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AS Movies & Games PodcastYou know the deal. The Doge Pound chats with us some more! Topics of discussion include the Steam Summer Sale, PCs, email spam, podcasting ideas, movies, and anime.

Click the play (►) button on the media player above to mitigate the effects of global warming. Yeah, we went there. But seriously, press play. There you go.

Disclaimer: there is some questionable language in this and in the last episode of the podcast. Listener discretion is advised.

The Doge Pound

Andrew’s audio is still distorting a bit (quite a bit) in this episode. We’re sorry. If you make it to the end of the show, thank you. Oh, and get some real friends!

Call To Actions:

Just how we like them; clearly marked!

Show Notes:

These awesome show notes were brought to you by MXC. Because your grandma’s ruptured spleen just wasn’t cutting it. Just kidding! It was us.