026 – Overwhelming the Negative with Positive

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Podcast

Why listen to audio every day? What’s the point? Does this daily habit yield any tangible results?

In this episode of Creativity Excitement Emotion, David shares why you need to overwhelm


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00:17 – Getting yourself on a personal development program
00:46 – Why the regular consumption of self-development is critical
01:45 – Putting yourself in harm’s way of positive people and positive input
02:27 – Even with your best efforts, the negative can still seep in
02:54 – Giving yourself a brain cleansing
04:14 – You don’t bathe just once, you shouldn’t consume positive material just once
05:10 – If you want to stay stuck, don’t do anything


I talk about personal development a lot. I talk about reading books and listening to audios and setting minimums for each of those.

I suggest reading for 15 minutes per day, something relevant, something that’s going to help you grow as a person or something that’s going to help you grow your career. Same with audio. Listen for 30 minutes per day.

Understand that those are minimums, right? We’re not talking about that’s maximum. Those are minimums that you want to remain consistent with daily.

But what’s the big deal about listening to 30 minutes of audio per day, and why is that an activity that even matters?

People talk about children like they’re impressionable. They’ll pick up things easily, the attitudes and behaviors of others. And it’s true, but it’s no less true, I find, that adults pick up the attitudes and beliefs in others that they listen to consistently. That’s how beliefs are instilled.

Thoughts get repeated over and over. The same thoughts come up again and again. This is what the media does. This is what mainstream music does. This is what magazines do. This is even what society does.

So, you hear it enough times from enough credible, authoritative sounding people, and then you hear other people that you know in your life, like your parents or your pastor, people you respect, repeat those things to you, and parrot those things to you.

You begin to believe them because it’s a thought and every time that thing is said it’s triggered and remembered and reinforced as a thought over and over.

Understand that we do our best – at least the people who are ambitious – are very intentional and conscious to surround themselves with positive input and positive people so we can get into a positive upward exponential curve of positive thoughts, building on positive thoughts, because they do.

One positive thought tends to build on another, and they also tend to be far more powerful than negative thoughts.

So, when people get so caught up in, “I’m worried that all these negative thoughts are going to cause bad things in my life,” you’re sort of creating your own rule. One positive thought can sometimes disperse thousands of negative ones in its place.

But as much as we might try to surround ourselves with good things, good audios, good books, good magazines, good resources, good people, it’s just inevitable. Because of YouTube, because of our content addictions, because of podcasts, because of radio, because of independent news sources… negative things sometimes seep their way in.

Some people might call it a brainwashing, but I prefer the term “Brain cleansing.” What you’re doing when you’re listening to audios every day is you’re cleansing your brain. You’re returning it to a normal state.

If you had to spend the whole day at work listening to negative people, listening to negative news, negative forecasts, negative P&L statements, what is your experience going to be having come home from that?

If you’ve absorbed that all day, how can you have it not impact you? It will. And you’ll be tired, and you’ll go like, “Why would I want to do anything else today?” And you won’t. And that’s the cycle many people end up finding themselves in, and they don’t realize that everything they’re hearing and listening to on the way to work and at work and on the way back from work is taking its mental and emotional toll.

So, you wonder why you’re so tired, and that’s a big piece of it. You’re not surrounded by enough positive.

Listening to audio for 30 minutes per day offers that opportunity to get back to center. You can ground yourself. And if you keep listening beyond 30 minutes, it’s an opportunity to go into an even more positive cycle.

You need a lot of positive reinforcement to get back to neutral. But once you’re back to neutral, then you can start a new positive cycle.

It’s like bathing, right? Or showering, as the case might be. You don’t have to shower every day. That’s sort of the rule we have. I think people would look very strange to you in Japan if you did not shower and bathe every day.

That’s kind of a tradition there. And I remember that growing up.

But bathing and showering is recommended on a regular, ongoing basis. And for very good reason – it doesn’t last. So, personal development, and I think Zig Ziglar was the one to say this, but we recommend it daily because it doesn’t last. Just like bathing, it does not last. You must keep engaging.

Just like bathing, personal development doesn't last. That's why it should be a daily habit. Share on X

You must keep going back to audios that support you and help you and lift you up and empower you, and inspire you, so you can stay on a positive cycle.

And guaranteed you want to stay on that positive cycle if you want to see awesome things happen in your career. If you don’t care or if you just want to stay stuck and, in a rut, and doing the same things that you’ve done to this point, then don’t worry about it. Don’t engage in personal development.

But if you want to make sure that your brain is cleansed, that you can get yourself back to neutral even after a not-so-great day, and you can even get yourself back onto a positive cycle, and then stay in that positive cycle, then 30 minutes of audio per day is recommended.