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AS Movies & Games PodcastThat’s right, The Doge Pound is back again. This show was lovingly hosted by Jay. Well, not really, but it certainly could have been, as he carried the majority of this and the following episode all on his own.

Click the play (►) button on the media player above to make the voices in your head go away. You can replace them with new, better voices. There you go.

Disclaimer: there is some questionable language in this episode of the podcast. Listener discretion is advised.

The Doge Pound

Andrew’s audio is distorting a little bit this time, but at least you can hear him. Overlords are less aggravated, but we apologize nonetheless.

Call To Actions:

Just how we like them; clearly marked!

Show Notes:

Show notes brought to you by zombies. Just kidding. It was us (although it’s entirely possible that we’re the undead too).