022 – Merry Christmas & Thank You

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Podcast

Christmas greetings!

2016 has been an excellent year for me and for The Music Entrepreneur, and I look forward to another amazing year in 2017.

Thank you so much for sticking with me, and I look forward to connecting with you.

Podcast Highlights:

  • 00:14 – Holiday greetings
  • 00:34 – I’d like to thank some people that have been supporting me
  • 00:54 – The Fizzle team
  • 01:30 – James from SuperFastBusiness
  • 01:54 – Podcast guests
  • 02:10 – Music2020.org
  • 02:16 – Mike from Treemansion
  • 02:19 – Maveen from Discover Your Life Today
  • 02:35 – Musicians and friends
  • 02:55 – Music marketing peers
  • 03:12 – Band members
  • 03:14 – Guest posters
  • 03:42 – You


Hi there. It’s just about Christmas as I record this, so from everyone here at The Music Entrepreneur, I wanted to extend holiday greetings to you.

And most of that just me, there are some behind-the-scenes people and some contractors that make it all possible, but from all of us, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In this video, I wanted to thank some of the people that have been supporting me and helping me out this year, and possibly even from years past.

I know that it’s possible I’m going to end up missing somebody or multiple somebodies, but still thought it would be worthwhile to acknowledge all those who have been helping and supporting me.

The first is the Fizzle team. You can find their website at Fizzle.co. They have an online community for entrepreneurs, and various courses teaching you how to build your independent online business. And it’s a really great resource and a really great site, and I was a client until recently. I was one of the community members. The reason I’m no longer with them is because I found some other resources that I think will help me take things to the next level. But I still want to say my thank yous and I’m still going to be an avid Fizzle podcast listener because their podcast is awesome and it always makes me laugh.

The next is James from SuperFastBusiness. James, I’ve only ever chatted with you once, but I’ve been looking at your resources and your website and your podcast, and I’ve been getting a lot of out of it. Own The Racecourse is amazing – I think it’s helping me take things to the next level with my business, so thank you. I’m not a client of yours yet, but I may be in the future.

I’d like to thank some of the podcast guests. Bob from The Buzz Factor, James from Independent Music Promotions, Ross from Electric Kiwi, Dave, and Helen. Thank you so much for being a part of the show and adding your insights to it.

I’d like to thank the good folks at Music2020.org. Scott and George, you guys are awesome. Mike from Treemansion. Maveen from Discover Your Life Today. He’s always helping me brainstorm new ideas and new strategies about how to grow and build my business, and we also launched a podcast called Using Your Power this year, which is awesome. So, thanks so much Maveen.

Darryn from Martini Tango for inviting me out to perform again as a solo musician – something I don’t always do as much as I would like to, but it was good getting out there again. Adrenalize and Long Jon Lev – it’s been really great performing with you guys this year and I look forward to an even better 2017.

Rupert from Cheeky Promo. Thanks so much for sharing all the content that we create here at The Music Entrepreneur, I really appreciate it. Corey from Musicgoat – you’ve been awesome all along, it’s been great connecting with you, and I hope we can connect again in the New Year.

Anna and Taylor. And all of our wonderful guest posters. A lot of you have contributed really great content to The Music Entrepreneur site throughout the year, so thank you so much for adding your thoughts, your insights, your ideas into what’s happening with the music industry and how musicians can further their career. I’m sure a lot of people have gotten value out of that. So, it would take much too long to mention all of you, but thank you for adding the content you have to the site.

And finally, of course, I’d like to thank you. Thank you so much for being a part of the community, for checking out all the content that we create, some good, some maybe not so good, but I hope it’s added value to you, and I look forward to another great year.

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