. That’s more the point.

And this was based on a book I’d read. I’ll find the book and put it in the show notes. I just can’t think of the exact title right now. I think it might’ve been Creative Mind and Success [by Ernest Holmes].

He talks about – and this perspective comes from an older time – he talks about the fact that if you’ve got a storefront, you should be constantly reorganizing your products and putting them in a new place. Busying yourself with activity attracts customers. It attracts people to your business. It’s a great principle. It is correct.

So, I suggested to the band leader of Adrenalize… I’m not the one running this show, but I’ve had a lot of sway in it… I said, “Look, let’s begin to show that we’ve got some activity. Something should always be happening on the website.”

So, we got the podcast started and we launched the merch line. And I don’t think we recorded and published more than three or four episodes. And I think the gig in downtown Calgary got booked within a month. An outdoor gig of all things.

I just finished it. It’s, September 16th [2023] as I record this audio. And it was incredible.

First, understand. It’s not all about money, right? But We got paid $1,500 to do this gig. That’s four people. You can do the math, right, as far as how much each person makes?

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that that’s astronomical. But I do think it’s an amount that most musicians and most bands would be like, “How do you do that? I would want to earn that every show we play. How can we make that happen?”

And this is it. You must have a presence. An online presence is great. That’s something that I’ve heavily invested in myself. Try to complement it and supplement it with an offline presence, right?

For musicians, that’s where gigs come in. There’s a great opportunity to create an offline presence for yourself, in addition to an online presence.

But that’s the concept. The concept is, to busy yourself with activity. Always show that something is going on. It doesn’t matter if it’s like, “Hey, I just wanted to give you a little update. Here’s what I’ve been up to today. I practiced guitar and I got a new song.” It could be something as simple as that.

But if you can show that you are doing something and document it and continually publish it and share it with your audience, these are the opportunities that are going to start showing up for you. These and better ones, because nowadays sponsors are willing to pay a lot of money for any artist or band that attracts an audience that’s in alignment with what they’re doing.

So, busy yourself with activity. It’s not about the money. Don’t focus on the money. Focus on the audience. Get the audience first and then the money will come. Busy yourself with activity. That’s how to get there.

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